KingsRoad Leveling and Quest Rewards List

KingsRoad Leveling and Quest Rewards List by Scribble

Currently, rewards for leveling follow a set pattern. That pattern is described here:


  • Level 2 = Potion of Healing
  • Level 4 = Bread
  • Level 6 = Potion of Healing
Level Reward
_1 Platinum
_2 +hp
_3 Platinum
_4 +valor
_5 Rare Item
_6 +hp
_7 Platinum
_8 +valor
_9 Platinum
_0 Phial of Blue Bull & Elixir of Temporarily Infinite Wisdom (alternating)

This is the current list of quests and their associated rewards:

  • All quests award one uncommon item.
  • Unless otherwise noted* all quests award 30 gold.
Quest Reward
A Hero Arrives Iron Shoulders
Divine Intervention Leather Boots
Pushing Back Steel Longsword
Exacting Revenge 50g*
Get to Oakroot Downhide Vest
Who Let the Dogs Out? 50g*
Damsel in Distress 50g*
Rescue the Hag Crackspar Shield
Reuniting Honeyhelm
Taking Back the Ruins 65g*
A New Menace
Saving Villagers
No Mercy
Into the Woods
Squirrel Problems
Captured Friend
Fiendish Wolves
Unbalanced Nature
Trashing Supplies
Breaking Through
Reuniting the Triplets
Torture the Torturer
The Executioner
Storm the Gates
Knights in Need
Chicken Run
Delving Deeper
Merchant’s Woes
The Travelling Bard
Across the Bridge
The Princess is Near
Cold Blooded Summons
A Path into Darkness
Within the Bones of the Past
The Nature of Sacrifice
Blood Summons
The Fallen Hero of Varenclad
Unhallowed Ground
Hopping Through the Forest
The Things that Matter
The Strength of Giants
Offering Refuge
The Captain’s Comeuppance
On the Trail of Mystery
The Strength of Stone
A Village in Peril
Clearing the Neighborhood
Reappropriated Resources
The Gate into Sommar
Stairway to Heaven
Three’s the Charm
The Shrouded Path
A Promise Broken
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