Wartune Mage Detailed Guide

Wartune Mage Detailed Guide by Linazz

Hello Wartune community! My name is Redoga. I am a lvl 70 mage and an active player on S49.
In game i get alot of pm’s from people asking for help/guidance to all different aspects of the game. I answer them all with pleasure.
Now to make some things easier, i made a guide for all those people that still need some help concerning the Mage Class. You don’t have to read everything. If you are searching for a certain aspect, check the Table. Note that this guide covers both freeplayers and cashiers!
Enjoy my guide and have fun playing the game!

1. Mage introduction and basics
1.1 Stats
1.1.1 Gems
1.1.2 Astrals
1.1.3 Refines
1.1.4 Enchantments
1.1.5 Mount
1.1.6 Academy
1.1.7 Talents
1.1.8 Enlightment
1.2 Skills
2. How to play the Mage Class
2.1 Group Arena, Slaying regular mobs in MP dungeons, Running Solo Dungeons
2.2 MP last boss, Catacombs boss floor 50+
2.3 World Boss

1. Mage introduction and basics

The mage is probably the most squishiest class in Wartune, though he excels at tanking magical attacks because of the high MDEF bonus you get.
In group arena’s as well as in MP Dungeons the mage will mostly be placed in the back. In Solodungeons and in the Duel Arena, you will put your Knights before you (DON’t get Angels as a Mage).
In a fight you can do 2 things, depending on your skills tree setup (double skills). This will be explained in 2.1-2.3;

1.1 Stats

I will go over this very fast. There’s not alot to say about this.
Your most important stat is MATK. This should ALWAYS be your highest stat.
MATK will, in most cases, be followed by MDEF.
PDEF is very important as well. Since 2 out of 3 classes deal Physical damage you can not afford it to ignore this stat. And you WILL need PDEF when fighting the giant Eyeball in the Catacombs. I see alot of mages just focussing on MDEF for this aspect of the game. The Eye deals Physical damage when he smashes down on you repeatedly.
Don’t forget to add HP and Charisma to your build. As a mage, you don’t want Crit gems. Keep these for the 13 december patch.
Next sections i will be talking about how you can get these stats.

This is an example of how a mage’s stats look like.


You can see some crit in here. This mage has some work to do on his refines 

1.1.1 Gems 

-With Socketing Rods: Gem MATK, MDEF/HP and PDEF. It really depends what classes you compete with. In my case my only real competition are other mages (so much mages on our server) so i gem MDEF. Only the earlier servers tho; where knights are heavily picked, it is better to replace MDEF with HP.
If you have legendary items, obviously gem the stat you don’t have yet
-Without Socketing Rods: Full MATK (freeplayer road)

Gems (2)

If you’re equipment is legendary, gem HP in the 4th slot (obviously) or MDEF if you went MATK, PDEF, HP.

1.1.2 Astrals 

As in any other game gold is really important in Wartune. Try to get as much gold as you can. I will not explain how in this guide; there are enough guides out there that show a variety of ways to earn some coin.
This gold you make will either go in Contribution, Enchantments or Astrals.
Astrals are really important and you can’t go without them. Every player can hold up to 8 astrals depending on your lvl.
A Mage should not go for a crit build; unless you want epic heals (heals can crit and will heal more). Crit is for Archers mainly. Get a Will Destroyer in stead. It will benefit you greatly.
I ordered the astrals you are going to equip when hitting 30,40,50,60… When you hit lvl 25, you will be able to equip 2 astrals.

1.) MATK
2.) MDEF or PDEF
3.) PDEF or MDEF (If you had the luck to obtain the orange Will Destroyer, use this in stead.)
4.) Enhanced Will Destroyer if you haven’t already got it, else equip the last defensive astral you need.
5.) Refined Goddess Blessing
6.) Pristine Enshieldment (works very good with imperial commander or lord divine title)
7.) Guardian Angel, Deflection or Regeneration (depends what you like more; personally, i will go for Guardian Angel)


1.1.3 Refines 

Another important way to max out your stats is to refine your gear (green stats shown on a piece of equipment).
Keep refining until you get 2 stats you need at least (preferably defense and int). No-baleners should stp here, and refine again when they get more refinement crystals; test your luck: something good may come out
Cashiers will want to safe the 2-3 or even 4 stats they want by marking the little box on the left. And then refine until u get the stats you need. These stats are certainly defense and intellect. The 3 others are these: MDEF, PDEF, MATK and Endurance.


