Facebook Heroes of Kung Fu Knights Class Skills and Tactics Suggestions

Weapon Class Introduction by yellowstone

They who use spears are all true warriors, requiring a mighty body, strength and constitution being the important stat. In battle, they have unstoppable physical damage and can have unbreakable defenses, therefore they are called warriors.


Destroyer: have the strongest destructive power, fighting with a powerful style and have explosive forces, willing to sacrifice hit rate to achieve great burst power that might destroy the enemy with but a few hits. They are fearless in battle, are the spear points of any team.


Defender: their fighting style are focused on defense and can last for a long time while still hiding quite a bit of offensive power among the unbreakable defense. Few can deal heavy damage upon them; they are the shields of a team. But when they do decide to give up their defense, they can also have explosive forces.


Swords are the favored weapon of those who enjoy freedom. The ones that uses sword have a rather balanced combat power. There exist two classes for sword, gladius who focus on physical style and the mystic who uses the force of MP. They are often considered the Kungfu knights among warriors.


Gladius: excel at using skills of sword to defeat the enemy. Some of them focus on strength, uses heavy sword and can use the Mohist style which covers both defense and offense. Yet some others would focus on agility, uses a light sword, to use Jixia sword style to achieve a agile and graceful fighting style.


Mystic: the experts on using MP to damage the enemy; they are excellent fighters in both individual and team combat. They are heavily reliant on MP; when their MP is insufficient, their offensive and survival ability will drop considerably.


It can be said that danger lies within the shortness of a weapon, those who uses dagger often excels in the art of assassination, often traceless and agile and are greatly focused on one assassination or control. Their agility and luck are the most important stat. The one who excels in dagger almost hides amongst the commoners, only when needed, would their assault be unleashed and give a killing strike. For this, they are known often as hermits.


Duelist: strong in one combat, they are not remarkable in defense or offense power when fighting, but their dagger skill allow them to control the enemy. Their many different skills can often make the enemy merely play things in their palms.


Assassin: excel in single target damage, would use any method to slay the enemy. No matter who they face, they can almost always find a weakness to deal a critical blow. But their survival ability is rather weak, not fitted for head on battles. 


Class skill and tactics by deathvonduel

As per request, I’m making a listing of all skills and some tactics for each class.
of course, I’m gonna completely ignore passive skills and talk very little on supporting….
(note that I do not have the names of skills, because I’m errr…. grabbing the skills off some other place)

Assassin (the only 1 I know the name of skills…):

supporting skills:

A. ruthless strike: +5% crit damage/lvl. this should be used as long as u have any cirt%…. no duh. the idea of this is to boost crit damage. at lvl 10, it will make crits 200% instead of 150% damage. this is a good reason for lvl 55+ players to collect some good crit%

B. merciless strike: +1% crit rate/lvl. Good to use with ruthless, should be used at least until lvl 65. at that point, u can consider using decisive against defensive spear etc high DEF class. other than that, with a high lvl ruthless strike, u will want to use this and only this

C. decisive strike: +1.5% breaking rate/lvl.  Well, this is useful later on against high def class, more so than the crit… but before then, useless….

Active skills:
Basic dagger: +atk, useful before u can get any other skill, after that… useless
Shadow chasing: +atk speed by N%(20% means u attack every 8 second as opposed to 10) useful until u reach lvl 30.

Throat cutting: +enemy damage recieved. useful starting at lvl 30, ending around lvl 45. what u want is to get a damage reflect on lvl 30 no matter what, it will greatly boost ur powers. at lvl 40, stop using this against spears, at lvl 45, stop using this against anything(and change to netherworld)
Netherword: -10% hit, +atk. Well, at sacrifice of some hit, this greatly boost damage. an ok skill…. not much to say

spirit exploding: -15%, +atk%. similiar to netherworld. just use ur attack to calculate the damage boost. when the damage of this skill is quite a bit higher(around 10-15) then change to this against all except assassin class. Note that this will the skill u use against spears FOREVER. good skill for balance assassin(2:1 agi:cont)

suicide: +5% hit, +atk%, cost HP to cast. well, this is ideal ability against dagger classes after lvl 3 of this skill. Also useful against swords after lvl 5 of this skill. idea skill for agi assassin.
soul devoring: +atk%, ignore MP protection(err… mana shield?) sometimes(rarely) useful against qi sword…. end of story…..


