Facebook Heroes of Kung Fu Knights FAQ

Heroes of Kung Fu/ Kung Fu Knights Frequently Asked Questions

1. New Task
a) After the game players landing, try to follow the pop-up tips in accordance with the new tasks, going step-by-step to complete novice tasks;
b) For players in the new task stage, the best option is to follow the guidelines to know how to operate and familiarize yourself with the game;
c) Important: New tasks that are progressively completed will give 500 coupon rewards towards the total amount of [in-game rewards later]

2. Apprenticeship
a) When a new player starts the game for the first time, the system will automatically find you three martial arts predecessors. As long as you choose to have a mentor and teacher-student relationship, they will help solve your problems and additional game questions. They will help you get the most fun out of this gaming experience.
b) The system will automatically match you with different options for your mentor. New players cannot be put in the role as master of other players.
c) Apprentice Level: Lv.1 ~ Lv.17
d) Apprenticeship: 1st day (before Lv. 18) studied, the level in less than or equal to 17 hours, every day an opportunity to rebel divisions, after the rebel division system will automatically choose other options for your master apprentice . When your level is greater than or equal to 18 in the rebel division, you will no longer be an apprentice. When the level of the apprentice is greater than or equal to 18, they will no longer be able to be an apprentice and cannot receive any reward.
e) Within three hours of becoming an apprentice, players will be given 100 incentive coupons from their master;
f) level of incentives: When players reach levels 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40, they will receive incentives in the form of a package.
g) Apprentice steps: Click on the main interface interaction [in] [apprentice with only button can] [apprentice].

3. Select a Country
a) When players get to Penglai Town and finish the novice step-by-step tasks (i.e., killer given the task of leaders), and the role of their character becomes level 8, you may then go to the lobby to choose your country;
b) When you have finished selecting a country, please have room to continue accepting new tasks from all states;

4. Choice of Occupation
a) Select a country and once you have received a new mission hall and gradually complete the tasks [samurai test], you can return to the country to receive the task of your choice for a new occupation [new journey].

5. Learning Skills
a) Open your skills panel, select the learning skills. There are currently skills available for learning. Click the mouse to operate and learn to take the initiative in a skill. Click on the skills and equipment to operate the mouse button or drag and drop the skills. The additional column has the skills and equipment you can take initiative of using in fights.
b) Active skills: the skills necessary to interface only has the skills and equipment on the field, you can automatically play in the battle of skills.
c) Supplementary skills: the need for their use only, after the end of the time, we must once again performed in order to have the effect of the skills. The main interface point of “skills” button, select the auxiliary skills, and then click on “their skills”
d) Passive skills: only after the Institute, you will be able to directly enhance the ability to operate without the use of.

6. Auto Practice
a) Now I would like to give you a home tour. States generally do not have to manually fight the monster to improve the level, they often find themselves monsters close to their character level and practice fighting, you wait for the practice time to complete to gain your experience, often times you gain more and is very easy to do.
b) During the course of practice, you will automatically attack the monster until the end of the time period! In practice mode, you are unable to move or attack others.
Practice will not affect the HP and BP, so take some coins for automatic replenishment.
After the practice, you will receive practice experience as well as spoils dropped by the monster after the fight. You can use the number of your energy points to calculate how many times you can complete the auto practice mode.
c) During auto practice, if the monster role has spoils of war that fell by more than 10, which led to the overflow of the temporary pocket, the system will automatically sell the other props and credit that amount back to your character.
d) Operation of practice: out of the city, in the wild regions with similar levels of their own monster click the monster and choose practice, and then you may choose to practice the number of times in the window and will auto-complete the fights for you.

7. How to Appraise
a) Click on the main interface on the Hero button column in the vicinity of the role of the character, you can see temp button identification;
b) Appraisal operation of items: click the temp props identification button, and then some props will not be appraised in the identification operations (items not appraised at this time will turn into a green background);

8. Arena
a) Arena is a free and competitive place where you can find your opponent of equal level to challenge.
b) For each challenge, according to the ranking of your value there will be honorary points awarded, if you obtain a victory you will gain honor points; If you are challenged and you lose the battle then your honor points will decrease accordingly;
c) If you beat your opponent in the arena, you can immediately go to the slave market and try to capture the beaten opponent as your slave.
d) Players in the arena that receive honor points can immediately go to the honor tree and trade in their honor points for special attributes or items;
e) Special Note: players that are in the Vigilante ranking are unable to gain honor points in the arena.
f) Special note: player’s character may not leave the arena during a fight, at the same time they can challenge other players wherever and whenever even if they are in training.

