Call of Gods Wild PvP Guide

Call of Gods Wild PvP Guide by akfgrlz


tank to your left side or number 1 hero, in pvp units, especially archers will hit the left side so dont leave your tank in the middle, use the arrows to change formation


why: resources and honor

1. send 6 hero’s with 1 unit to minimize losses, you still get 10%, use this when you attack someone equal level or higher

2. try not to farm someone in an alliance or else they may get others to attack you back

3. /name, whisper them, if they are offline it may be a better chance to attack


this is a lot harder than attacking, most of the time you have to know if its worth the losses

1. join an alliance, they may help you get revenge on someone farming you

2. try not to be caught with loads of resources

3. if all your resources x 10% is less than the cost of your units, don’t bother defending

4. if your stronger than most players, you can meditate 2 or 3 heros and have 3/4 defenders take down players 4 levels or lower.

advanced strategies

1. ask a friend/alliance member to attack you for 30min of peace and if they allow, attack them back to recover resources

2. take only the amount of resources you need from your resource buildings and convert excess, you don’t have to get all the resources at once, notice I can highlight and change the number as needed

3. try to max your population with units you need, in my cause I always need unit 1/6, sometimes I need my ranged attacker

If your being farmed by a higher level player

1. try to upgrade your population/resource buildings

2. depending on the level difference, 4+, gates may prove not very helpful

3. do nightmare hard on a cave you can easily do for quick resources

4. examine your battle reports, what time does this player attack? Avoid having resources at this time

5. Don’t defend if you know that you can’t take out half his troops or that he won’t obtain much resources from you. Note if you can take out half his troops but he can rebuild with the amount of resources you receive don’t bother

Ign; SInful

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