Dragon’s Prophet Sorcerer Gameplay Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Sorcerer Gameplay Guide by EvolutionX

sorcerers are as far as i can tell the real range combat class atm.

Its true that there are rangers… but lets be honest… they likely love to fight more close combat rather staying at range. But then again that’s my opinion about that.

Sorcerers are the wielder of Arcane and elemental as well as nature power.

They have an very strong Area effect damaging ability’s and if you divide your stats well;

then you have the highest DPS ” Damage Per Seconds” compare to all other classes “single target or multi target”

TAKE NOTE ! This does not come without an price… For some things there is price!

You have an class that can deal the highest DPS BUT you are still one of the squishiest class of all.

PS. I will try to keep this updated as much as i can for the one seeking info on this forum content.

Index content:

Sorcerer Player Description
Player Skill cap requirement
Tips on how to lvl
Sorcerer Weapon and Gear
Sorcerer Stat

Sorcerer Player Description:

Sorcerer Players are Players that Thirst for major challenges and have at the same time a lot of patience.

Player Skill cap requirement:

As far as all sorcerer players that lvled til 60 like i did, they all will agree that you need a very high skill cap to play the sorcerer class compared to other classes, Especially on the starting

lvl 1 until lvl 20 +-

Tips on how to lvl:

–  As i said earlier: sorcerers are very Squishy, so be patient at the starting lvls. But rewarding at the higher lvl.

This means BE PATIENT in the first lvls, never give up !

Also be patient at taming and searching the right dragon for you.

– Preferable active skill on dragon “active skill= the purple skill that you can drag to your action bar” :

*  2 healing spells: one instant heal 2nd one an time lasting healing dot. “preferable healing dot that refills your mana while healing you and your pet”

*  Defence buffing ability “preferable :Squama protection: gives you +15% magic AND physical defence”

* nonactive dragon soul skill: preferable : dragons that can tank for you or taunt mobs from you.

If you got those 3 points on the dragon that you just tamed, then you hit an jackpot ^.^

Bonus dragon skill:

Dragon skill that can enhance your stat to deal damage.

PS, dont bother taming over 2 or 3 dragons while lvling, you will notice ones you pass lvl 30 you can get an mutch cooler ones then the ones you find below lvl 30.

– Survivability tip while lvling:

*  Keep at least enough mana to teleport away from mobs and try to keep distance 24/7 from your target, as i said earlier: you are made for range not close combat.

* Very important for any sorcerer players: Learn to kite !

Prevention of being hit is better then using abilities to survive while being hit.

*  Once you get the spell: ‘life shield’   or  ‘tenetious shield’ ,  then you should abuse those spell well.

advance mage players : if you have a high skill cap time that spell just before you get hit so you get the maximum advantage of that spell

beginners mage: just abuse it spam it 24/7 and keep that shield on as much as you can.

That shield from my experience saved me a lot times against bosses or mobs that actually can one shot me.

* If you tamed the dragon with the ability that i mentioned: you should abuse that spell as much as you can and time it well when you need them:

example: I know i can handle to wait till my health is under +- 20% of my total xp, then i spam to heal myself while i kite the mobs around keeping them far from me. but then again that’s me, you should feel what you can handle with your sorcerer ^.^

– once you are over lvl 20 or feel like you know what your sorcerer can handle :

Then you start pulling as much mobs as you can handle, do an area damaging spell and trap your targets into that area damaging ability.

– DO NOT SKIPP ANY QUEST, do all the quest you possibly can do and if needed farm the mobs underway to your next quest line to or do the events several time to level faster and gain guild points xD.

–  And again; i cant stress you enough : BE PATIENT, NEVER GIVE UP !

You feel that you are the weakest class compared to all other classes but after a while and after an certain lvl you will notice that are actually an very strong class at the endgame.