9. Martial Hall
a) Martial Hall is divided into the 20 different rankings a player can become, thus it is different for each ranking. Only the same ranking characters can go into the same Martial Hall to compete.
b) The Martial Hall will help each player be registered in 2 competitions if they enroll.
c) Competition opponents will be the ones ranked 1 place ahead and 1 place behind you from the arena rankings the day before.
d) As long as you keep winning in the Martial Hall, your reputation will keep on increasing, when you increase to a higher ranking, you may also gain special monetary rewards!
e) When you are enrolled or during a competition in the Martial Hall, your character is able to go do other things. When the competition is over, make sure to get your reward right away!

10. Slave Market
a) In accordance with the laws of the Warring States Period, if you are free or a slave master, you can go to the slave market and capture a defeated opponent and make them your slave. You only need to click the button to capture a slave, beat him again he will be able to be captured as your slave.
b) If you are a slave, you need to redeem yourself, rebel against your slave master or team or gain freedom with the help of your mentor’s rescue.
c) If your slave was taken away by an opponent, you may go to the slave market and seize that enemy as your slave. You can initiate battle to regain your slave.
d) Once you become a slave to someone, you need to pay your slave master a certain amount of experience. Unfortunately, if you are someone else’s slave you need to help yourself first in that case.
e) Special note: the player’s character can initiate battle in the slave market at anytime.

11. Honor Tree
a) Here, you can use the honor points to exchange for needed items.
b) The higher your ranking, the more items there will be for exchange here, even equipment can be sold here!
c) In the honor tree, a player can see how many honor points they have and what their maximum honor points can be. After purchase in the honor tree, your honor points will be deducted immediately.
d) Ways to gain honor points: mainly through arena combat with other players. In the Arena, whether you are online or not, as long as someone challenges you and you lose, your honor points will decrease.

12. Task Organization
a) The Task Organization will provide day-to-day tasks to the players. Each player can complete 20 tasks a day; 4 daily tasks in each group of tasks, they will automatically refresh every 2 hours.
b) Fighting-type tasks: experience points will be awarded.
c) Collection-type tasks: coins will be awarded. (Special note: while completing such tasks, task requests the player to view clearly the indicated corresponding location and kill monsters as long as the name of the information is correct;)
d) Arena tasks: prestige points will be awarded.
e) Assassination of task: state contribution and energy points will be awarded. (Special note: while completing such tasks, you need to comply in accordance with the mandate of the types of jobs and to kill the corresponding role players)
f) Dialogue-based tasks: high-quality equipment will be awarded.
g) Go inside the task panel, “view details” to open, there will be a button to give up daily tasks.

13. State Store
a) After you choose your state, you may go to the state store to purchase equipment with coins;
b) There are 5 stores within the state and the items will refresh every hour;
c) Weapons shop: You can buy some good weapons, including guns, swords, daggers;
d) Armor shop: you can buy high quality armor, including shoes, belts, upper armor, and lower armor;
e) Accessory store: sells all types of jewelry, belts, ponchos and other accessories;
f) Material shop: sells various types of drugs and materials to upgrade equipment. The drugs to restore blood can be purchased here!
g) Black market: a mysterious shop, high-priced sale of a variety of props and equipment not authenticated or appraised yet.

14. States Market
a) Methods of operation: Back to State, click the button market, after opening, click “equipment”, follow the prompts on the display of things you want to let go.
b) Role of the market: the convenience of your role to sell and purchase other equipment, but not directly to buy equipment on other players. Props you need to buy other players can be connected to you in this way (in fact, through the chat contact or communication), the transaction process is through the exchange of equipment.

15. The Role of the Basic Attributes:
a) There are 3 different attributes in the game for players, strength, agility and constitution.
b) Strength: this causes an increase in the damage done to opponents. In addition, the different levels of strength are demanded of for various types of equipment, in order to put on some high-level equipment, strength is therefore essential.
c) Agility: the higher the agility the faster and smarter your character is when in battle with opponents. Agility is also used in the sword and dagger sect, the higher the agility the higher the attack and evasiveness power of your character. In addition, various types of equipment demand a certain level of agility, in order to put on more high quality swords or daggers; you need to meet the requirements of agility first.
d) Constitution: it is the vitality and spirit of our players embodiment, the higher the constitution the higher the HP of a player.  A high constitution can create a longer endurance during battle for the player.
e) Special Note: the upper limit of strength, agility, and constitution is proportional to the characters ranking. Please use the mouse and roll over the character attributes to view the role of the basic attributes.

