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Relationship and Mentorship by deathvonduel

So this is something new that most ppl don’t understand~~~ I decided to post it because I can…(and tired of ppl asking)
First up, relationship:
Relationship is used to unlock certain functions and rewards between friends.
First up is the ways to earn relationship points:
Each instance floor win gives 10 to both side
Each Guild fight win together gives 1 to both side.
Using items which can be found under “other” in the shopping mall(and sometimes dropped) will give to ONE SIDE the described amount of points.
How to use the items? Open up your friend list, on the right hand side there is a column of little person icons, those are the entries into the menu of using the items.

Note that you can only earn relationship points toward someone who is your mentor/apprentice or friend. If you are his/her friend but he/she is not yours, only he/she will get the points. The relationship tier and reward is determined by the lower of the two(0 if one person is friend of the other but does not have the other as friend)

When a friend is terminated, the relationship points on the terminated end will clear to 0, remains unchanged on the other.

201+ none
601+display friend location
4001+ can save from slavery
15001+ can marry(whenever that releases)
30000+ get a gift bag of points(each player may get up to 10 different bags from 10 different friends, not yet tested if u drop below 30k then get back up thou~~~)

Well, you know the basic usual stuff, here are the new stuff:
first, graduation have changed to lvl 50
second, both the reward bags AND graduation requires relationship points, graduation being the same as reciving the lvl 50 bag. The bags will be given when the apprentice reach the specific level or when relationship is fulfilled, whichever is later.
Here is a chart:
lvl relation reward
20 |*00050*| 10k exp, coin, he’s jadex3
25 |*00201*| emerald, seven color jadex2, 15k exp, 20k coins
30 |*00601*| emerald, seven colorx2, purplex3, 25k exp, 40k coins
35 |*04001*| purplex3, change stone, lvl36 hit,dodge,crit,break food, 35k exp, 70k coin
40 |*04001*| purplex4, seven colorx2, emeraldx2, change stonex3, 50 points, 50k exp 100k coin
50 |*10000*| 150k coin, 100 points, mystrey(or is it gold? dunno~~) shopping x20, VIPx7 days, hero stew, lvl 48 or 60(honestly not sure) atk,hit,dodge,crit,break food

where x numbers not given, it is one, also the reward is same on both sides

There is also a limit on total gift baggy you can get. The max max cap is 50, the base max cap is 20+10*graduated_apprentice. So it’s important to get a few graduated apprentice.

let’s see, what else…
u can become a mentor starting at 20(inclusive), become apprentice until up to lvl 30(not inclusive)
If you had relationship before becoming mentor/apprentice(was friends) that will be kept. After apprentice graduate, it will also be kept(not sure if labeled as graduated apprentice or just friend)

Apparently, manual search of mentor/apprentice are now allowed… but won’t work if the two side are under same IP…. multi is bad just so u know~~~

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