As you can see here: rather okay green stats for non cashier; but keep putting your luck to the test if you have more refinement crystals to use.
Cashiers will want to refine until they get stats similar like these, then save everything except the stat you don’t need (crit in this case) and refine until you get another stat you could use (MDEF or Endurance).

1.1.4 Enchantments 

Always enchant your gear: it will get you mass bonus stats. This can cost you alot of gold. Use lhigher lvl Lucky stones for enchanting to 12+ if you have any. When you upgrade your gear into legendary (18+), you better use lvl 9 luck stones because the price gets so high you can’t really afford to lose 300k gold.


1.1.5 Mount 

Simple: focus on Intellect and keep Endurance and Armor on equal heights.


1.1.6 Academy 

In the Academy you want to prioritize MATK, MDEF and PDEF, but DO NOT ignore your Troops Stats! Troop PATK gives you an edge in WB fights and Troop Count will give your Troops more HP. You will want Troop MDEF as well as Troop PDEF: When fighting in the BG or in the Dual Arena it is important to keep your troops alive as long as possible because Single Target spells like Bolt (mage) and Arrow Strike (Archer) will have 2 chances out of 3 to hit your Knights in stead of you. BUT DO NOT USE SUNTORIA OR RESTORATION IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THIS! Level Troop MDEF/PDEF and Troop Count in stead!


1.1.7 Talents 

Talents are deffinitely worth it: you do not want to get stunned!!
Thus it is recommended to lvl your Holy Seal to a bare minimum of 5… But this is actually way to low. Get 8 at least (personally mine is 12 as you can see on the ss).
Regarding the other talents get barrier ofcourse!
Another talent you might want to get is Focus (bolt has 5% chance to reduce rage consumption of the next skill by 50%, lasts 2 rounds)
This comes in real handy in higher lvl MPs and even in PvP you might get saved using Restoration only because of that 5% proc
The last talent i would get is Survival. This one really helps in 1v1’s and the 10 rage it could give is always welcome.

Barrier: Damage received decreases by 5%
Focus: Lightning Bolt has a 5% chance of decreasing your rage consumption by 30% ; lasts 2 rounds. Note that it is actually 30% and not 50% !!
Survival: Increases cooldown time of restoration by 5 seconds (up to 20 seconds in stead of 15) and increases healing amount by 20%. Has a chance to restore 10 rage to the target.


1.1.8 Enlightment

As enlightments you should obviously go for MATK enlightment.
Some people might ask themselves why? It says it converts troop MATK to bonus matk for your character. But as mages use knights and on 50+ Templars; they don’t have any MATK. Yes I know, it says it takes troop MATK but in fact it just takes troop PATK OR MATK depending which troops you have. So you’re safe to take the MATK enlightment.
Keep lvling it up if your troops are your lvl.




1.2 Skills

Your most important skill is Rain of Fire (RoF). Secondly i recommend either Meteor or Damnation (use Suntoria instead if you don’t have double skills or if you are just planning to make a Hybrid page: RoF & Suntoria). Personally, i prefer Meteor. Use your bolt when your AOE’s are on CD or to build up rage.
At lvl 38 you will be able to unlock a second skill tree for 950 balen (correct me if i’m wrong. Anyways, it’s around 1k balen). A second skill tree is really important for the Mage Class because of Multiplayer Dungeons lvl. 50+ and Catacombs (to remove the debuffs). You will make a Priest page (healer oriented) from this second page.
If, however, you do not have the money to unlock the second skill tree, it is best to go for a hybrid build. Drop Damnation here and go for Suntoria instead. The Hybrid Screenshot i’m posting below is just to give an idea how you should build your tree as a non casher. (So don’t go all crazy about it in the comments!)
The next 2 screenshots will give you an idea how these 2 builds look like. (lvl 56 mage)


AOE (2) spec


Priest spec



In the next sections i will explain when to use what page.

2. How to play the Mage Class

2.1 Group Arena, Slaying regular mobs in MP dungeons, Running Solo Dungeons

Use AOE page.

Focus on dealing as much AOE damage as possible using RoF (primary skill) and Meteor (secundary) skill. Don’t go Damnation here since it won’t help you or your team alot. Damnation is a PvP skill, not a PvE skill.

2.2 MP last boss (and first 2 if it is needed), Catacombs boss floor 50+

Use Priest page.

