KingsRoad Knight Tanking and Farming Build

KingsRoad Knight Tanking and Farming Build by BKV_Wolfanix

Hello all!
Well,I would like to write about my Knight Tank build

I found it very useful for tanking and soloing heroics

With this build I can tank heroics with lvl 60s with no problem

I started this build by accident when I had a lvl 60 Archer in party who asked me to tank.
Then I’ve reset my skill points and invested (24) skill points like this:
-10 in stamina
-10 in fortify
-4 in parry

After that,I lvled up and started to invest points in Whirl.

After reaching 8 ponts in whirl, I started to invest points in Burn, and some points in Rumble.

Why Burn?
-To gain some damage increase which would increase the dmg output of whirl.

Why Rumble?
-Because stuns are always very useful. Use whirl to get agro and then rumble to stop mobs in place and position them better for another whirl. And whirl again.

Pretty useful for solo Heroic and tanking.

Usage is pretty simple, Whirl through anyone who is crazy enough to attack you

Feel free to reply with your critics

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