16. How to Use Attribute Points:
a) open the main interface, click “hero” button, you can see the “redistribution” button;
b) the corresponding players needs to pay gold or coupons in order to re-distribute points;
c) after the completion of re-distributing points, players can use the “step by step adding points” or “add points by the number” to increase the basic attributes;

17. Fighting Properties
a) These are the following fighting properties, from the role of the basic attributes, professional skills and equipments provided
b) The percentage of hits: adds additional hits to the opponents
c) Dodge rate: rate to avoid the opponent’s attack
d) Critical Hit: A hit of 1.5 times greater hit cause to rivals
e) Sabotage rate: rate that ignores the opponent’s defensive injury
f) Blood values: the current value of the role of vitality
g) Inner value: the current value of the role of within
h) Attacks: decides how much damage will be caused
i) Defense: decides how much defense will be used
j) Speed: determines how many times you will be able to attack

18. Weapons
a) Can be used for all three occupational weapons (guns, swords, daggers), but you must use the professional role of the arms corresponding to the characters skill.
b) The use of different weapons, will lead to changes in the characters speed.

19. The Role of Energy Points
a) Energy points, players gain experience in this way, when your energy points = 0,you can continue to play, but experience will not be gained, a monster at the same time will reduce the risk of falling props.
b) Premium accounts will have 72 points refreshed daily and regular accounts will have 60 points refreshed daily.
c) When players fight a monster it will consume 1 point of energy.
d) When players kill a PK it will consume 3 points of energy.
e) Players may use coupons or gold to buy energy points, they can also gain energy points through assassination tasks.

20. Character Ranking
a) The left side of the main interface, after LV, indicates the rank of your character, click the button to see the popularity and demand for the number of posts to receive the corresponding incentives to upgrade
b) To obtain prestige: can take part in Martial Hall fights and can do day-to-day tasks (arena-type tasks).

21. States Scene:
a) If the character is within their state they cannot be assassinated;
b) If the character is within the state, they cannot fight monsters outside of the state;
c) In the lobby, a player can begin training for skills, this is for when the player goes offline and can still obtain experience and coins through training.

22. Scene Locations
a) The need for new tasks checkpoints: new tasks [Knights of the test], the need for players to fight through the corresponding points on the monster and win in order to complete the task!
b) Through the following points, players need tips to combat barriers, and honor, such as operation, otherwise it is impossible to reach the other side through the checkpoint scene.
c) other countries free of barriers: the character level greater than or equal to 12, greater than or equal to patrons rank
d) free of other countries barriers: the character level greater than or equal to 20, greater than or equal to the elite samurai rank
e)Free pass for all three major scenes:
Pass Name         Free pass level         Free pass rank
Battle Array         Lv 40         Guard command
Tomb         Lv 50         Guard command
Hengjiang         Lv 45         Supervisor
Spirit Island         Lv 55         Guard command
Blood Cocoon         Lv 55         Guard command
HANGING COFFIN ROAD        Lv 75         Guardian
Road authorities         Lv 55         Guard command
Secret Pass         Lv 65         Elite Soldier
Bird Bridge clearance         Lv 55         Guard command

23. Scene Entry Conditions
a) Killing scenes: the scene next to the name in red if there is “(killing)” the words of the scene, which is killing the scene. Into the killings, the role of the state must be open for PK to kill;
b) How to go to other counties: through passes you can move to other counties.
c) How to go to other states passes: the character level reaches 15, can go to any county in the map below to enter any of the scenes by using the passes.
d) How to go to Mianchi: character level must be at least 20 can go from any passes and secret passages, the top most point can also access the Mianchi.
e) How to go to Tunliu: character level must be at least 26, can go to Tunliu through the Mianchi button.
f) How to go to Ghost Valley: character level must be at least 30, can go to Ghost Valley through the Mianchi button.
g) How to go to Zhongmu: character level must be at least 30, can go to Zhongmu through the Mianchi button.