Sorcerer Weapon and Gear:

As Sorcerer you only can wear Cloth gears

Weapons: You can wield an 1H staff + an off hand amulet

1H wand+ an off hand amulet

2H staff

offhand amulet


For some abilities that you can gain from your mastery tree:

some ability requires you to wield one 1 weapons + offhand or else you cant use that ability

and the other way around to: some ability requires you to have 2H weapon in order to use that ability

The 1H weapon ability are mostly single target abilities

The 2H weapon ability are mostly an area damaging effect abilities


For the meanwhile i prefer 1H weapon but then again that is my opinion and some might rather go for the 2H

in pvp, it all depends on your playstyle.

Why i choose for 1H : you can move more freely around while doing damage at your target from an distance + you gain defence stats on your offhand.

The same as on the pve lvling side ; keep enough mana or action points to blink twice yep i repeat TWICE away to safety.

Stats that might be interesting for you in pvp:

Intellect :

Enhances your absorbtion amount of your shield and enable you to do a lot of damage

second stat: Dragon affinity:

Increases Magic defence and magic penetration ability ” meaning it enhance the damage against targets with an high magic defence

CC braking ability or ability that frees you from crowd controls:

Dimension Rip : You can gain this in your mastery tree for 1000 mastery points

Ability explanation :  Strengthens Teleport and reduces the Usage of action point by 50 points.

Additional bonus you gain from this: this frees you from any crowd controlling effect or slow effect on you.

Tornado or any kind of improvement of tornado : the normal tornado you gain since lvl 8 to 15; i forgot at what lvl you gain it so sorry for that ;s…

Ability explanation :  (non improved) launches an high speed tornado at your target causing ” XXX ” (= depends on your stat and lvl) damage (including ” XXX ” magic damage and ” xxx ” dragon spell damage caused by your dragon affinity ) and push your target.

What abilities are interesting during an pvp session as sorcerer?:

As usual and the same in every other game ; crowd controlling abilities, dots or things that allow you to freely move or freely move and do damage at the same time.

Important to enhance in your mastery atm ; your terra shield… This is an real life saver.

And of course extra CC braking ability Dimension Rip.

For the rest move around be patient like you lvl and strike back at the right moment.

Sorcerer Stat:

As we all know, the stats should be divided according to your play style and liking

But so far, i have noticed a lot of sorcerer players loving this kind of stat by priority:

1*  Ferocity :  Increases Critical hit chance and critical hit damage

2*  Intelligence : Increases Magic damage and magic defence  ” yes its strange but its second fav. stat not 1st favorite”

3* Constitution ; Increases Heath maximum and health regeneration “ps an secret or an bug: this increases the regeneration of mana pool to”

4*  Dragon Affinity : Increases Magic defence and magic penetration ability ” meaning it enhance the damage against targets with an high magic defence”

5*  Charisma ; Extend Dragon combat time and provides an boost to their basic dragon attributes. Also increases the duration to capture a dragon.

So what did i did?

While lvling i couldn’t care a lot for catching a lot of dragon since i know at lvl 60, i could capture the most dragon easier and the dragons on lvl 60 looks way more cooler + those dragons have an higher stat then the lower lvl dragons.

SO; i only concentrated on the main stats by my own playstyle ” this is my opinion of how i best divided my stat according my playstyle”

A*   3 points on ferocity

B*   2 points intelligence + 1 point constitution

C*  1 point ferocity + 1 point intelligence + 1 point dragon affinity

D*  Repeat A untill C again.

When i start farming dragons i do this build :  Full charisma or 2 charisma and 1 constitution


If you are very new at sorcerer you might want to do this build until lvl 20 but then again this is my opinion If you cant handle my first build.

A*  2 points Constitution + 1 point Ferocity

B*  2 points intelligence + 1 point constitution OR 1 point constitution + 1 point charisma + 1 point intelligence

C*  1 point constitution + 1 point ferocity

D* 1 point Constitution  + 1 point ferocity + 1 point intelligence.

E * repeat from A until E again Until you reach lvl 20, after lvl 20 you can go and do other builds,

I advice new players to get constitution at each step until lvl 20 since that’s the hardest starting lvls for sorcerers afterwards you will notice its all getting easier and easier by the lvl.

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