Perfect World Clothing Dye Pigments Guide

Perfect World Clothing Dye Pigments Guide by Shyriena of Sanctuary

This is a guide written to help people within the game of perfect world have an enjoyable experience using the Dye and Pigments in Perfect World.

The main thing I can say is that you CANNOT craft dye! The pigments are gained from buying Hot color packs and activating them by right clicking on them. You will get either a random dye or a named pigment once you right click the box.

This is a chart for people that wish to Buy Pigments off other players or to buy hot packs and use the correct dyes they get to make a set of clothing a color they like, it can also be used to help match clothes you already own to a colored pigment by looking at the color grid (The 3 dot color code).

The Dyes listed here are the ones you get from the DYE PIGMENT BOTTLES. The random colors you get on clothing when you first buy them, or from using random dye pigments are way too many. Plus this is a guide to players who wish to plan out their outfit. Random dyes are too “Random” to match since you get a random color and those colors are not always available in bottle format. There are more colors for clothing than just the ones you can buy with names on the bottles. However to do that, its just click and hope. This guide will help you get as close as you can to a random dye color as possible with named dye bottles, but it will most likely not be exact unless you use dye bottles on all the clothing.

Anyhow This guide was made from different versions of the game. Some of the clothing in the pictures are not from the international version, but from the Malaysian version. I have adapted all the names now for the international version of Perfect World.

This guide is in IMAGE FORMAT. The links each show a picture. Each image has screen shots of the various dye colors and the pigment name along with the 3 dot color code.

Here are the 8 images you need.

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  1. Dr. Zoidberg says:

    The image files are all gone they are! O.O You can put them back in the guide maybe? =)

  2. Mizkar says:

    Hi , i like your blog. i also love PWI descent.
    is there anyway to get red and black pigments.


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