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How to Reach Level 21 within 2 Hours by Little Wolf

I saw today that players only got up to levels 16 to 17 and then want to quit the game. However, if you use your coupons and energy points wisely, you will be able to get to level 20 by the end of the first day. I will now introduce training details on how to do so. I’m part of the Han Kingdom and in the Dagger sect, so my equipment and missions might be different.

Of course there are people that can get to level 22 in one day or even level 24, but I still haven’t figured it out yet.

The task details I will not elaborate on, because we already know how to open the task interface.  I’m only going to elaborate on the important details.

1. Enter the game and open the mentorship interface, go and find a mentor.~
2. Click on the upper left hand corner to receive the mentorship gift pack.~
3. Also upgrade your normal account to a VIP account.
4. The next part is to always check your temp pocket for items and make sure it is never full and always empty it out.
5. Also when practice against monsters only enter number 3, If you practice with 6 monsters and only.
6. drop items, then manually fight the last monster.

Preparation. Let’s start training.

lv1. First, finish your first newbie task and get the weapon.
Do the 【Equip Weapon】 task, in the main interface, click the “Hero”button, right click on the equipment to equip it to your hero.

lv2.Do the 【Evolution】 task, from levels 1-10 add all attribute points to constitution, after all you have free points to spend after level 10. My level up procedures require very little manual attacks.
Do the 【Weapon Store】 Task

lv3. Do the 【Armor Store Purchase】 task. Important reminder is to NOT use the 2 free purchases here, because the early tasks will give you armor also.
Do the 【Accessory Store Purchase】 task, also don’t purchase anything, then do the 【Gather Info】 task

lv4. Do the 【Dine in Guestroom】 task, then do the 【First Performance】 task, and eat the Steamed Monkey Brain

lv5. After you ate the Steamed Monkey Brain do the 【First Performance】 task, manually kill 2 boars. PS: If any tasks has the “Send” button, use it or you might get lost.

lv6. Do the 【Try Your Ability】, manually kill 2 boars and go back to the task coordinator.

lv7. Do the 【Collect Fur】 task, manually attack 3 Big Grey Wolves, usually you will get three pieces of fur afterwards.

lv8. Do the 【Learn about States】 task

lv9. Do the 【About Wild Adventure】 task  and then the 【Warrior’s Test】 task, attack the tiger’s pass and go back and report to the task coordinator and also to equip yourself with the items from the battle.

lv10 Do the 【New Journey】 task and then choose occupation as well as weapon and equip immediately. Sell the equipment from before. You will now have 9 attribute points to spend.
Do the 【Use Skills】 task, learn the skill and then equip it, and then go obtain the level 10 newbie gift pack.

Okay, you are now level 10, already chose your occupation and country, and it only took 10 minutes right? Okay, now the following might be a little complex.

Do the 【Wild Tigers】 task, attack the wild bulls using practice, kill 5 at once with practice,don’t worry about your coupns because they were free, check your temp pocket

lv11.  Add attribute point and practice a skill. After each level up this is what you need to do first. I won’t mention it again from now on. Equip the items from the temp pocket to your hero.
Pay attention here, do the 【Bad Gangsters】 task and also accept the accessory task 【Automatic Practice】, Practice the 5 Heavy Spears and Heavy Swords and report back to the task coordinator.

lv12. Equip the cloak and shoes and do the 【Evil Thieves】 task, practice with the 5 Roaming Theives and the 5 Moon Spears and then report back to the Lobby.

lv13. Equip itmes you just got from the task. Do the 【Warrior’s House】 task and then the 【Position Promotion】 task, click your ranking and receive prize for becoming lead captain.  Then do the 【Martial Hall】 task and find a player same level as you. –> Do the 【Convince Han Fei】 task and practice with 6 crazy lions and then report to the lobby.

lv14. Continue doing the【Convince Han Fei】 and practice with 6 sword tigers. Do the 【General Han Chuang】 task and the 【Kill Fierce Animals】 task, practice with 5 crazy wolves and report back.

lv15. First collect your gift pack, then do the 【Kill Assasins】 task, practice 2 night thieves, manually fight 2 hidden swordsmen (because the level is too high and cannot practice), report the task. Then do the 【Chu’s Assasins】 task, and the 【Win in Arena】 task, find the lowest level (I don’t believe you will die…). Do the remaining 2 daily tasks and one accessory task.

lv16. Do the 【Three Moves of Mother Mencius】 task, practice on 3 sword tigers. Continue completing the 【Three Moves of Mother Mencius】 task.
You will now have no more tasks to complete, go back to the task organization and complete your daily tasks.
How to complete your daily tasks: Only do the battle type tasks becasue those are the ones where you will gain EXP points, click auto complete until there are no more battle type tasks left, keep doing it until you are level 17 and you can stop (I think you may get dizzy if you watch) PS: I was mad because I refreshed twice and did not get any battle type tasks!! ~~~

lv17. Basically do 10 daily tasks and you will reach level 17. Do the 【Meet Troubles Half Way】 task and continue doing the 【Meet Troubles Half Way】 task, practice 9 moon spears and report task. Then keep on completing daily tasks. Still level 17 after completing all daily tasks? Then go practice with soldiers of lv19-lv20and then you’ll become level 18. Calculate the EXP points it is around 21 monsters.

lv18. Go apply for apprenticeship and collect your apprentice gift pack. Do task 【Practice】.  Practice 3 Crazy Lions and if your missing one then do it manually. Do the 【Blacksmith Ou Ye Zi】 and 【He’s Jade】 tasks. Okay, now go do the 【Challenge against bosses lv. 15】(For some reason I was stuck for 15 minutes here). After task equip the Green Jade Ornament and Pendant~~the challenge/practice 24 Lonely Swordsman lv20-lv23.

lv19. Go figh the Judo Tigers. First practice with 24 and then go back to the guestroom, you should now have 96 enrgy points, continue practicing until you reach level 20.

lv20. After practice, I still have 33 energy points. ~~First obtain 2 newbie packs.
First do the 【Upcoming Hazard】 task, then do the 【Mysterious Black Store】task and evaluate. Continue using your energy points and when they are done, do the occupational tasks.
At this point, your EXP bar should almost be full so you can upgrade to the next level very soon. Manually do the 【Start Battles】 task and kill 10 monsters and you will become level 21.~

Wasn’t that quick? This is information I collected and a detailed analysis of what steps I needed to take in order to achieve this.

This is an original guide, took me a long time, this one time I was half way through and accidentally hit F5 and then… I had to restart all over again
Hope this helps the newbies. I’ll keep on trying my best to provide better guides to help newbies.

Thank you!

By Little Wolf

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