Facebook Mousehunt Game FAQs

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Facebook Mousehunt Game FAQs


FF – NVMRC Forcefield trap
DB – Deathbot
DDB – Digby Drillbot
Swiss – Swiss Army Trap
Amb – Ambrosial portal/Ambush trap
Sin – Sinister portal
BG- Bottomless Grave
Treb – Trebuchet trap
ZLM – Zugzwangs Last Move trap
SnoB – Snow Barrage Trap
Obe/Slum – Obelisk of Slumber
OBI-Obelisk of Inceneration
Acro/Acronym- Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery
Exp – Explosive base
Deh/salt – Dehydration base
RB – Radioactive Blue
SB – Super Brie
Moz – Mousoleum
TG – Training Grounds
MR/Med Room – Meditation Room
PC – Pinnacle Chamber
Mojo – Master of the Dojo
Cats- Catacombs

*******************GENERAL TIPS***********************

1. Hunt in groups. Search for add lists in this section titled ‘ Add List’. When you sound the horn, you take everyone who is online and ready to hunt (meaning, it’s been 15 minutes since their last hunt) in your area with you on your hunt. This gives you extra points, up to a maximum of 250. If they sound the horn before you, you will be taken on a hunt with them, but will not get any points for sounding the horn. This is helpful if you can’t be online all the time. Log in once an hour, make sure you accept the King’s rewards every 90 minutes, and your hunting group will be able to take you on hunts. Also, your group can take you on hunts with them for up to an hour after you’ve gone offline. After that hour, you will only get trap checks (an average of 24 per day, at random). Also, make sure you log in once a day, because you will only get trap checks for 24 hours after you log out, after that they stop.

Because privacy is an issue, you can add all friends that you accept to your Limited Profile when you accept their requests. Or you can create a group with special settings. Go to the “friends” tab on facebook, and click make a new list. Name this “mousehunters” or something like that. Then, go to the “settings” tab on your facebook page, and click privacy settings. Click profile. Here you can control who sees what on your profile. Click the dropdown and hit customize, and select “except these people”. Then enter your list of mouse hunters, and presto! Now they only have access to what you want them to see.

2. On the message boards, when you want to reply to someone, make sure you hit “Reply to” otherwise that person will not know you answered them.

3. Anyone below Master rank does NOT NEED SB to hunt with! The only people who really “need” it are those hunting in the mausoleum or the catacombs, but if you are not hunting in the moz or the cats and are just planning to arm your trap with it, I would have at LEAST the swiss army and explosive base.

4. Buying/ Selling SB- there are usually people selling/buying on the Trade SB+ boards (found under your Friends tab). As SB prices fluctuate, what is considered a “fair price” changes. With SB prices at 1000pp, you won’t make a profit at those prices. Try to find SB at 800pp or less. Start your own thread if you can’t find someone who is willing to sell/buy at a reasonable price. Once you find someone, use your trade request link to buy the SB to avoid any chances of scamming. *Also look under the FAQ’s section for more information on acquiring SB*

5. Please don’t beg. Do not create a thread asking for gold or SB, because people can get angry and may not be very kind when responding to you. We were all newbies once, and all needed gold. Just hunt as often as you can, add friends to your hunting group, compete in contests on the boards, and join groups that help newbies. There are some of these groups listed under the links section.

*************Cheese Shoppes:*************
Cheddar 10
Marble 50
Swiss 100
Brie 200
And they all refund at their same price

Cheddar 20
Refunds at 10

Marble 100
Swiss 200
Refund for half their value.


1. Where can I get SB from?

There are lots of ways to acquire SB. Two of the easiest ways are to donate or to buy it off people from the boards. To donate, click the blue donate button on the MH page, and that will take you to the donate page. To buy from people on the boards, look either on the main discussion boards, or the SB trading boards (found under the friends tab, and then click trade SB). There are always people asking to buy as well as sell SB. The price of SB fluctuates according to the game. With prices in the 1000pp range, it is hard to make a profit if you buy at that price. Try to find SB for 800pp(per piece) or below. If you can’t find SB at a price you’re willing to pay, you can always start your own thread. *Also look under the general tips section for more information about buying/selling SB*