24. How to Obtain Equipment
a) Within the 5 stores in the state, each store sells different items;
b) Monsters in the wild scenes will drop items if you defeat them;
c) Players can also take from the hands of other players equipment they need;
d) Player from the main interface can also obtain items and equipment;

25. National Contributions
a) The national contribution can be used to decrease the value of crime;
b) Contribution to the country can be contributed in the lobby of the national rankings. National election candidates can be chosen here.
c) State candidates: You can adjust the state’s tax, to raise the combat capability of citizens to launch a national war, pardon criminals, to adjust its alliance with other countries, the state of hostilities and peace.

26. Master Apprenticeship
a) To become a master of Kungfu Knights, you must be Lv. 18 or greater to apply.
b) When you log in everyday between 8:00 to 22:00, when you’re online, the system will automatically recommend new options for players to become your disciple.
c) You only need access to alternative recognition disciples, and he or she thanks you for your apprenticeship, a player can then become a formal disciple. During this process, the apprentice must help solve some difficult problems for their disciples, and through the existing game systems it can enhance their character level through the help of a master.
d) The number of disciples a master can have depends on the character’s master points. When the full number of disciples is reached, and all the disciples have not been sent out, the system will not recommend new ones for you.
e) As a competent master, you need to address the disciples in the difficulties encountered in the game to remind the disciples to go online, to reach level 40 as soon as possible so they can be sent off. When a disciple has not been formally introduced as your disciple he or she will be automatically expelled.
f) If a formal apprentice is trying to make trouble, the master can manually expel disciple from the formal apprenticeship, but would lose a certain number of coins.
g) When the disciple reaches level 40, the apprentice and master relationship will be lifted and the master will be sent a reward for helping the disciple reach level 40.
h) Master incentives: when the character of each disciple reaches levels 15, 20, 25,30,35,40, you may receive a gift with the corresponding level of incentives.

27. Temporary Item Pocket
a) Temporary pack only holds 10 items; it can only hold 10 equipments. The same items can overlap, but the same equipment cannot overlap.
b) Players that kill monsters and assassinate PK’s will have items rewarded in the temporary pack.
c) Players can choose to sell all items in the temporary package by clicking the “sell” button; by selling all items the player will obtain coins from the sale of the items.

28. Player Transactions
a) Players can exchange items through the transaction with the other players equipment that they are not currently using;
b) “Kungfu Knights” does not allow players to exchange gold or coins;
c) When checking the character information, you can choose the “initiate trade” button;
d) In the chat you can click on the name of any player to initiate a transaction by choosing the “initiate trade” button;
e) In the player list of the scene, any player can be allowed to choose to initiate a trade;
f) Special note: When you storm the other players equipment, as long as you re-equip them, they are still tradable.

29. How Do I Get Coins
a) Participate actively in the Martial Hall and you will get copper coins;
b) Arena players that gain honor points can use those points to trade for coins;
c) A variety of main line tasks, new tasks, day-to-day tasks can award coins to the player;
d) Within the lobby there is a “Start skill training” option which can help you obtain coins;
e) The wild monsters you defeat will drop items, in turn you can sell them to earn coins;
f) The wild monsters you defeat in auto complete mode will also drop items that you can sell to obtain coins;
g) Special Note: “Kungfu Knights” does not allow gold to be transferred to coins! Coins can only be obtained through the efforts of the players!

30. On the Issue of Deletion
a) The player can click the “Settings” button in the main interface, once opened the player can delete a character.

31. On the Issue of Treason
a) Once you choose a state in “kungfu Knights”, you cannot commit treason

32. Strengthening Equipment
a) Casting material in the state, it changes the corresponding need to strengthen the equipment and materials, and the equipment can be enhanced, but the players must ensure that items needed to be strengthened matches the number of strengthen the equipment.
b) The materials and stones needed to strengthen equipment can be purchased in the accessory store within the state
c) Each of the corresponding precious stones and materials have a minimum level of enhancement, if the equipment does not meet the enhancement requirements the equipment cannot be enhanced.

33. Upgrading Equipment
a) Upgrading equipment can be done with the Peace Jade and can upgrade your equipment to Lv. 9, but the Peace Jade during upgrading has a definite percentage of failure
b) With the use of the precious stone: “emerald” it ensures that in case the stone fails, the equipment will not fall back down to Lv.1;
c) Peace Jade and “emerald” stones are in the treasure house and can be purchased with gold, it can also be obtained with honor points and fighting monsters.

