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Dynasty Saga Legion Management Guide by dummymonkey

It is important to join a strong,helpful and active legion as it will benefit you in many ways.

You will be able to enjoy all the bonus given by legion’s researches, get help from teammates for legion battle, seek for advice when you are in lost and the last, but not least, ask high level player to take revenge for you when you get bullied by enemy kingdom (evil grin*)

So how to make a legion successful? Here are some tricks:
Set lowest requirement for member application: This is to ensure that most of the members are active and eager to help the legion to grow. For example, since the game has started few weeks already, our lowest requirement now are players who possess level 30, own 2nd title and donation at least 20k.

Make sure everyone donates to the legion research daily:Why? It is because the researches are bonus that can shared by your league mates, included: increase legion member limit, tax revenue and farm output,prestige gained by percentage, and lengthen farm occupation time. Therefore, it can be an indicator to show how active a legion is.

Farm/Mine/Subjugation issues: Well, as the game goes on,these will always be issues, some members feel unfair that why the highest output farm always snatched by others, this is unavoidable since everyone hopes  to get the best for himself/herself. However, we will try to make peace on both sides since it is not worth a rally to fight over them. (You will know why after you reached level 35)

Plantation war: Another indicator for a legion’s strength. Leader can bid for legion battle each day and harvest the grain if you defeat the enemy, however only 50 members can join this battle. Hence, it is not only depends on number of member you have, but also quality of members you got.Note that members who participate the battle will gain extra legion donation,depends on how well you perform in the war. So, make sure you can get as many members as you can to join the battle.

Set up a forum or a group: This is the place where Q&A;, discussion and guides found. It is necessary because it helps the member to understand this game better, share their experience and coordinate each other.

Kick the Inactive!!-Lastly, the members of a legion that can have is LIMITED,you can only expand it by upgrading legion level or spending gold, hence it is necessary for the officers to take note which members are inactive, sent warning letter to him and ask leader to dismiss him out of the legion if he doesn’t take immediate action.

I have included legion researches in this post as well.Please take a look and how to make them benefit you more!!

Legion research:
Different legion researches are available when you leveling up legion’s level and you can unlock a new research after every 5 levels upgrade. DON’T underestimate these researches, they always bring you great bonus which make you stronger!! Here is the list for the researches:

Below legion level 20:
Legion level: increase max legion member capacity– You can kill a lonely wolf, but you can’t kill a pack of wolves!!
A legion which consisted more members can help each other and upgrading legion researches very fast!!

Philanthropy: Donate extra revenue from taxes to legion research- What does this mean? You should have experience when you are  collecting tax revenues, sometime you will gain extra legion donation given by the system. Here is the advantage of getting this research level high because you can donate exceeds the max donation you can make per day!!

Accounting: Increase tax revenues- Needless to say, silver is an important asset in this game, you have to use it to upgrade building, purchase and enhance gears, recruitgeneral, buy grain and etc. You can live less/without gold, but you can’t live without silver in DS!!

After level 20: (level number in the bracket indicate the research is unlocked at which legion level)

Horticulture (lvl 20): Increase farm output- The new output of farm = original output + (level of horticulture) X2. As game proceeds, you will move to new region with higher pvp (player vs player) losses, you will need a lot of grain to recruit your reserves; hence it is more important in late game.

Banner of Power(lvl25): Increase all prestige earned by a percentage Prestige is another important thing in this game, you have to upgrade your title by earning prestige through attacking other kingdom’s player. The higher your title, the higher you salary, the more generals you can recruit and the more subjects you can take.

Capitalism(lvl30): Donate extra revenues from selling items to legion research- This is not very important in early game since most of the people would not sell gears they got, however it becomes more and more valuable when game goes on as the selling price of the gears is getting expensive, so it is not in rush to upgrade it.

Share Cropping(lvl35): Extends the duration of farm occupation by a guild member- This is more useful in later game, since the rally is very precious thing after city hall exceeds level 35 (you will lose a rally when you lost a campaign). Thus you can get more grain without using more rallies.

Mercantilism (lvl40): Gives legion members a profit boost for all inter regional trade- After you leveled city hall to level 41, you will unlock a new building caravan post. You can use it to trade with the players with the same kingdoms (provided they are resided in same level regions with you, regardless how much is the pvp losses), depend on your caravan post level and trading partner, you can earn handsome profit every day. Hence, it is always good to get it high.

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