If you don’t want to pay high prices, or don’t want to donate, there are a few other options. There is the MH toolbar (link found under the links section) that gives up to 3 free SB per day, just for doing searches. Also, there are always contests going on that offer SB or gold as rewards. Try entering contests, because you never know what you may win. Lastly, you can try some offers. Look under the donate page and scroll to the bottom where it says complete an offer. There are free offers you can do that offer SB as rewards. However, many of these offers don’t work, although some do. Most will spam your e-mail, so you might want to create an e-mail just for the spam to go to. If you do an offer where you get some kind of conformation e-mail, and don’t get your SB, not all is lost. If you click the missing SB link, it takes you to a page where you can copy and paste the email you got from the offer. Most of the time you will then be credited with SB anyways. But many offers don’t send conformation emails, so this is pretty much a last option for you to try if you wish.

2. Harbour or mountains for gold?

Mountains is better for gold. The harbour has the appeal of an occasional pirate, but if you don’t come across any, you’re stuck with coloured mice. The mountains will offer you a better profit than the harbour even without pirates around because there are less coloured mice around.

3. Trebuchet or Rocketine

Trebuchet has always won by a mile, and it does great with the explosive base. Some people do just fine with the rocketine too, but the treb is more popular with most of us.

4. FF or DB

The FF has much more luck, and a better cheese effect than the DB, at a cost of only a small power difference to the DB. I like the FF better as a result. It’s better to skip them, however, because past the lab, where the swiss army does just fine, physical traps become useless.

5. Do I need a FF before going to the lab?

No. The swiss army/exp combo will work fine in the lab. We suggest skipping the FF because as the game is now, physical traps work best in the areas up to the lab. After the lab, the areas require different types of traps (shadow, tactical, arcane). Also, you will be needing lots of gold coming up, so it’s best to save as much as possible. You’ll need to buy cheese for the lab (look under the lab section to see how much), a portal trap for the moz (140k), gold to purchase SB with for converting to RB, 415K for the ZLM, 90K and 160K for the TG and Moz map repairs, crafting supplies, and cheese to hunt in the TG with.

6. Sinister or Ambrosial

This may just be the most asked question in the game, and it has a pretty simple answer. It doesn’t doesn’t matter. If the moz decides to be nice, they’ll both work great, and if the moz is nasty, they’ll both suck. Buy whichever one you like. Plus, you can make 140K easy in the moz, so you might be able to buy both without too much hassle. Traps in the game seem to work differently for different people. Some swear by the sinister, others love the ambrosial. Whichever one you decide on will be fine. If you’re still having trouble deciding, try out this link from the wiki : http://tinyurl.com/cwgxyf

7. Portals or BG

If you’re heading to the moz for your first time, then buy a portal. The BG is stronger, but you need to think about saving your gold for everything you need later one. Unless you have extra gold to splash out for the BG, stick to a portal, you will need lots of gold once you leave the moz.

8. Moz or TG

Moz for gold and points IF you’re having a good day in there. If you’re hardly catching anything in the moz, then the TG would end up giving you more gold and points for it’s consistent catches. TG is better for points.

9. Do I need a ZLM for the TG?

If you have a strong physical trap such as the FF,DB, or DDB, those should work in the TG. A SnoB will work good too. If you do not have one of those traps, you will need the ZLM.

In the dojo areas however, you NEED a tactical trap, so a strong physical trap will no longer be adequate. You will need either the SnoB, or the ZLM here.

10. Brie or SB for converting into RB?

SB is usually a better choice, as it gets you a LOT more RB than brie would. But that’s only if you manage to buy it at no more than 700-800pp. Anything above that, and you won’t make a profit in the moz. If you can’t get reasonably priced SB, then you would make more of a profit in the moz by waiting in the lab for a ton of potions, and converting brie, because then you RB will only cost 500 gold per piece.

11. Should I bank my gold in cheese?

There is no point in doing it really. Once you start making gold, mice are once again free to steal from it. If you have no gold then mice take away the equivalent in cheese when they steal from you. What you make is ALWAYS a LOT more than what gets stolen, so don’t worry too much about banking your gold in cheese.