34. Refining Equipment
a) At the bottom of the main interface, in the “store” button, buy the Seven color stone in the treasure house and you can increase the strength of your weapon;
b) “Seven color stone” can also be used with equipment that has been enhanced to the max, by using the stone it will increase that maximum value and increase the strength of your weapon;

35. Repairing Equipment
a) At the bottom of the main interface, in the “Store” button, you can purchase the “amber” stone and use it with any equipment, it will remove the materials already used on your weapon.

36. Equipment Gender
a) Each equipment is made for a specific gender, but you can use the “Change” stone to change the gender of the equipment;
b) At the bottom of the main interface, in the “Store” button, you can purchase the “Change” stone to remove the gender restriction of the equipment.

37. Equipment Color
a) Green, blue and purple equipment, players can obtain through fighting monsters, also available for purchase in all the stores within the states;
b) Within the state’s honor hall there will be equipment for sale according the different types of equipment for different types of careers.

38. Equipment Fixation
a) If the player is not satisfied with the attributes of the equipment, you can use the “green jade”, “blue jade”, “purple jade” in the casting house, it can refresh the green, blue, and purple equipments.

39. Map Movements
a) World map movement: the current players who have joined the country’s role can click on the “Map” in the world to move across the map. Players need to determine the current level of nationality in order to move. If the conditions are not satisfied, it is impossible to move.
b) Sending your character in the task: The player’s current tasks accepted or in progress, you can click on the “send” button in the task description to send your character to that location.
c) Basic movement: you can click on the location with the cursor to move to that location.
d) Scenario pass: character level must be at least 15, in order to enter the last point of the scene, through the tips obtained from this point you can move to different scenes! To leave a countries scene, the character level needs to be at least 15
e) Transfer scenes: each states scene has a point that has a transfer tunnel. However, a prerequisite is that the character has arrived at the scenes access the corresponding scenes in other counties that is the only way to be sent there.

40. Equipment Notes, Precious Stones and Materials Notes
a) Item requirements “level of demand, job requirements, the demand for property, gender demand” is your character’s level, current ranking, basic attributes, gender demand must be met in order to use the item.
b) An item’s “strengthen number” is the times you can strengthen through the use of precious stones or materials in the equipment.
c) Precious stones and materials “may reinforce the demand for equipment level” is the counterpart to strengthen or upgrade your equipment to the “level of demand”, if the equipments and materials do not meet the requirements of gems it cannot be enhanced or upgraded.

41. Army Role
a) The team function is to provide the functions of the league to the players.
b) The management team can manage, remove, and add features such as announcements and clan chat functions.
c) To increase team members the team needs to increase the number of accumulated team points. (Ways to obtain team points is currently not released)
d) For the other team functions, please wait for updates.

42. Scene Monster
a) You can see that the monsters are divided into 2 types, regular and elite.  When fighting monsters manually, there may be a probability that you will fight elite monsters.

43. Career Titles
a) When the character reaches level 20, 38 you can view the tasks in the interface and receive the corresponding tasks, you can upgrade to a professional title once you complete these tasks.
b) You can also check the task panel in the “Available Tasks”, in it will show the different tasks for different careers, upon completion you can upgrade your ranking.
c) Special Note:
Factions                      Occupational name                  Requested level
Spear Destroyer
Strongman                     Lv 10
Spearman                      Lv 20
Overlord                      Lv 38
Spear Defender
Warrior                     Lv 10
Knight                      Lv 20
Hero                          Lv 38
Sword Gladius Sect
Swordsman                       Lv 10
Sword Knight                  Lv 20
Sword Master                  Lv 38
Sword Mystic Sect
Swordsman                        Lv 10
Sword Anchoret                 Lv 20
Sword God                        Lv 38
Dagger Duelist
Ghost                               Lv 10
Bloodkill                    Lv 20
Devil                               Lv 38
Dagger Assassin
Assassin                      Lv 10
Killer                        Lv 20
Ghost                               Lv 38

44. Crime Value Problem
a) When the character’s crime value reaches a certain level the character name will be either yellow or red. Character that assassinates the yellow names will increase the crime value; character that assassinates a red name will not increase the crime value.
b) Once a red name is killed, according to the crime value, it will drop items accordingly. Once the items are dropped it will be put into the temporary pack or item pack of the character that assassinated the opponent.
c) To decrease the crime value, you can go to the lobby and contribute a sum to your nation.
Q&A; by GM01

This is just a dump ground of questions, I did not organize them… and I’m sure there are typos. If someone is willing to, please reorganize it….
NOTE: try to use the browser’s search function when you wanna check if ur question have an answer. Such as purple, VIP etc.

