Digimon Masters Online Digivice and Equipment Chips Guide

Digimon Masters Online Digivice and Equipment Chips Guide by Piedmon

Intro: Throughout your journey you will occasionally come across chips that are not used for egg hatching. This guide will explain what they do and which chips do what, and more importantly: how these benefit you.

Digivice chips:

If you ever played the little old virtual pet pendulum digital monsters toy, you would noticed these chips are named after the toy series family: Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Trooper, Dragons Roar, Nature’s Spirit, Metal Empire, etc. These chips give a very specific boost to your partner digimon, meaning it will only benefit your currently out digimon if the chip attach to your digivice is the right one.

How do you know a chip is right for your digimon?

Well there are two ways: one, you can look at your digimon’s information window (press D) and at it should show a short anagram of its family: NSO=Nightmare Soldiers, NS: Nature Spirit,
JT= Jungle Trooper. ME= Metal Empire, and so on.

The second option is to check a digimon wikia online and check a digimons family type, which is somewhat accurate but not as practical as just looking at the digimons anagram of its family on its stat screen. However it is helpful if your planing ahead for getting a certain digimon later.

*tip: if you like using different digimon and you dont usually stick with one as a main, you should carry the chips of the respected digimons you intend to switch back and forth to, so dont forget to equip the compatible chip on the digivice that is right for the currently out digimon to get the most out of its powers.

The Accessory Chips:
Chips you put on your clothes. Each chip goes on a certain clothing articles and personal effects. EXP boost ones go on headgear, ATTACK boost chips go on gloves, HP boost goes on shirts/tops, DEFENSE goes on pants/bottoms, and MS (Movement Speed) goes on a Tamers shoes.

Also unlike digivice chips, you have to get the accessory chips scan first by either Kamemon (usually in digital world) or the human Programer named Dolphin (char. In season 3 digimon, seen in human towns). Dolphin/Kamemon will inspect chips for you for a small fee and then after they are inspected you can then have them put the chips on your clothes.

To put chips on clothes you must remove the ones your wearing if you accidentally equipped them, and drag it to the clothes modifying window, then right click on the chips in your inventory that are already been inspected. Chip are compatible only to their respected clothing parts, so it wont work unless you plug in the right chips. Then Dolphin/ Kamemon will charge you a small fee to stick them on your clothes. You can also remove the chips for a small fee as well if you find better chips or when your clothes are worn out.

*Tip: Hover your pointer over the chips you have, some chips are weaker than others which are
determined by what the tamer level is written on it. The ones closest to your current Tamer level
are the best, however you cant use chips that are of a Tamer level higher than your current level.

*Tip: Some clothes have more than one slot, so its normal to have to inspect more than one chip and
attach it to your gear, and yes, the bonuses from the chips do stack when you fill all your slots of
your gear.

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    What does the trainer skill do and how do i use it?
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    Will there ever be a way to improve/ buy a new stronger digivice?

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