12. Should I sell my old traps?

Keep ALL your bases except the plain wooden one. Keep your traps because the king has recently been warning that old traps may come in useful, and the devs have hinted that we may soon be able to take apart old traps, and remake them into something better. There’s no point in refunding them anyway as the gold you get is very little compared to what you paid for it.

13. What are Plankrun’s Pages, and where are they found?

These are currently just collectables, and have no real purpose as of yet. A current list of the pages and where they can be found: http://tinyurl.com/bbwnr4

13. I have been waiting forever for my map pieces/potions/other loot. What can I do?

All loot drops are pure luck, and there is really nothing you can do to hurry it along. Patience is the key here. You could try using brie cheese for maximum attraction (SB isn’t necessary), however you are able to get all loot eventually. Check the location for where you are hunting for more information.

14. Should I risk crafting the ambush while I’m still a GM?

It’s up to you really, however generally we wouldn’t advise it. If you loose all your ingredients, you will have to spend the gold to buy them all again, as well as wait on the blueprints to drop again. If you don’t mind waiting on the blueprints or buying the ingredients again, or you’re just feeling lucky, then you can try if you wish.

15. How much combat/susheese/glutter should I take to the meditation room?

It’s up to you, and how patient you are. You can go in there with 3 or 30 pieces and still not come out with any masters. If you’re patient enough to wait until you have lots of each cheese, you can do that, or you can just go in with 3-6 pieces each time if you don’t feel like waiting. It honestly doesn’t make a difference. However, you do have a higher chance of coming out with at least one master the more cheese you go in with.

**************GNAWNIA QUESTIONS***************


As a novice, the only areas you can hunt in are the Town of Gnawnia and the meadow. I would suggest sticking in town as you make gold and points faster that way, however there is no harm in checking out the meadow. Make sure you take enough cheese to last however long you plan on staying. Also, make sure as a novice the ONLY cheeses you use are cheddar and marble. The costlier cheeses will only attract mice that your traps are not strong enough to catch. If you have a bad run with cheddar, switch to marble. Upgrade your traps and bases whenever you have the gold and points required to do so.


Now you are able to venture to the Harbour as well. The only purpose of the harbour is to expose players to higher level mice and the concept of mice “stealing” from you. When the mice do steal from you, it will either be points, gold, or extra cheese. The pillaging is no reason to avoid the harbour, however, as it happens in every other area from here on out, and you always make more than what gets stolen. Marble and swiss work best here. I’d suggest around 200 marble and 100 swiss. Use mainly marble and switch to swiss when you have a bad run with marble. Also make sure you have at least the Treb. or rocketine trap to hunt with. Anything lower will not work well.

The harbour general store sells dehydration base blueprints. (Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/bhvm8j). Dwarf mice in the mountains can drop splintered wood so you need to collect it. But, if you are a lower than Master, you want to be careful about crafting this base, because you may loose all of your ingredients.

You may get brie alchemy potions dropped here, as well as in the mountains, and you can use them to convert lesser cheeses into brie. When you refund the brie at Gnawnia, you will make a profit. Swiss converted into brie gives you the most profit.


You can now move to the mountains. As with the harbour, you want to stock up on about 200-300 cheese. Use mainly swiss here. Also, if you can afford it, buy the swiss army trap and explosive base, as they work the best in the mountains. However you can also use either the treb. or rocketine here as well. You are looking for your first map piece here from a ninja mouse. Now these are fairly rare, and not every ninja carries the map, so you must be patient. The map piece is Burrough’s Laboratory, which is the next level of the game.

***************BURROUGHS QUESTIONS********************


As a master (or above) you can now travel to the Lab as long as you have gotten the map. We’re going to explain things by area now, so you can clearly see how to progress.


You need at least the swiss army trap and explosive base to do well here. You wait in the lab for:

1. A dwarf with a key to Digby
2. A zombie with the tattered mousoleum cloth
3. Various mice to drop blue cheese curd potions for you.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to wait for these three things. It might take a very long time to get your loot, and you don’t want to run out of cheese, because you’d have to make the trip all over again. Take around 500 swiss, 200 marble, and 300 brie. Use swiss in the lab mostly, marble to attract dwarf mice (they seem to love it) and brie to get out of a dry run. Stay until all your cheese is gone, that way you’ll get as many potions as possible out of your visit.