Where to find Legendary weapons? Purple items in drops, gold/mystrey shop. Red in instance and legendary(of V2) is a random stat on green/blue/purple gears.

Where to find seven color stone? In the shopping mall, events, gift bags(contribution etc) or drops(lvl 35 mostly)

Where to get gold? through cash purhcase

Where to find upgradded weapon? you cannot, you have to upgrade them yourself or by PKing someone and getting a drop of upgradded weapon(the pked person will lose the item)

Are there going to be a reset? Well… there was a reset in 5th January 2010, that is the only one ever planned and ever did. So unless otherwisely notified, no reset will happen for whatever reason.

What will happen to my char and its stuff in a reset? If and when there is a reset, EVERYTHING will be wiped, you will start anew.

What is the difference between alpha and beta tests?
In alpha, lots of free stuff will be given so you can be powered up quickly and test out more things, but the data is likely to be deleted eventually.
In beta, it is a fairly stable version and bugs need to be caught, but the game is already running in a normal enviroment and all things will be kept(and normal game rules apply)

What is the relationship between class tier and level?  Each class tier requires a level and you cannot get to a higher class tier w/o meeting the level requirement. However, you can be above the requirement for a long time and do not upgrade the class tier, if that is your wish, and then upgrade at anytime you want(even if you are 20000 lvl over par)

What is the relationship between position and level? There is no direct relationship. However, if your position is too low compared to your level, you will recieve some mini penalties, such as no honor when you make an arena chanllenge(honor for winning still exist, but not for making chanllenge) and some high lvl gears require certain position and you might not able to use. However, you can upgrade to general or even higher as a lvl 20 char if you really wanted to…

How much does gold cost? 50/dollar

How to get points?
events(welfare gives 60/120/180 each half month according to number of daily task done), position up, some beauty cards(when that opens in V2), newbie packs(sorta eventish but…)

What are and where are assassination tasks in daily task organization?  Those tasks are only aviliable once your king declare war against another state, then you would have tasks asking you to kill players of those states who are in same arena rank as you.

How come I don’t see bleeding work?  Sometimes, due to game lag, the bleeding does not show properly, you can usually get the real result by careful manual calculation of the shown dmgs and total dmg done(at a given time before the fight ends. as when fight ends, the over-the-max dmg will just disappear)

Is there a difference between the gear for two genders? Beside the gender attribute itself, there is no real difference. the possible stat pool and the drop rate etc are exactly the same

Why do I never find good light gear?  Light armor are nerfed on many stats, because the boost present different amount of effect(for the same boost value) Take +ATK for example, +10 ATK on dagger means 1dps, but on a defensive spear(heavy armour) that is only .5 dps.

Why does instance entry cost 10 gold? The second entry(if you use Zhao card, then you can make the second your first or the third into your second.) on a DAILY basis will cost 10 gold. You can wait till the next day for your free entry.

I got a gift bag(such as welfare package) why? Check the event listing under News and Events forum section, you will probably find your reason there.

How do I use my gifts? Some gift are recieved automatically, but there are some that give you a code. When you get such a code, click the gift pack/newbie card button on the upper right hand corner of your game screen, in the “pop up” enter your code on the top(there is a bar) and, if it is a hero card, on the right side(where it says newbie card) drag down and select hero card.

What can I find when I get an unappraised item? If it is from mianchi or drops, it can be green, blue or purple, where purple is rare(10-15%) If it is from gold store, it can be blue or purple, where purple goes to about 30%

How do I get lots of purple items? drops can be purple, the instance drop being more easily so. At the same time, you can try your luck at the mystrey shop. However, the easiest method is to go casher, and with gold either buy them off the player market or buy things in gold shop which have a very good chance.

What is extra attack? It increase the dmg of your character, some % and some by constant amount. Check Newbie section for more information.

Who gets what when a guild is destroyed?  The attackers who are not more than 2 lvls above the defender in guild lvl will get rewards.(so lvl 8 gets reward against 6, but not 5) The following only apply to those who get rewards: The highest damager gets the sign, part of the defender’s guild fund will be given to the attackers(distribute according to damage) and if the sign was above lvl 1, it will be downgraded and some more fund/rep will be given to the winning guild.

How do I remove an item from auction?  First, do the few steps you used to put the item up. Now, when you get to the auction page, click the X on the upper right hand of the item boxes. Note that some browser do not support the removal properly, so you might need to change to another one.

Why am I alone in fighting when I invited two others in Hangu pass? You have to wait for them to accept the invite or the unaccepted ones will NOT join you. In the lower right corner of your screen, the team window, if their name is gray, they have not accepted. Only when they are black, then you can go for it.

What are the award from contribution packages? First, it can give kai stones, which is can range from #1 to 4*pacakgeLVL/10. Second, they can give food/stones. each pacakge gives items of lvl packageLVL/10*12 or one tier lower usually. (so lvl 40 pack gives mostly 36 and 48 items)  They also occassionally give the none-lvled stones like seven color, he’s jade etc.

What does VIP account do?
12 extra energy daily with 100 extra cap
10% discount in the stores(capitol and mystrey)
3 extra storage, 2 full pages instead of 1/2 page.(this will be expanded to even more, up to 6 pages in V3, in later vers)
you can vote for kings for free once daily
you can enroll automatically in capitol martial
you may customize your image and battle report message.

How do I delete my account? If you want normal deletion, the upper right hand corner “Location” will help, just check the box on the bottom. It will be deleted in 3 days. Otherwise, if you are in a hurry for some reason, email GM on forum or in email(GM@webmmo.com)

What are Kai(alpha, beta etc) stones for? They are for making red gears. You will know which ones you need when you get the red gear. Red gears are from instance bosses. For a complete list of kai stone and red gear, visit the newbie section.

What is opportunity of advanced item?
when u kill a enemy, let’s say it will drop a item and roll a value between 1 and 350
if it is 1-100, it is gray, 101-200 green, 201-300 blue and 301-350 purple
the +advanced item will essentially add a constant to the roll. so if u have, say, 100 and roll 80, instead of a gray(at 80) u will get a green(180)
This is how the system works, however the exact roll value and the value range bracket for each color is unknown to me. I know the following as facts:
1. it increase quality(color) and NOT amount
2. even when u have 290+ on increase advanced item, not all of ur gear will be purple. in fact, most gears are blue and some are green(and about 10% purple) Oh yes, I have been there. so I suspect a 1-500 roll and 1-200 is gray 201-350 blue 351-470 blue 471+ purple or something like that…..
It only affect gear drops, not stone drops.  It applies when the item is dropped, so you have to be wearing it during fight/practice

Can I change my State? No. If you wish to join a guild of different state and are still low lvl, might as well delete char and start over. But if you wanted the power bonus of a different state, you can change that(A US person with a UK school degree, kinda..)

How come I can’t enroll in martial hall? The time is probably wrong. The game only allows enrollment from noon to midnight SERVER TIME. That is EST for those of you who don’t know.

How do I enroll in mianchi martial? You have to be elite warrior or above position and top 128 in arena(of your position). Then it is automatic enrollment, you cannot choose not to enroll.

When I am out of energy, what can I do?
train, do daily tasks, do arena fighs, camping at the stores to find good items, join guild battle

How do I increase my position? Most of them only require reputation. A few have ranking requirements but those are for semi-late game.

How do I earn reputation? Well, first there are a few beauty cards and main tasks that give a few rep, but let’s ignore those as those are more uncontrollable.  Now, the main manual way to get them is to join capitol martial hall or to do arena type tasks in daily task organization.

When are energy consumed? 1 energy is used for any fight against NPC outside of hangu instance, 10 energy to enter hangu instances and 3 for assassination against a player.

How to take slaves from someone else? you can either defeat the slave(in arena or guild) and then steal the slave by defeating the slave in the slave market. Or, you can do similiar thing to the owner in which case you can take any slave of the owner.

What penalty is there for losing while defending guild? sign-1, all gate-1, guild fund go poof(or part of it does)

Why can players from a different arena rank chanllenge me? Because you are on the bottom of your arena rank. The top 9 player of an arena rank can chanllenge the one higher rank(but never skip, even if the one higher one only have 1 person) the 9th can chanllenge the last one, the 8th can chanllenge the last 2 and so on.

What does “You package doesn’t have enough room to accept task items. Please trim it first!” mean? Some quests gives you an item for you to take to another NPC to complete the task. If your inventory(not including temp inventory) is full, you will run into this problem. Clean a space in your inventory will solve the problem.

