Digimon Masters Online Level up to 75 Guide

Digimon Masters Online Level up to 75 Guide by Eachares

Level 1 – 46

Data Digimon Lvl Up

1-3: Tsunomons Or Koromons
3-7: Demimeramons
7-11: Bearmons
11-14: Impmons And Togemons
14-16: Birdramon
16-18: Dobermons Or Deputymons
18-20: Greymons Or Leomon(c)
20-25: Boarmons Or Stingmons
25-31: Garurumons,gladimons Or Icedevimons
31-36: Vikalaramons
36-41: Neodevimons
41-46: Neodevimons Or Saberleomons
Virus Digimon Lvl Up

Lvl 1-3: Koromons Or Tsunomons
Lvl 3-7: Kunemons
Lvl 7-11 :gabumons
Lvl 11-14: Impmons Or Togemons
Lvl 14-18: Dobermons
Lvl 18-25: Boarmons
Lvl 25-31: Garurumons,gladimons Or Icedevimons
Lvl 31-36: Vikalaramons
Lvl 36-41: Neodevimons
Lvl 41-46: Neodevimons Or Saberleosmons

Special Note:If i made a wrong thing, Please leave me a polite post below


Lvl 1-3: Koromons
Lvl 3-7: Demimeramons
Lvl 7-11: Bearmons
Lvl 11-14: Impmons
Lvl 14-18: Dobermons
Lvl 18-20: Greymons Or Leomons(c)
Lvl 20-25: Boarmons
Lvl 25-31: Garurumons,gladimons Or Icedevimons
Lvl 31-36: Vikalaramons
Lvl 36-41: Neodevimons
Lvl 41-46: Neodevimons Or Saberleomons

Game Tips:

– Being with a party means faster exp. More faster more easier to lvl up
– If you party at strong digis, make sure you have 3-4 members.
– If you can’t kill digis fast, tell your teammates, then kill the same digimon with them
-Make sure you lvl with ppl not 4 lvls(only 1-3 lvls allowed) bigger than you, less exp. and make sure you also lvl with lower lvls. (+4 lvl gap is bad idea, less exp.)

Level 46-75

This Guide really doesnt have type… (VI,VA,DA…) Since you gotta lvl up this way.

Way 1
IF YOU WANT 8/8 F2 (More power)
Lvl 46-51: Metalgreymons
Lvl 51-57: SkullGreymons
Lvl 57-65: Veemons
Lvl 65-75: Gizumons

Way 2

Lvl 46-57: SkullGreymon, if can’t kill SkullMeramon ( When 51 try SkullGrey)
Lvl 51-65: Veemons
Lvl 65- 75: Gizumons

Special Digimon Way


Magnadramon ( Salamon)
Wargreymon ( Agumon season 1)
Boltmon ( Demimeramon or Demidevimon)
MetalEtemon ( Gotsumon )
Puppetmon ( Woodmon )
MegaGargomon ( Terriermon )
Sakuyamon? ( Renamon )




How to know if your Digimon can kill a Gizumon :

F1-F2’ers Attack of a F2 skill should be:


F1 should be:


So it should be about in the 2000’s

F2’ers should also be 2000+++


– Buy plates of 2 kinds. Your Rookie and Mega’s. Press D to check. (will upload pic) Ex: If your digi is a NSO,NSP,ME,DS…..

– From the plates you need +54 AT and +31 DE. 2 of both.

– THE PLACES ARE ALL AT TAMER +25 PLACE!!!! ( The left of Western Town.)

– If u want to know the digimons place press M then the 3rd button below. Click on the digimon you want to see.

– If you wanna lvl up at Gizumon’s; I prefer to have bits. Take about 500 – 1000 drinks with you. HP disks are also good.

– Mountable Digimon that can kill Gizumon’s are really helpful. If you mount it , it will avoid you getting attacked by Gizumon’s. This is a good idea but now always the best. You could never get used to the Gizumon’s with this technique.

– Happy Lvling ^^

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  1. im need to lvl up my imperialdramon DM but he is leveling slow at MetalEtemon area where should i go to lvl him up his Lvl is 47

  2. Alright just gonna say this, This works perfectly fine and I have no complaints. If you have a Veemon like me which is pretty hard to level up, I suggest fighting SaberLeomons in the Oil Refinery-3, There’s a bunch of quests about him that gives you EXP and quite a good amount of money.

  3. Bro ty :D i always use your way to lvl in 2 day i get 46 lvl

    :) Thanx man !

  4. I have a question when you mean stuff like this
    Vaccine: (and then all the digimon names below)
    does that mean that that’s the way to level up vaccine digimons?

  5. mine is guilmon

  6. penis

  7. Who's your favorite starter? just wondering, no flame wars PLZ.

    Mine is Gaomon.

  8. why data digimon should fight impmon?
    since impmon is virus digimon, the data digimon must have disadvantage..

  9. Sir i used your blog as a guide for my guildmates, i hope thats fine with you, thanks!

  10. i got my renamon from 1-51 in a day this was yesterday :3 its a 5/5 so it was easy ^_^

  11. I love Digimon!!!!!! masters online……. not digimon as in the characters…. oh boy this is awkward

  12. Thanx for the guide with it it got my kunemon from level 1 to 21 and my Gaomon from 15 to 21 and I only just started leveling my Drimogemon and already gt me from 1 to 19… I know im a nerd… Forever alone

  13. awesome guide im going to favorite it and follow it lol i think im goin pretty well though bubt i want a awesome digimon i got
    agumon lvl 33
    impmon lvl 26
    drigomon lvl 13
    kunemon lvl 16
    in only 4 days lol i know i know i gots no life lol

  14. PS can you make a money making guide? thatd be awesome ^_^

  15. lol I just started yesterday and already failed my first impmon egg which killed me on the inside a bit. I am sooo poor but i guess you gain money as u progress in the game..

  16. Just wanted to say your guides have taught me so much about the game (started a week and a half ago) and keep allowing me to make progress in the game! Good work.

  17. Thanks for the Guide. I played this b4 our accounts were been reseted -.-"
    I was almost #1 but after reset my will of playing died, cause… 3 digis lvl 45+, lot of items and eggs… and everything reseted? – .-"
    but sometimes i go there to kill that little bug who have missing dmo xDD
    Anyway, good Guide u have here. Congrats =)

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