If you plan on getting SB by converting it from brie, you will need to stay in the lab much longer to collect many potions.


When you’re done with the lab, head to Digby. Buy any one of the portal traps available. You MUST have a portal trap and RB cheese to hunt in the mousoleum, otherwise you’ll get slaughtered. Hunting in Digby is much like hunting in the lab, with many of the same mice. I personally never stay any longer than I need to. Try out the hunting if you want, but the the main purpose of Digby is the Trapsmith. You can come back and hunt in Digby if you want to fill in the silhouette of your mole mouse, as they hang around here. They supposedly like white cheddar, but hunting with swiss or brie will also get you them eventually. Also, some hunters are lucky enough to catch mole mice who drop the TG map piece. This can be rare however, and even if you are lucky enough to get one as loot, we still do not recommend skipping the moz, as it is the best place for gold.


Your next area as Master is the mousoleum, the best place for fast gold so far. Convert at the very least, 300 SB into RB using the potions you have collected in the lab. Usually, we would say don’t waste your money and potions by converting regular brie into RB, however with the huge price increase on SB, you may need to convert using regular brie. If you aren’t able to find anything under 700pp(per piece) it will be hard to make a profit. Try finding cheap SB if you can, try entering contests for SB, try doing offers, and of course, you can donate. Also, mousehunt has a great toolbar, which gives up to 3 SB per day. If you still need SB after all those options, then you can convert using regular brie, but be aware this will greatly increase your stay in the lab, as you will need many potions.

RB and a shadow trap are ESSENTIAL to the mousoleum, anything else will get you nowhere. There are good and bad runs in the moz, you need to take enough RB to wait out a bad run for a good one, which is well worth it when it comes along. You also wait for your fourth piece of loot, a map to Furoma dropped by a lycan. The lycan is a difficult, though not impossible, catch to make. Lots of people give up and try the other option of hunting for a mole in the Town of Digby, as it drops you the same Shredded Furoma Map Piece. However, even if you get your map this way, we don’t recommend skipping the moz, as it is the easiest way to make big money really fast. Your next region, Furoma, requires a little over a million gold to get through, and the best place to farm this gold would be the moz.

Collect gold here for a ZLM, which is a tactical trap, and pretty essential to the areas past the training grounds. If you want you can buy a FF or a DB or a DDB, which can be found in Digby. The FF and DB are 10K cheaper in Digby than in Gnawnia. But keep in mind that past the training grounds, and also for the rest of the game, physical traps become ‘less effective’ against the mice, so we advise you to buy the ZLM, and skip the stronger physical traps, as you need your gold for different trap types later on.


You need to do two things in the bazaar.

1. Get your shredded furoma map fixed by the cartographer. This takes 90K gold and around 24 hours, during which you cannot hunt in furoma. Once you turn Legendary, you can also repair your moz map

2. Buy crafting supplies from the general store.

The bazaar has pretty tame mice, but there do seem to be a lot of burglars hanging around. Stay there long enough with brie and you might catch one, or head to the moz. and build your gold back up.


In order to get to the Catacombs, you need to be LEGENDARY. Head to the Burroughs bazaar and have your moz map repaired at the cartographer. It costs 160K gold, and takes 5 days, during which you can’t hunt in the mousoleum. Once you get your map back, you can buy the Obelisk of Slumber for 316,350 gold. Similar to the moz, RB cheese is essntial here as well, unless you are able to use Ancient cheese. Corrupted RB potions are dropped in the Catacombs by various mice. Seeing as they are corrupted, they cost more money to use with SB and brie, and the conversion rate is less. However, if you don’t want to make a trip back to the lab for regular potions, these are nice to use, because you can still stay in the cats and hunt there instead of the lab.

You can use your Hunter’s Hammer here to smash your OBelisk of SLumber. The resulting parts can be used along with other ingredients to craft the Obelisk of Incineration(OBI), also an arcane trap, but one which works against shadow as well as tactical mice, but it won’t give you the ‘less/more effective’ messages when you catch them. Here is the recipe: http://tinyurl.com/dmtajf . There is also the Acro/Acronym trap, but it is only available through crafting, and it can take a while to get all your ingredients. It is up to you if you want to craft the OBI or just go straight from the OBS to the Acro.

