Facebook Mousehunt Egg Locations

Facebook Mousehunt Egg Locations by Nichole Griffiths

RegionLocationMice that drop: Green Plaid EggMice that drop: Blue Argyle EggMice that drop: Stripy Red EggMice that drop: Wavy Purple EggMice that drop: Scalloped Pink EggMice that drop: Golden Egg
GnawniaMeadowField, Tiny
Town of GnawniaCowardly, FlyingBrown, White, Dwarf
WindmillSpud, Farmhand
HarbourPirate, Fog
MountainFrozen, PebbleAll Mice
ValourKing’s GauntletEscape Artist (Tier 2)Cavalier (Tier 3)Dancer (Tier 4)Black Mage (Tier 5)***Necromancer (Tier 7)Tier 2 Mice
Whisker WoodsCalm ClearingShaman
Great Gnarled TreeCurious Chemist, Eagle OwlCurious Chemist, Sylvan
LagoonGoblinHarpyWater Nymph, Centaur, Goblin, Eagle Owl, Hydra
BurroughsLaboratoryMutated White, Monster
Town of DigbyDwarf, MoleDemolitions (Limelight)
MousoleumRavenous Zombie, Lycan
BazaarBurglar, ZombieSeveral Mice
FuromaTraining GroundsWorker, Ninja
DojoStudent of the Cheese Belt
Meditation RoomMaster of the Cheese Clawprobably Master Fang or Belt (Devs confirmed it’s not in Pinnacle)Master of the Cheese Claw, Master of the Cheese Belt
Pinnacle ChamberHaplessMojo, Hapless
Bristle WoodsCatacombsGhost, LycanKeeper’s Assistant, Scavenger
Forbidden GroveVampire, ZombieSpider, Ravenous Zombie
Acolyte RealmGorgon, WightLich, SorcererGate Guardian, Spectre, Golem, Gorgon
RodentiaSS Huntington IISalt Water Snapper, Cook
Seasonal GardenWhirleygig (Fall)Over-prepared (Winter) – I know it’s weird/buggy but seems true!Summer Mage, Monarch, Firebreather
Zugzwang’s TowerTechnic KingMystic King
Tribal IslesCape ClawedShipwrecked Mouse
Derr DunesMintaka
Elub ShoreAlnitakSeveral Mice
Nerg PlainsAlnilam
Jungle of DreadChitinousMagma Carrier
Balack’s Cove
Sandtail DesertFiery WarpathVanguard (Wave 1)Flame Archer (Wave 2)Magmarage (Wave 3)Flame Ordnance (Wave 3)Theurgy Warden (Wave 4)All Waves

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