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Official Guide to Coffee, Decaf, and Tea Machines by zzpTami

Official Guide to Baking Life Coffee 

Building Your Coffee Machines

Once you have reached level 5 in Baking Life, you are eligible to start building your own coffee machine! Coffee machines have the benefit of keeping your customers around longer, which means they’ll spend more coins in your bakery! Once you are level 5, you will see a popup that tells you that you are now eligible to start your coffee machine. Click on “Build” and you’ll be prompted to place the coffee crate whenever you want within your bakery.

Once you’ve placed your coffee crate, the building dialog box will automatically come up, but if you want this to come up in the future you can always click on your coffee crate.

There are three different coffee machines that can be built – Coffee, Decaf, and Tea (in that order). You cannot build the next machine until you’ve finished the one you are working on. To build your coffee machine, you need to collect materials. Here are the numbers of materials that you need to collect:

Coffee Machine:

Metal plates – 4
Wood boards – 4
Coffee pot – 3
Coffee mugs – 5

Decaf Machine:

Metal plates – 8
Wood boards – 8
Decaf coffee pot – 6
Coffee mugs – 10

Tea Machine:

Metal plates – 8
Wood boards – 8
Tea pot – 6
Tea mugs – 10

You get these materials by asking your friends. When you click on “Ask”, a popup will come up that allows you to select which friends you want to request parts from. You can request parts as many times per day as you have requests available. Keep in mind that the number of requests you can send per day is a number controlled by Facebook and not Baking Life.

You can also get these parts by helping out your friends when they ask you for help. Check your Game Requests page to help out friends and earn a reward for doing so.

Additionally, if you do not wish to collect materials from your friends, you can purchase them for Facebook Credits. The total cost to buy the machines outright is:

Coffee Machine – 128 Facebook Credits
Decaf Machine – 256 Facebook Credits
Tea Machine – 256 Facebook Credits

Keeping Your Machines Running

To keep your coffee machines serving your customers, you need to have coffee, decaf, and tea servings. These servings can be found by visiting your neighbor’s bakeries and clicking on the bouncing serving bags (which will be by their tip jars). You can find 1 serving of each variety (Coffee, Decaf, and Tea) every 12 hours. You can share extra Coffee Machine supplies with your friends when you find them in a friend’s bakery every 12 hours, much like you can currently with the extra baked goods stories.

You can also find servings on your friend’s wallposts. Players can share servings with each other.

Whether you collect the servings from a wall post or from a friend’s bakery, they will always go into your gift box. You have to use them from your giftbox in order to add them to your bakery.

If you do not wish to collect servings, you can also buy them with Facebook Credits.

When your coffee machine is out of servings, your customers will start to get upset. You can always tell when your coffee machines need a refill because there will be a coffee bag symbol over it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Have more? Reply and ask them and we will add your question to this guide!

I have built three machines but I only have one showing up in my bakery!

All machines are shown by one visual display. Even if you have two or three machines built (coffee, decaf, and tea) there will only be one coffee machine displayed in your bakery.

I accidentally put away my coffee machine and I can’t find it!

If you have put away your coffee machine, you can bring it back by clicking the coffee icon at the top of the game.

Where did my coffee servings go that I have collected?

We have moved coffee and tea servings to go to your gift box instead of directly into the coffee machine. You need to open up your gift box and use the servings from there instead!

Why am I getting an error message “Coffee Station Blocked”?

You need to make sure to have enough room behind the machine (by the metal backplate) so that customers can line up to wait for coffee. If this area is blocked, customers can become frustrated because they have nowhere to stand, lowering your Hype. Also, attempts at “blocking” the machine so it serves faster will not work for coffee. Make sure there’s room on both sides for your Barista and customers.

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