********************FUROMA QUESTIONS**********************


When you’re a GRANDMASTER, you can head to the TG in Furoma. The ZLM trap is best for this area and those past it, but at the very least you need a FF or a DB. The Furoma cheese shoppe sells marble at 100 and swiss at 200, and they each refund for half their value, so stock up on cheese in Gnawnia. The TG is great for points but not for gold. So if you want to collect some gold, it’s better to stay in the moz for a while. You wait in the TG for an archer, assassin, kung fu, or samurai mouse to drop you a ticket to the Burroughs bazaar. Also, stock up on crafting supplies from the furoma general store. This will come in handy as past the TG, you need to craft certain cheeses for certain mice, and you can also craft the Ambush trap.

Here is the wiki link to Crafting, so you can decide how much of each ingredient you want to buy: http://tinyurl.com/by8utt

Once you have your ticket, you need to travel to the Burroughs to access the bazaar. Here you can:

1. Buy crafting supplies from the general store.

2. Get your shredded furoma map repaired by the cartographer. This takes 90K gold and around 24 hours, during which you cannot hunt in furoma unless you have or get a second map piece. Once you get your map back you can access the dojo, meditation room and pinnacle chamber.

3. Get your mousoleum map repaired by the cartographer. This takes 160K gold and 5 days, during which you cannot hunt in the mousoleum unless you have or get a second map piece. Once you get your map back, you can access the Catacombs once you are LEGENDARY.

You can get both maps repaired at once, if you have the gold to do so. But you need to complete your Furoma journey first, by hunting in the dojo, meditation room and pinnacle chamber in order to get the all important onyx stone, and/or level up to legendary. The stone is important because one is needed for the arcane trap you will nned to craft once you head to the Catacombs.

The bazaar has pretty tame mice, but there do seem to be a lot of burglars hanging around. Stay there long enough with brie and you might catch one, or head to the moz and build your gold back up.


In the Dojo, you will catch all the mice found in the TG as well as student mice. The student mice can be caught with swiss or brie cheese, but prefer SB or Maki cheese. Maki needs to be crafted. If you are in a hurry to collect student tokens, Maki would be the best choice for you. It will attract students, but not much of anything else. If you don’t mind taking it slow, using swiss or brie would be best since it can attract both students and the regular dojo mice.

This is the first place you will be using your Hunter’s Hammer to smash SB, which gives you the Magic Essence required for Maki. The student mice drop you tokens that you need to craft cheeses for their respective masters. Once you have enough tokens, head to the crafting tab in your inventory, put together the correct amount of ingredients according to the recipes found here: http://tinyurl.com/by8utt

You can also use the MH Kitchen group: http://tinyurl.com/68wyhf

Also, assassins and hapless mice carry the blueprints for the Ambush trap, which is more powerful than the ZLM. However, assassins are rare, and it may take lots of hapless mice before you find the blueprints. If you have trouble, you can head to either the meditation room or pinnacle chamber, and use swiss or brie. Since the only other mice in those places are masters who need other cheeses to attract them, the only mice you will attract will be hapless mice, so hopefully you can get the blueprints faster that way.


You hunt here with Suscheese, Combat, or Glutter, which are made from crafting ingredients and tokens from the students. You’re hunting for masters that drop you shards. These shards are needed so you can craft Rumble, the only cheese that works if you want to attract the Master of the dojo in the Pinnacle Room.


Use Rumble to hunt for your Master of the Dojo here, with the onyx stone. If you are having trouble, switch to a regular cheese, such as swiss or brie, for a few hunts. You wont get any masters, but hopefully when you switch back to rumble, you will catch one.

**NOTE:** The next step after you’ve completed the dojo area (or if you are Legendary or above) is the Catacombs, which is listed under the Burroughs Questions section.

**********CRAFTING QUESTIONS***********

The basic idea of crafting is to buy or find supplies which you then combine in order to make new items. If you go to your inventory, and then click the crafting tab, you will see a list of all the supplies you have either bought or found which can be crafted.