poison dagger: no duh, use it…. +dps damage onto attack
UNKNOWN NAME A: +hp drain: use it always….
UNKNOWN NAME B: +mp drain: useful when u r helping nubs on low lvl hangu pass instant…. end of story….

basic dagger: same as assassin, +atk, toss ASAP
sprit chasing: +dps damage, good until u get “coutering” skills.
UNKNOWN NAME: slows enemy attack rate. good against destructive and assassin(until u get freezing)
UNKNOWN NAME: drain target MP: well….. this is not for PK…. some instant boss need this to kill….

Freezing: +atk, +hit, -enemy dodge: ideal against glad sword and daggers.
armor break???: low lvl, just use it for the atk+, higher lvl(after lvl 6) use it against defensive
UNKNOWN NAME: disarm enemy to lower their atk, use against destructive is best, more often used in instant boss than player
UNKNOWN NAME: stuns the enemy…. well…. again, a boss based thing…. if u feel like it, use it against spears…
UNKNOWN NAME: cause dps, more dps if enemy HP is low: well, this is the ONLY skill u might wanna use against assassin(a low dodge one) except freezing. also consider against anyone with low HP. but again, more often in instant than PK….


Glad: the glad class have 2 pathes, the agi route and the str-con route. early on, the 2 are not too different from each other, but they do play interesting roles later.

UNKNOWN NAME: +dodge%, this is what u want early on. because the amount of damage reduction(% wise) is less than that of dodge. This is what u will be keep using if u go the agi route
UNKNOWN NAME: +def, cannot be used at same time as the dodge one. this is what u want if u go str+con route AFTER lvl 55.
UNKNOWN NAME: +atk, like the merciless strike of the assassin, this is what u wanna use all the way until the +break skill is high lvl and the enemy is a high def spear. so use this until lvl 55 or something. after that, depend on the enemy, choose between this and the next skill
UNKNOWN NAME: +breaking, this is like decisive strike of assassin, useful in later time(because constant atk is not very important when base value is high) against high defence enemies…. nothing hard about it, just do a simple damage calcualation

basic sword: of course, another “use this until u get next skill” skill…..
UNKNOWN NAME: +atk there are 2 of those, one in the upper route and another in lower route. dispite what it might sounds like THEY ARE THE SAME. so use this if u feel like it.  This will be used until better skill catches up(around 30ish)
UNKNOWN NAME: double attack with lower attack damage, bread and butter against daggers and glad sword(do not use this against assassin until lvl 40 at least thou) use this as soon as the damage calculation shows that it will deal a higher damage than the previous skill. note that lower 45% per hit would mean +10%(100-45+100-45=110) total. so do a simple calculation
UNKNOWN NAME: lower hit rate, +ATK. bread and butter against qi sword and spears, similiar to above, use this when its atk is good enough. however, due to the hit penalty, only use this if its atk is at least 10% better than all other skills(note, before that time, u might wanna use the double attacker for awhile if that skill gets higher damage than the orginal ones)  However, this gives way to double attacker in late game anyway, because that have % increase as opposed to constant(u know, 10% if lower 45, 20% if lower 40 kinda) so when the base amount is high… go figure.
UNKNOWN SKILL: +break, +atk…. well, this is useless…. i mean it….. might come in handy against 75+ defensive…. blah blah…. the double attacker is better…
UNKNOWN SKILL: +atk, +damage reflect: useful against dagger classes after lvl 60. end of story. reason is simple, it just comes a point where the dagger(especially assassin) get so high dodge that even double strike won’t secure good hits….

qi sword: i won’t do skill by skill talk here, but rather do spell combination, sorta… because this class is….. odd.

