Perfect World Combo Guide

Perfect World Combo Guide by Centetric

Making a combo isn’t as hard as you think. Okay so follow these easy steps:

1.) Open your skills list by pressing “R”. A new window will pop up. This is your skills list.

2.)Now go to the bottom of the window and press new.

3.) Now there is a window that pops up. This is where you will make your combo.

4.) So on the window on the right pick any image that you like.(lol that rhymes) I chose a random flower thing.

5.) Now move a skill from your active skills list to one of the empty slots on the right window. Keep in mind the cooldown time for the skills. Any interference will cause the combo to stop all together.

Complete it in a way that pleases you. Like this:

Then press save.

6.) Your combo is now made. The only thing that you need to do at point is… Move your combo from the combo list to your skill bar.

Voila you have your combo. Now click on a monster and press the combo and just let it do its thing.

To edit a combo: Press the combo icon and then press edit and follow steps 4-6.

* Buffs and movement can sometimes stop buffs.
* You should never target something else while in the middle of the combo( it may end it).
* Also do not double click a combo(if the cooldown for the first move in the combo is not done the combo wil stop.)
* If put the “Walk Behind Enemy” thing in the first slot and the combo will repeat itself.
* Keep in mind the cooldown time because the combo does not wait for cooldown time, unless you put all the same skills in a row.

Thank you for reading this. And enjoy your new combo!

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