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A guide to Duel set up by ruggerking

Hi Guys,

just to share my personal opinion of a duel build set up after advice from deathvonduel, consulting some lvl 80s-90s duel in Chinese server and also information gather from Chinese server forum.
Duel build set up
– Concentrate on adding all to Con and just sufficient agility for equipping dagger
prior to my calculation,
lvl 48 dagger 85 agility,
lvl 58 dagger 103 agility,
lvl 68 dagger 120 agility

every level duel obtain 1.25 agility
thus 5 agility every 4 levels.
Thus every every 20 levels requires 10 additional agility to be added.
The ratio will be as 10 con and 10 agility per 20 level.
To put it clearly for better understanding –> this start when you are level 10
One will be thinking why not add all to agility?
From what i gather in Chinese server,
Duel user requires sufficient hp and mp to use their skills such as heart attack and eviscerate.
Moreover, for these skills to be at it’s maximum potential, one must be able to survive long enough to maximize it’s potential
Most importantly, Duel regardless how much agility is added in early game, they will lose out to assassin in dodge.

With the above build, one can survive well in both arena and complete instances easily.

Hit rate, con, agility/dodge will be a good stats before lvl 75.

However, do note,
once one reaches lvl 75, some guys in chinese server advise to re-assign stats to all agility.


Dodge  will become a major factor in late game due to assassin high dodge by then of 70%+, agility gladius dodge(50%+ up to 60% approximatley) and high attack and hit rate(25%-35%) at lvl 70ish due to +14 stones,armor stats,bonus etc. and also destructive skill –  deathwish.

Even with high hp, one will not survive long in such battle with these guys if one can not dodge well enough
However Duel would have receive their
red cuff by then which adds +10 para skill at lvl 75 – biggest factor against assassin since it deducts additional 20% dodge.
Thus even if assassin dodge surpass a duel, with sufficient dodge of 60%+ and para strike+23(-46% dodge), the chances of winning will be good(if you manage to dodge the critical by assassin a few times)

From what i can see, duel class is meant to curb assassin(but it really depends on luck on para strike and dodge)) n destructive spear(with heart attack/expose depending on your build as pure agility or con+agility)

As for other classes, it is better for me to keep mum about it as to prevent De-moralization, especially against defense spear(almost all class fall prey to it anyway thanks to high hp of 10k+ at lvl 100 and feedback damage of 50%+ apart from agility gladius and mystery)
****However do note, i will be trying out +con and agility sufficient to equip dagger till lvl 80ish as i notice a few guys in Chinese server stick to this build. moreover guys with this build i notice defeat their own class of same or slightly higher level who are pure agility
With this build, range of dodge one can get at lvl 81 is 50%-56% and above depending on item stats and stone embedded with a hp of 4.4k-4.9k hp
A pure agility duel at lvl 84 can get around 63% to 69% with hp range of 3.4k-3.9k.

Imho, all armor after lvl 75 = +14 con and +agility.
Stats for armor – Dodge%, +Con and +hit/+agility.

Weapon Stats
– skill, dodge, hit/agility
+ agility
+ con
+ hp absorb/mp absorb

Attack is not a must since our focus is ensuring our skill to work, but some do add +9% attack stone  

Above is base on my findings on duel build from advise on veteran players who have spend tons of money to try out all build in Chinese server and came out with above and Chinese forum.
HOKF is new, thus no1 have a chance to try out anything such as stats, battles with same levels, etc. thus i dare say only a few guys out there have the proper knowledge of stats building. One of them is definitely deathvonduel who also shared this advice on duel build prompting me to research more on it.

Hope this help.
Do share your thoughts on the build

To: deathvonduel,
do share some input on what i mention for lvl 75 and above as what i had research in chinese server and forum.
Server 2 lvl 80ish and 90ish are pure agility but below lvl 86, almost all are con+agility.
In server 66, only 1 duel, lvl 89 uses pure agility, the rest of the duel at lvl 80+ and below are still using the con+10, agi+10 method. no chance to talk to him yet.
I will be focusing on the con+10, agi+10 method as i notice other servers duel are focusing on it even up to lvl 87 and are defeating their own class of duel who are pure agility. And they survive better against destructive spear and agility gladius compare to agility duel base on battle reports.

Table Guide For Dueler Set-Up by cranzion

Before I begin, a special thanks to ruggerking’s post: A guide to Duel set up and those who contributed to that thread. In addition, must thank ashynn for compiling the Light armor equipment list that I used to cross-reference all the information here for the Dueler to be able to use all equipment right when it becomes available.

Also, the Base Str, Base Agi and Base Const columns are based off the equations in the

Mathematicas of HoKf post thanks to deathvonduel and then have been rounded down as they ALWAYS are. That is why you don’t see the row with the decimals of the un-rounded numbers that would normally accompany the equations. Anyway, I think I have covered all my bases and thanked all who made this possible (please note, without deathvonduel posting all the mathematics, it wouldn’t have been possible at all! so, thanks again!)

Additionally, please note that this dueler build is the build that is outlined in ruggerking’s guide — +10 agi, +10 con every 20 levels, I just have it organized in a table to outline when points need to be added to agility in order to use the next item available. I have tried to make this as simple to understand as possible, but I will also explain very simply what is meant in the table.

You will notice that certain levels have their cells highlighted in yellow. When you reach these levels, you will add a point into agility. In addition, the rows that are highlighted in yellow will also have the text under the column ‘Free pts in AGI’ in

Bold and italic font. The rows that are standard white are when you should add points into constitution. The rows that are white also have the text under the column ‘Free pts in Cons’ in bold and italic font… Now, on to the tables!! ^^
Level 10-37

So, for example, at levels 12, 13, 16, 17, 20, 21, 24, 25, 28, 29, 32, 33, 36 and 37 points should be added into agility and the other levels should have constitution added.

Level 38-65

Agi should be added at levels 40, 41, 44, 45, 48, 49, 52, 53, 56, 57, 60, 61, 64 and 65. While constitution should be added the other levels.

Level 66-99

Agility should be added at levels 68, 69, 72, 73, 76, 77, 80, 81, 84, 85, 88, 89, 92, 93, 96 and 97 with constitution being added the other levels.

Anyway, I hope this table helps all you duelers out there!

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