Dragon’s Prophet Housing/PvP Zone Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Housing/PvP Zone Guide by Roben

Hi this guide is made to help some of you people out on your way through the Housing / PvP zone!

housing zone

As you can see before you can move to the housing zone you need to go to Laedis, this Area is lvl 30+ so watch out for mobs on the way if you are lower level (this does not mean the Housing area is lvl 30 restricted.)

Move your way up in Laedis, to the biggest town Arteicia. when you arrive there you need to head up north since that’s where the teleport is, I’m sure if you look up a bit you see a giant aura of light with floating stones and stuff, if you don’t have a flying dragon to get up there, you can search for the elevator which is close to the area of the housing area portal.


if you are up move into the big aura “portal” and you will arrive In the First Housing Area.

Congratulations, you have now made it to the Housing / PvP Area.

Note: On first time arrival your screen might turn black but you will be able to move and talk.

With a relog this should be fixed in most cases and it should be a 1 time thing. So once having had the black screen you probably won’t get it again later.

housing area 1

Welcome to Housing Area 1 as there is not much to do here except finding some monsters and PvP you will just need to follow a route to the floating portal and second map at the yellow dot.

map 2

Welcome to Housing / PvP Area or map 2. This is 1 of the 2 most important maps you will find if you are interested in doing PvP, Purchasing house Items or want to get out of this Area!

now you will spawn at the yellow dot and here are your options:

If you are interested in purchasing items or houses for that same house follow the purple line.

if you are interested in PvP you can just walk around anywhere and kill people >=]

If you want to go to your house and buy some land follow the green line to the floating portal!

if you just want to get out of here or get harrassed by PvPers follow the blue line to the NPC that will transport you back to the real world (Laedis)

on to Housing / PvP map 3!

map 3

Welcome to Housing / PvP Map 3.

This is the only area where you can buy yourself land and build your houses on. (sadly for now all land is taken, so you won’t be able to build one untill more content is released or you’d have to wait for someone to get rid of his house but this seems unlikely to me)

You can buy land at the same locations where the small houses on your map are,

there’s different kinds of land sizes, I Believe they are from biggest to smallest;

– 300×300

– 200×300

– 200×200

– 100×100

as you can see there is a teleport that is currently not working at the purple dot, perhaps it will be updated later for more content, right now it’s broken and flying towards it can make your weapons or armor break eventually (I think.)

Houses are also safe, meaning if you are in someones house whether it is your own or your friends house or maybe some strangers house, a house is safe meaning you can’t be attacked by a PvPer while remaining in someones house.

if you die in The PvP Area you will spawn in the back of the map at the red dot and it requires a long way around to get back to the portal, PvPers could be camping for you to pass by, meaning you might never return untill these PvPers leave you alone.

If you are not interested in PvP it is recommended to stay close to a house or in a house, pay attention to your surroundings and avoid contact with people that look suspicious or are out to PvP.

Take care and have fun in The Housing / PvP Area, hope this helped!


So as explained earlier, the only important maps for you to do your housing business is in Housing PvP Area Map 2 and Map 3.

Let’s start off why Housing is important in Map 2.

In Map 2 you will find NPC’s to buy your houses from and the items you desire to decorate your house or land with.


– Building Merchant: This is probably the most important NPC, because he sells houses for your land. (Not all houses fit on every land. They are designed seperately for a certain length and width of land. However this is not in the description, so you will have to buy multiple houses to ensure you got a house that fits)

Personally I bought all houses to see which one would fit fine and would suit me the best for the amount of space I had on that certain land. So far they are 10 gold each and some are even free I think, so its worth the buy to check if it’s right for your land.

– Furniture Merchant: Name says it already, this guy is here to sell you furniture. from beds to chairs to tables pretty much “furniture”

– Decoration Merchant: This Merchant will sell you things like Fences and small decorations like telescopes and ink bottles, menu cards etc.

– Landscape Merchant: This Merchant will sell plant and flower decorations for inside and outside of the house, as some of these flowers look very nice it is a recommendation to get some!

– Warehouse Manager: I never really tested this guy so I’m not 100% sure what he does.

but since he asks: “Hello would you like to pick up your furniture” I’m guessing he either owns a warehouse that stores your housing items, or he gives you the housing items that were in your housing inventory.

Well that pretty much settles for the Housing Merchant NPC’s Let’s move on To Map 3 and actual Housing!

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