Your primary focus is to keep your team alive: Actual players in MP as well as your knights in Cata. Use suntoria at the beginning of the fight. Try to keep your Rage high using Bolt (and Rage Runes) and Heal a single member with Restoration or your full team using Blessing. Use purification* whenever it is needed. This is really important in MP’s lvl 50+. Try to time your Purification right so that your team won’t lose alot/any HP from the boss’ Bleed.

Catacombs tips


You can also use your Priest page when teaming up with people that have over 3k br more than you since you won’t do alot of dmg here anyways. Use Suntoria at the start of the fight and watch your character die in the first few rounds. I do not recommend teaming up with higher BR though. You should team up with players in your BR range.
Another decent technique if you do decide to team up with people that have higher BR than you, use Damnation (Lv3). This will make your 2 teammembers to deal 10% more damage for 3 turns.

Purification: Some people prefer not to use purification. In my opinion it is worth using if you can’t afford to lose more hp (because of the -50% MDEF etc… buff) and have some spare Rage. If you have full HP and you are low on Rage, do not use purification: choose Rage over Health in this case. If you are low on Health and low on Rage… You are most likely going to die ^.^

2.3 World Bosses

Use WB oriented page (AOE page).

Because gold and daru is very important in Wartune, you should attend as much WB’s as you can. In this section i will explain to you how to get the most out of your mage in that 15 minute time span.
Mages don’t do well at WB’s. This is the Archer’s territory. But if you link properly, you should be able to get a good amount of gold and daru aswell.


Imo this is the best rotation for the mage. Comment below if you have a better one.
– Open with Damnation lvl. 3 or Meteor
– Auto-attack – Bolt (10% bonus dmg)
– Auto-attack – RoF (10% bonus dmg)
– Auto-attack – Bolt (10% bonus dmg)
– Auto-attack – Bolt (10% bonus dmg)
– Auto-attack – RoF

NOTE: This used to be the ‘best’ rota. But that was before the implement of clothes. And ofcourse if you use a pve set, there are far better rota’s out there. This is still a good basic though for the early stages in the game. If you got clothing just replace first meteor with thunderer.

Here’s a video sample to show you how the rotation goes.

You can see i put myself in front of my troops. Do this when you can take his hits. Why? Because from experience i know that if you’re knights are in the back, they will double more than they would when they are put in front.

I am ending my guide here. I’ll update this whenever i have a new idea or when i see an interesting suggestion in the comment section below.
I hope you guys learned something out of this. If you have any questions or if there is something i forgot to add or if i made a mistake somewhere post whatever you have to say on this thread or PM me ingame (S49).
Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to ask for help!

Thanks for reading this! Enjoy the game!

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  1. i need help

    i don’t get which skills i should use. I currently have rain of fire, normal lighting, damnation, suntoria, and meteor. should i change them or keep them?
    I’m currently leve 67

  2. Wow, kr…..a newbie has questions, so they just shouldn’t play. Great attitude, jerk.

  3. if you do not know what aoe is. ohhhh boy…. try a fps. rpg is not for you.

  4. It would help a lot if you give the explanation for the acronyms. Like AOE, I have absolutely no idea what that would be…

  5. yeah! thank u for this guide! it really helped me a lot!

  6. I think someone copied your guide for mages:


    is this the same type of guide?

    I have a question, someone once said that damnation can go up to 5k is that true? how in heavens name is that possible? I’m still not sure if it’s useful to have or not. I wanted that skill bad when i was low lvl so I upgrade it before finding this guide. Now I have it at lvl 2…I think my skill is messed up. How’s many points are u able to allocate in this game?

  7. Just wanting some clarification on the damnation skill. Why is it not helpful for teams? 10% damage on attacks is for everyone, is it not? I have misfortune level 3(30% damage increase), so I was using rotation D,M,R,L,L,M,R. Another teammate says I should not use the Damnation, that makes rotation M,R,L,M,L,R,L. Those account for cooldowns and I also assume either castinator or focus will apply once during the progression most times. We’re discussing this in Tower of Kings, from experience it appears damnation does 3-3.5K damage, LB does 2.7-3K. I’m thinking maybe I should redo talents and take momentum instead of damnation.

  8. Hey can you post a video with sound about how to double hit with a mage there arnt any good ones

  9. set skills*

  10. can u give me the best set for my mage im at level 57 need help with building a strong character for BG , WB , Arena and GB

  11. Any Chance u can update this guide as Wartune just got updated and the rune system has changed

  12. I do top 3/4 in damage on the world bosses on my server since I was 56, I’m 58 and here is my spec.

    my skills are as follows


    I do thunderer, double attack for the rest of the fight. First round of wb I build rage to 100.

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