You need:

    1. Slith


  • both the Technic and Mystic King Mice
  • Hunt in SG


SG Mice Drop the map:…tter_map_piece

Bear in mind, the drop rate isn’t 100%

Ps: You don’t need to be Baron for it to drop, but to travel you do

Hunters in Area: 477

MASSIVE TIP: Watch your trap efficiency. When it drops from medium to mild, you MAY want to consider arming Ice maiden! The next mouse MAY be draconic type

1) Mice
2) Traps
3) How does the area work?
4) Charms
5) Pics


1) Mice:

Flame Archer Mouse…=desert_archer

Crimson Ranger Mouse…rt_archer_epic

Desert Archer Mouse…rt_archer_weak

Flame Ordnance Mouse…sert_artillery


Warmonger Mouse…se=desert_boss

Sand Cavalry Mouse…desert_cavalry

Sandwing Cavalry Mouse…cavalry_strong

Theurgy Warden Mouse…rt_elite_gaurd
(notice that guard is spelled incorrectly, hope this doesn’t turn into a bug)

Crimson Commander Mouse…desert_general

Inferno Mage Mouse…se=desert_mage

Magmarage Mouse…rt_mage_strong

Sentinel Mouse…e=desert_scout

Crimson Watch Mouse…ert_scout_epic

Vanguard Mouse…ert_scout_weak

Caravan Guard Mouse…=desert_supply

Flame Warrior Mouse…desert_warrior

Crimson Titan Mouse…t_warrior_epic

Desert Soldier Mouse…t_warrior_weak

2) Traps:

Warpath Victory
This token is awarded to hunters upon defeating a Warmonger Mouse. It is an honoured symbol of a protector of Gnawnia.

Oasis Water Node Trap Blueprints
This trap design may appear as a beautiful desert oasis, but below the sand is a masterfully crafted tunnel full of water brought to life by a thousand Living Shards. A splash of coconut milk has been superheated using Flameshards to produce a unique cheese-bearing palm tree that provides a healthy attraction bonus.
Cost: 800,000 gold
1 Warpath Victory

Picture of the trap:

1000 Living Shards, 150 Flameshards, 1 Oasis Bead, 1 BP, 1 Coconut Milk

Power: 5200 (Hydro)
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 20
Cheese Effect: No Effect

(This trap beats DDA and HB hands down imo, pretty AWESOME)

Stats with SBB/LGS:
power 7182
luck 34
cheese effect fresh

Sphynx Wrath Blueprints
These blueprints outline how to encase a rare Sphynx Crystal in gold leaf to unleash a fearsome feline mouse adversary. Upon a mouse approaching the mighty sphynx, the power of Flameshards summon her to sentience, unleashing a the an unrivaled tactical mouse adversary.
Cost: 900,000 gold
1 Warpath Victory

1 bp
200 flame shard
1 crystal
28 gold leaf

Power: 6100 (Tactical)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh

Sandstorm MonstroBot Blueprints
In the midst of the Santail Desert battle, the most experienced of the local trapsmiths have drafted plans for a massive physical trap of unmatched power. The Sandstorm MonstroBot harnesses the power of Flameshards to fuse heavy pieces of rare Sandblasted Metal to RhinoBot Parts.
Cost: 999,000 gold
3 Warpath Victory

Enraged rhinobot
Enraged Rhinobot Recipe:
3 rhino horns
1 rhino bot parts
48 stale SB
6 platinum bars


Power: 5900
Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 20
Cheese Effect: Insanely Stale


3) How does the area work?

The Marching Flame are preparing to invade Gnawnia. Their Fiery Warpath to the castle has reached a standoff in the Sandtail Desert where you must hold them back at all costs! These mice are highly organized, you must defeat each wave before progressing to the next.

Capturing the same type of mouse multiple times in a row will demoralize the troops, causing that type to regroup off the battlefield. The higher your streak, the more will retreat. Capturing a Crimson Commander while having a high streak will cause even more to retreat as they carry the commands throughout the battalion.

The King has stocked a Charm Shoppe that will help you achieve these high streaks and outmaneuver your enemy. The Marching Flame is equally prepared, though. Failing to capture Caravan Guard Mice will allow reinforcements to arrive. According to the King’s scouts, SUPER|brie+ is known to attract more Crimson Commanders and less Caravan Guards.

Within the fourth and final wave is their leader, a Warmonger Mouse. Be warned that although the Warmonger Mouse can be encountered at any time during this wave, they will be immune to capture until you have defeated all of the Theurgy Warden Mice that guard them. When you succeed in catching a Warmonger Mouse, the rewards will be great. However, after capturing your first, the Warmongers will be keen to your threat and will guard their loot more closely.

Best of luck hunter! No victory is too small and no defeat is too great. One mouse or one hunter could turn the tide of the war. Gnawnia needs to you succeed!

Streaks? How does it work?

It appears there are 3 mice initially that make up the bulk of an army. you must either catch or force retreat of 35 of each mouse to win. By Catching the same mouse in a streak will force retreats of additional ones. A streak can be enhanced by using the specific charm to attract that mouse type. There are two levels of charms, standard and super, and there are 3 classes f charms for each of the 3 mice types: Scout, Warrior and Archer. There is also a caravan mouse and a commander mouse here. Catching the commander will cause even more retreats, and missing the caravan will bring some back it appears. Once you catch all mice in the fourth and final wave, you get a shot at the warmonger. Once you catch a warmonger, it looks like you get a token, which will allow you to get one of two new traps in the area (with some other things of course, blueprints, crafting items).


4) Charms:…l=1#post353027


5) Pics: