Dragon’s Prophet Public Events Maps

Dragon’s Prophet Public Events Maps by takabanana

I’m making maps with locations of the public events in each zone. So far I’ve Barka and Satuma done. (I’m missing one public event in Satuma)

Feel free to use it to see where the public events take place.


barka map


satuma map

Coming Soon

Droan Town (Laedis)
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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2 Responses to “Dragon’s Prophet Public Events Maps”

  1. The public event your missing in Satuma is in Derutar Hollow. Where you feed that one old dragon and fight the boss Vextide. Thanks for this mapout!

  2. This was awesome, I really appreciate your work on this and look forward to future maps as this is the best way to boost xp while leveling.

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