Can two accounts share the same IP(if a person and his brother/roomate etc wanna play together)?  Yes, but you have to send an email to GM@webmmo.com with valid ID and personal info(name age address I think). webmmo will tell you if you need more information. You have to do this or you will be assumed to be multi-accounting if found.

Why can’t I attack mobs anymore?
you cannot attack the following and only the following w/o energy, otherwise manual click should be ok:
other players
special event boss(something that have increased drop and exp and can be attacked repeatedly)
passage guard(wherever there is a thing where u can either bribe/jump/walkrope or chanllenge, u can’t do the chanllenge option if u r w/o energy)
Also, there is a limit of 300 attack/day w/o energy

Why are the price on the same item(with same stat etc) different? Price is generated randomly within a range, just like the def of an armor is. The two are not coorelating.

What is the difference between He’s exotic jade and he’s jade(and between purple immortal and purple fairy jade)? The former can only be bought with gold and can be traded, the latter can be bought with gold or point and cannot be traded.

Is there a use for the items from collection tasks(left overs)? Usually no. Although it’s possible that you might get a collection task with same objective later(as there are only so many types programmed) but it is unlikely. So discard usually is best idea.

What is credit for? At the current time, nothing. There used to be a function to exchange it for gem/gold etc, but it was abused by some players(via certain means) so it is disabled. Might be back later, so patience~~

What is the rule of saving ppl from slavery? A guildmate may save if his lvl is lower or equal than Master*2-slave. If slave’s lvl is higher, than the lvl limit is master lvl.  A mentor/apprentice may save when their lvl is no more than 5 lvls higher than the master.

Why do I get dodged when the dodge is 0%(after counting hit)? First, there is a 5% default dodge to all players(or hit is at 95% by default) second, there is a level suppression effect(exact formula is unknown) although within 5 lvl it is almost unnoticable, it gets huge later. and at last, some skills modify hit/dodge, so check those out.

Can I charge gold to another player? At the current time, no. What you can do is to charge gold yourself and then trade to the target player after purchasing He’s Exotic Jade and Purple Immortal Jade with the gold, as those are the two biggest sources. For additional transaction, try asking GM@webmmo.com for help.

How does HP Absorb work? It gives you the % you are supposed to drain on each attack as bonus HP. Over the course of a fight, it essentially gives that % of the enemy total HP to you. However, due to rounding and whatever other effects, the amount you recieve is usually only 50-75% of the supposed amount. It is better than +HP% of same % for assassin, light glad, about same for dest, duel and heavy glad and kinda bad for def and mys.

Why does phantom skill – more after lvl up? Because the effect is applied to your OPPONENT, not YOU after you hit them.

When there are multiple attack modifer from skills etc, how are they calculated? They are multiplied one after another. For example, if your skill says +50%, enemy says -30% to you on hit, enemy armor says 40% reduction, then it is 150%*70%*60% on hit.

I got multiple of the same red item, should I keep and forge them all? Not really, they are always the same stat. However, if you feel like to, no one is stopping you.

Why can’t I earn exp anymore? There are two tasks you must do before you can lvl up further when you first start, one is to choose a nation and another to choose a class. After that, there is another senario: you have reached your max level. The max level can be increased by your king by increasing national fighting power.

What gift packs should I be recieving when I joine the game?
50 points a day for 10 days.
newbie gift lvl 20 25 50
If you are an apprentice: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40(seperate from above one, so 20,25 will have 2)
If you got a newbie card(currently unaviliable): 10, 20, 25, 30.

What does stat max affect? Well, at the current time, actully nothing. Technically it affects ur character’s own stat, ignoring the +. SO even if you got +10000, the + will all apply, no worry about that. Supposedly, if you reach the max, you can’t add more point to that stat, but at the current time, that is impossible to happen anyway.

Would my account be deleted if I take a vacation? If it’s short like one or two weeks, however if you wanna take a longer vacation, you may wanna contact GM at gm@webmmo.com just to be sure. Also, remeber to mail your GL so you won’t be kicked.

How come I can’t find myself in round 1,2 and/or 1/16 final of mianchi martial when I know i joined? Due to screen  mis-fitting, there is actually a scroll bar that you cannot see. First, drag the bar on the bottom to the right, then, you will see a bar on the right, drag that one down… there should be 8 matches per page, not 4.

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