Part A: against dagger and glad sword: support skill choice: +hit, +MP shield. on active, in order, the best is: freezing(lower enemy speed), fire(+damage), basic(+damage).  Although after lvl 60, u can consider using the final skill to super boost damage against assassin.  Also note that u should switch the combo to blaze??(+dps)
+damaged HP to MP+lessen MP cost if u face an assassin who is using soul devouring, because otherwise ur MP shield will not hold.

Part B: against qi sword and spears: use lessen MP cost+damaged HP to MP for supportive. active in order is: blaze??(+dps), fire, basic. basically, this combination allows the highest damage output and boy, would u need it. It is also especially good against destructive in case they use MP drain ability.

Part C: just in case ur opponent is using MP drain ability(destructive and control have those skills) here is a combo that will give u a chance if u keep losing: blaze(+dps), +hit, MP shield.  Oh yeah, that’s right, the fastest route to burn off MP…. of course, if u want to, u can keep lessen MP cost instead of +hit against destructive, but that’s ur call. essentially, this combo allows u to use the MP to fullest extend while u have them and then make their skills useless as they will have nothing to drain.


Blood groove: causes DPS damage.  well, no reason to not use… end of story

basic spear: use this till whirlwind come out… end of story
whirlwind: double attack with reduced atk.  bread and butter of the spears, useful pretty much till the end of the game. Only use this if one of the following state otherwise.
Impale: cost HP to +high atk. against assassin and defensive, switch to this skill as soon as the skill lvl is 5 to avoid multi feedback damage(the avoided feeback damage actully makes up for the HP cost… and deals more damage, usually than whirlwind) switch back to whirlwind against assassin after lvl 42, back for defensive after lvl 45

Aimed strike: +hit, +atk.  bread and butter against daggers and agi-glad sword. as soon as it reaches lvl 4, use this against assassin, on lvl 5, u can set this for the control and the glad. Of course, if u find urself unable to defeat the specific glad, u might want to check if he is really a agi or if he is str-con.  in the latter case, back to whirlwind

frenzy: 3 hits with reduced atk, -hit rate. consider using this against fellow destructives after lvl 4…. and if u ever find a defensive who don’t use sundering, switch to this skill. also comes in handy against mystrey(or qi) sword. note: always comapre output of this against whirlwind, only use if this one is at least 10% higher.

collapsing strike: +%MP drain, +damage.  this is a skill that u can use with them qi swords. also, consider using this against control dagger sometimes(if they are using a heavy MP relied skill and/or if they have low MP reserve). This is THE MOST useful skill in hangu pass instants. Trust me, if u don’t have it, no one will group u(even if they are crying out loud seeking XX lvl destructive, guess why)

Deathwish: +ATK, lower the HP, higher the atk power.  another instant main skill. however, this can be utliized against just about any class. if u really can’t defeat someone but always come close, give this a try. Performance very unstable(but can have explosive powers)

hardened: +def
Spiked: +damage feedback
evaluations of skills: spiked is what i would suggest u to use all the way to lvl 70. after that point…. if u want to go the fortess road, switch to hardened(if u do use hardened, however, ur active skill will be limited solely to Safeguard)

basic spear: use until wirlwind(really, why do i even bother talking about basic skill?)
whirlwind: same as desturctive, bread and butter….. same idea too, use unless otherwise stated.
sundering: this is the skill u want as soon as u get spiked….. u don’t even need to look for feedback gears… just make sure spike is up… use this against everything beside qi sword(and spears that don’t use wirlwind)

aggravited: the skill of choice against…well… only if the enemy is a sundering defensive spear…. of course, at lvl 7+, this can replace whirlwind(again, do a damage calculation first)
Maiming strike: lvl 5+, against destructive spear…. end of story….. might come in handy agaisnt assassin, but i think sunder is better….

Davastate: similiar to the deathwish of destructive, this is a unstable skill. just try it if u r close to but can’t defeat someone.

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