Facebook Dynasty Saga Regional Battle Complete Guide

Facebook Dynasty Saga Regional Battle Complete Guide 

1) Regional Battles begin at 12:46 every Autumn

2) Regional Battles/Region Wars (same thing) can only be initiated by players with rank “Wanted” (yellow) or above.

3) High level Regions have these specialties 

Political: Can’t be occupied by other Kingdoms. This also means Political regions cannot initiate region battles.

Economic: Investment returns double Prosperity. However the prestige you gain from investing remains the same.

Commercial: You can invest in other Level 100 Regions. You can invest in enemy regions as well which makes this a very useful region.

Military: Attacks on other Kingdoms will reduce Kingdom Allegiance by double. This only applies to normal PvP attacks. Allegiance gained from regional battles remain the same.

Cultural: Accepts players from all Kingdoms. All players can move in any time they want.

4) How do normal PvP attacks affect allegiance? 

If you win when you attack an enemy in any region, the allegiance to your kingdom in that region increases (around 0.5%). If you are in a military region, your successful attacks will cause the enemy region to move to your allegiance by around 1%.

To make things clearer, the allegiance only changes in the defending player’s region, not the attacking player’s region. If the attack is successful, the defending player’s region loses allegiance to the winner. If the attack fails, nothing happens.

5) How does Investment affect allegiance?

Every 10 prosperity you invest gives 1% allegiance to your kingdom in the region that you invest.

6) The kingdom with the highest allegiance in a region owns the region.

7) When you are inside a region not owned by your kingdom, you cannot weave.

8) Each of the target and the attacking region needs to have 5 players from the respective kingdoms in order for regional battles to be initiated.

9) Each region can be involved in a maximum of 4 regional battles each autumn.

10) What happens after regional battles?

The winning kingdom will gain about 20% allegiance in regions that it does not own. It does not matter who is the attacker. It is possible for a winning kingdom to gain zero allegiance in both regions if they already own them both. It is also possible for a winning kingdom to gain 20% in each of the attacking and defending regions if they did not own any of them.

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