Depending on your hunter’s rank, you are able to craft some things safely. When crafting, there are regular slots, and there is one red slot. If you use the red slot, you have a chance of loosing ALL of your ingredients. Generally, we do not advise using your red slot for anything. As you increase in ranks, you are able to craft more things safely.

Apprentices have 1 safe slot and one red slot. Journeymen have 2 safe slots and one red slot. Masters have 3 safe slots and one red slot and so on.

Here is the Wiki link to crafting, which includes all the recipes of things that may be crafted :

The Mousehunt Kitchen also has recipes as well as a list of items that can be bought : http://tinyurl.com/bql2tj

Hunter’s Hammer – This comes into use later in the game, and as much as you’re tempted to smash some SB with it, the Magic Essence it gives you will be of no use to you until you are much further on in the game.

And for crafting itself, here is a list of things you can craft, in the order in which you will encounter them in the game.


1. White cheddar – Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/bvgbu9

The Harbour general store is where you can buy the ingredients to craft white cheddar. It can be safely crafted once you are a journeyman.

White cheddar repels coloured mice from your trap, so keep in mind that if you use it in Gnawnia you are likely to be chasing away mice that make up a majority of your catches. If the mice that you do catch compensate for this loss, then go ahead and stick to it. If they don’t make up for the mice that you chase away, and you find that you’re taking longer to build up gold, then we suggest sticking to regular cheeses.

2. Dehydration base – Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/bwrj9a

The blueprints for this base, along with the salt, is sold in the Harbour general store. You can get splintered wood at the Furoma general store, but if you haven’t gotten that far then you have to wait for dwarf mice in the mountains to drop you the wood. You can safely craft this base once you are a Master.

The base has a great cheese effect, so if you find you have lots of cheese going stale, you can always switch to this base for a while, but it is not a necessity. It is a nice substitute if you missed out on the polar base. If you are a lower leveled player, don’t worry about getting the base right away, as you need to concentrate on saving your gold for other more important things to come. You can always go back and buy the base later when you have excess gold.


3. Moon cheese- Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/dlzsko

Moon cheese is very useful if you need to attract Lycan mice. However, keep in mind, you may get more failure to attracts than normal RB. Also, the moon cheese will just help you ATTRACT lycan mice, not catch them. But the idea is, that the more lycans you attract, the higher the chance of you catching one.


3. Ambush trap – Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/arvk57

The blueprints can be dropped by assassin mice in the training grounds and dojo, or by worker mice in the dojo, or hapless mice in the meditation room and pinnacle chamber. It is the most powerful tactical trap in the game and so many of us feel better if we craft this before hunting the masters and Mojo.

4. Maki – Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/cj8urc

You can craft this cheese for hunting in the dojo, where you will want student mice with tokens coming by your trap, and this cheese does just that. The Magic Essence required can be gotten by smashing your SB with the Hunter’s Hammer.

5. Glutter, Susheese and Combat – Recipes: http://tinyurl.com/d7qmw8

These are the only three cheeses you should be hunting with in the meditation room, where your aim is to catch Master mice of the respective students you’ve been catching.

6. Rumble – Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/bswoxd

This is the only cheese you should be hunting with in the Pinnacle Chamber, where you catch the Master of the Dojo, with the onyx stone.


7. Obelisk of Incineration – Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/dmtajf

You can smash your Obelisk of Slumber trap to make this arcane trap. Although it is arcane, it can also catch shadow mice, although you will not see a more/less effective message against them. You can also smash your OBI in order to get the parts again for the OBS.

8. Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery- Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/cu5shg

So far, this is the newest and most powerful trap for use in the cats, and it can only be acquired through crafting.

9. Obelisk of Slumber

This trap is also available for purchase, but if you accidently smash your OBS and don’t have the items to craft the OBI, it can be re-assembled, using OBS parts, and the bead of slumber.

11. Ancient Cheese

This cheese seems to attract forgotten mice in the catacombs pretty well, and is a nice alternative for those who can’t afford SB for conversion into RB.

*NOTE* You do need stale cheese for both versions of the recipe, but you only need SB for the recipe that makes 6 pieces. If you need to get stale cheese quickly, try hunting with a cheap cheese (to save money) and use a trap/base combo with a high negative cheese effect.

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