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New elements of Second CBT of “Call of Gods” by nico

Dear guys,
Hello. After a series of hardworking and modification, the second CBT of “CoG” will reopen soon. We will release a lot of new functions for everyone to play and it is sure the new elements will give everyone more joy. New “Call of Gods” we release is a new year present for everyone, thanks.

1. Alliance

a. What’s alliance?
Alliance is a group for every player to join and play together. Players in one alliance can chat in alliance channel. Everyone can make many friends each other in it.
b. How to found of join alliance?

Players can found his/her alliance after level 20, and if you want to experience alliance as soon as possible, you can choose to join others’. It only requires level 10.

c. What should you do for alliance?
Players in alliance should contribute silvers and constructions. Silver can be from Sliver Card from Shop or which gets from quests. Constructions need members in alliance to do alliance quest.
d. How to receive alliance quests?
If you found or join an alliance, you can click the “Quest” button and you will choose “Alliance” button, you will see alliance quests. Every day you can only do 10 alliance quests. There are three types of quests, hunting, collecting and contributing. Every quest needs different items. They are all found by all over Masure Mainland, and alliance quests are refreshed in 00:00am.
e. What will you get benefit from alliance?
In alliance if you contribute silvers and do alliance quests, you will get reputation from alliance. And every day you can get welfare from alliance. You can choose the “Construction” button in alliance interface and get the welfare.
f. What is the use of reputation?
Reputation has two effects. The one is players in alliance can use reputation to exchange for experience. It will let you upgrade more quickly. The other is you can buy items, resource cards or equipments in Reputation Shop.
g. How to upgrade alliance?
Alliance level is from 1 to 5. Each liter first-level consumption certain amount silvers and constructions. If alliance reached the requirements, archon of the alliance can click “Upgrade” button and the alliance will be promoted to the next level. Each level raises the limit of member and the benefit members get.
h. How to quit alliance?/what’s disadvantage of quitting alliance?
If you are archon of the alliance, you must transfer your leadership to others, and then you can quit the alliance. Other people can click “Quit” button to quit alliance. But if you quit the alliance, you don’t join another until 24 hours. You have to wait at most 24 hours to join or found. If you quit the alliance, the reputation of this alliance will be cleared as well. So if you want leave, you must turn over it.

2. Dungeons

a. What are dungeons?
Dungeons are unknown which players can explore it.
b. How to enter dungeons?
If your character achieves level 10, and use a dungeon key, you can enter it. Every day system will replenish the blank of keys in the dungeon interface. And also you can enter the alliance six times every day at most.
c. How to sort dungeons?
After level 10, it will release a new dungeon per 10 levels. So there are 10 dungeons altogether now. Every dungeon has three difficulties, primary, normal and heroical. Only when you conquer the easier dungeons, you can enter the harder one.
d. What will you encounter in dungeons?
In dungeon, you will encounter monsters, resources, chests, bosses and unknown.
e. What can you get from dungeons?
You can gain resources, chests from dungeons. And chest needs key to open it. You can get anything you want from chests. If you beat monsters and bosses, you may win better items or equipments.
f. What to do if you don’t want to start the battle with monsters (besides boss)?
If you encounter monsters, and you may don’t beat them of you don’t want to start battle, you can choose “Avoid” button. If you want to avoid, you may spend 1 gold or 1 coupon, and you also can gain experience and conquest.
g. What to do if you are defeated by monsters or boss?
If you lose the combat, you need to consume 5 gold or 5 coupons to revive.
h. Can the dungeons be saved?
If you are exploring dungeons, and someone is ready to attack you or any other thing you want to do, you can choose “Save and Quit” button. Then if you handle something important, you can continue the trip of dungeons.

3. Reputation Shop

a. What’s Reputation Shop
Buy items in Reputation Shop doesn’t need currency, it uses reputation. You can only use reputation to buy what you want. If you have not enough reputation, you have too much money to buy anything.
b. How to get reputation?
There are two ways to get reputation. One is to contribute slivers to the alliance. The other is to do the alliance quests.
c. Where is Reputation Shop?
Reputation Shop is located in every race’s main city. You can talk to NPC in Exchange Shop, then you can go to the Reputation Shop.
d. What can you buy from Reputation Shop?
1. Sliver Key: To open a sliver chest from dungeons.
2. Synthetic material: To transmute higher level equipments.
3. Higher level suit.

4. Honor Shop

a. What’s Honor Shop?
Buy items in Honor Shop doesn’t need currency, it uses honor. You can only use honor to buy what you want. If you have not enough honors, you have too much money to buy anything.
b. How to get honor?
Honor can only be gotten from winner in battle. Whether you attack others and vice versa, only winner can gain honor and other resources, and the loser will gain nothing even also losing resources.
c. Where is Honor Shop?
Honor Shop is located in every race’s main city. You can talk to NPC in Exchange Shop, then you can go to the Honor Shop.
d. What can you buy from Honor Shop?
1. Sliver Key: To open a sliver chest from dungeons.
2. Quests materials: Something for alliance collecting quests.
3. Higher level suit.

It’s also a lot of unknown elements for every warrior to discover and study. Come on, everyone. Take your weapon and army to conquer Masure Mainland.

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