Digimon Masters Online Level up to 75 Guide

Digimon Masters Online Level up to 75 Guide by Eachares

Level 1 – 46

Data Digimon Lvl Up

1-3: Tsunomons Or Koromons
3-7: Demimeramons
7-11: Bearmons
11-14: Impmons And Togemons
14-16: Birdramon
16-18: Dobermons Or Deputymons
18-20: Greymons Or Leomon(c)
20-25: Boarmons Or Stingmons
25-31: Garurumons,gladimons Or Icedevimons
31-36: Vikalaramons
36-41: Neodevimons
41-46: Neodevimons Or Saberleomons
Virus Digimon Lvl Up

Lvl 1-3: Koromons Or Tsunomons
Lvl 3-7: Kunemons
Lvl 7-11 :gabumons
Lvl 11-14: Impmons Or Togemons
Lvl 14-18: Dobermons
Lvl 18-25: Boarmons
Lvl 25-31: Garurumons,gladimons Or Icedevimons
Lvl 31-36: Vikalaramons
Lvl 36-41: Neodevimons
Lvl 41-46: Neodevimons Or Saberleosmons

Special Note:If i made a wrong thing, Please leave me a polite post below


Lvl 1-3: Koromons
Lvl 3-7: Demimeramons
Lvl 7-11: Bearmons
Lvl 11-14: Impmons
Lvl 14-18: Dobermons
Lvl 18-20: Greymons Or Leomons(c)
Lvl 20-25: Boarmons
Lvl 25-31: Garurumons,gladimons Or Icedevimons
Lvl 31-36: Vikalaramons
Lvl 36-41: Neodevimons
Lvl 41-46: Neodevimons Or Saberleomons

Game Tips:

– Being with a party means faster exp. More faster more easier to lvl up
– If you party at strong digis, make sure you have 3-4 members.
– If you can’t kill digis fast, tell your teammates, then kill the same digimon with them
-Make sure you lvl with ppl not 4 lvls(only 1-3 lvls allowed) bigger than you, less exp. and make sure you also lvl with lower lvls. (+4 lvl gap is bad idea, less exp.)

Level 46-75

This Guide really doesnt have type… (VI,VA,DA…) Since you gotta lvl up this way.

Way 1
IF YOU WANT 8/8 F2 (More power)
Lvl 46-51: Metalgreymons
Lvl 51-57: SkullGreymons
Lvl 57-65: Veemons
Lvl 65-75: Gizumons

Way 2

Lvl 46-57: SkullGreymon, if can’t kill SkullMeramon ( When 51 try SkullGrey)
Lvl 51-65: Veemons
Lvl 65- 75: Gizumons

Special Digimon Way


Magnadramon ( Salamon)
Wargreymon ( Agumon season 1)
Boltmon ( Demimeramon or Demidevimon)
MetalEtemon ( Gotsumon )
Puppetmon ( Woodmon )
MegaGargomon ( Terriermon )
Sakuyamon? ( Renamon )




How to know if your Digimon can kill a Gizumon :

F1-F2’ers Attack of a F2 skill should be:


F1 should be:


So it should be about in the 2000’s

F2’ers should also be 2000+++


– Buy plates of 2 kinds. Your Rookie and Mega’s. Press D to check. (will upload pic) Ex: If your digi is a NSO,NSP,ME,DS…..

– From the plates you need +54 AT and +31 DE. 2 of both.

– THE PLACES ARE ALL AT TAMER +25 PLACE!!!! ( The left of Western Town.)

– If u want to know the digimons place press M then the 3rd button below. Click on the digimon you want to see.

– If you wanna lvl up at Gizumon’s; I prefer to have bits. Take about 500 – 1000 drinks with you. HP disks are also good.

– Mountable Digimon that can kill Gizumon’s are really helpful. If you mount it , it will avoid you getting attacked by Gizumon’s. This is a good idea but now always the best. You could never get used to the Gizumon’s with this technique.

– Happy Lvling ^^

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17 Responses

  1. silverwings says:

    im need to lvl up my imperialdramon DM but he is leveling slow at MetalEtemon area where should i go to lvl him up his Lvl is 47

  2. Roballs says:

    Alright just gonna say this, This works perfectly fine and I have no complaints. If you have a Veemon like me which is pretty hard to level up, I suggest fighting SaberLeomons in the Oil Refinery-3, There’s a bunch of quests about him that gives you EXP and quite a good amount of money.

  3. Brajko123 says:

    Bro ty :D i always use your way to lvl in 2 day i get 46 lvl

    :) Thanx man !

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have a question when you mean stuff like this
    Vaccine: (and then all the digimon names below)
    does that mean that that’s the way to level up vaccine digimons?

  5. Anonymous says:

    mine is guilmon

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Demimzyon says:

    Who's your favorite starter? just wondering, no flame wars PLZ.

    Mine is Gaomon.

  8. Dolvin says:

    why data digimon should fight impmon?
    since impmon is virus digimon, the data digimon must have disadvantage..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sir i used your blog as a guide for my guildmates, i hope thats fine with you, thanks!

  10. Anonymous says:

    i got my renamon from 1-51 in a day this was yesterday :3 its a 5/5 so it was easy ^_^

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love Digimon!!!!!! masters online……. not digimon as in the characters…. oh boy this is awkward

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanx for the guide with it it got my kunemon from level 1 to 21 and my Gaomon from 15 to 21 and I only just started leveling my Drimogemon and already gt me from 1 to 19… I know im a nerd… Forever alone

  13. awesome guide im going to favorite it and follow it lol i think im goin pretty well though bubt i want a awesome digimon i got
    agumon lvl 33
    impmon lvl 26
    drigomon lvl 13
    kunemon lvl 16
    in only 4 days lol i know i know i gots no life lol

  14. SwaggedOUT says:

    PS can you make a money making guide? thatd be awesome ^_^

  15. SwaggedOUT says:

    lol I just started yesterday and already failed my first impmon egg which killed me on the inside a bit. I am sooo poor but i guess you gain money as u progress in the game..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to say your guides have taught me so much about the game (started a week and a half ago) and keep allowing me to make progress in the game! Good work.

  17. Pjayk says:

    Thanks for the Guide. I played this b4 our accounts were been reseted -.-"
    I was almost #1 but after reset my will of playing died, cause… 3 digis lvl 45+, lot of items and eggs… and everything reseted? – .-"
    but sometimes i go there to kill that little bug who have missing dmo xDD
    Anyway, good Guide u have here. Congrats =)

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