Call of Gods Dungeons Guide

Call of Gods Dungeons Guide by Peter

Once you’ve reached Level 10, Call of Gods’ vast Dungeon system will become available. Exploring Dungeons is a great way of gaining Exp, resources and other useful items. To explore a Dungeon, click on the “Dungeon” button on the bottom of the game interface.


Dungeon main map.jpg


The map shows an overview of all the Dungeons in Call of Gods. At Level 10, only the first Dungeon, Cimmerian Dungeon, will be available for exploration. A new Dungeon will become available as your character reaches level 20, 30, 40 etc. Click “Enter” to enter your selected Dungeon.


Enter Dungeon.jpg
Each Dungeon has 3 difficulty levels and 3 entry points. You must complete a Dungeon in “Normal” difficulty before you can unlock the “Nightmare” and “Hell” difficulties.


Your “entry point” determines which of the 3 areas of a Dungeon you start in.

Click on the “Enter” button to enter the Dungeon.


Dungeon Main.jpg
Once inside, you can navigate through the Dungeon by clicking on squares next to your character’s portrait. Exploring a Dungeon will allow you obtain useful resource caches and treasure chests as well as gaining Exp from fighting the various monsters inside.


In order to complete a Dungeon you must defeat the Dungeon Guardian for each of the 3 levels. The Dungeon Guardian is represented by a skull icon.


Dungeon Boss.jpg
Once you have defeated the Dungeon Guardian, you should try to find a Warp Gate to take you to another, as yet unexplored area of the Dungeon.


Warp Gate.jpg
Once you have defeated the Dungeon Guardians for all 3 areas of a Dungeon, you will unlock the next difficulty level for that Dungeon.


Dungeon Tips

You can save your progress and leave the Dungeon at any time by clicking on the “Save and Exit” button. You can reenter a Dungeon at any time from your previous save point.

If you click the “Quit” button you will lose your progress in the current Dungeon. You can then start a new Dungeon exploration but this will require the use of a Dungeon Key.

Your Dungeon Keys will be replenished every day, but you can also purchase additional keys by clicking on the “+” button or by going to the Shop.


Dungeon Key.jpg

As you fight monsters in the Dungeon, your army will invariably suffer losses. Remember to click on the “Recruit” and “Assign Units” buttons to replenish your army.

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