Perfect World Hyper Exp and Stacking Guide

Perfect World Hyper Exp and Stacking Guide by Konariraiden

Chapter 1: What IS Hyper EXP?

Simply put, Hyper EXP is just that…EXP…but HYPER! Depending on how many Hyper EXP Stones you use to activate the Hyper EXP Mode, you could gain four times, eight times, even TWELVE TIMES the amount of EXP that you normally do! Talk about a grinding bonus, right? However, every bonus is not without a price…after your Hyper EXP session is completely finished, you’ll have to spend some time with Exhaustion; meaning your EXP rate will be shot down faster than a BM hit by Sage Black Ice Dragon Strike! So, let’s get into a little more detail, shall we?

Chapter 2: Hyper EXP Rates and Activation

So, you charged some ZEN, you got some Gold, and you bought some good ol’ Hyper EXP Stones. The question is, what kind of Hyper EXP mode do you want? Well, there are 5 different Hyper EXP Modes to choose from:

x4 Hyper EXP — Costs 3 Hyper EXP Stones, Lasts 3 Hours, 3-Hour Buffer Time, and 18-Hour Exhaustion Time.

x5 Hyper EXP — Costs 3 Hyper EXP Stones, Lasts 2 Hours, 3-Hour Buffer Time, and 19-Hour Exhaustion Time.

x6 Hyper EXP — Costs 4 Hyper EXP Stones, Lasts 2 Hours, 3-Hour Buffer Time, and 19-Hour Exhaustion Time.

x8 Hyper EXP — Costs 3 Hyper EXP Stones, Lasts 1 Hour, 3-Hour Buffer Time, and 20-Hour Exhaustion Time.

x12 Hyper EXP — Costs 5 Hyper EXP Stones, Lasts 1 Hour, 3-Hour Buffer Time, and 20-Hour Exhaustion Time.

Depending on your available playing time, patience, and wallet size, you can choose the right Hyper EXP plan for you!

Chapter 3: Hyper EXP, Buffer Time, and Exhaustion

Now, you chose the right plan for you, and you got your Hyper EXP goin’. Right after you “purchase” your Hyper EXP plan, a little window should pop up, showing three different timers. Each of these times corresponds to different modes.

Hyper EXP: When this timer is red and ticking down, your EXP rate will shoot up to whatever rate is set by the plan you purchased.

Buffer Time: When this timer is red and ticking down, your EXP rate will stay at 100% (in other words, the normal rate).

Exhaustion Time: When this timer is red and ticking down, your EXP rate will plummet, giving you only 10% of the normal rate.

The first thing you might notice is that at the start, you can only swap between Hyper and Buffer Times. This is normal. There are only two ways to get rid of that horrid Exhaustion Time. One way is to completely log out of the game. While you are logged out, the game will be ticking down your Exhaustion Timer for you.

The other way is to completely use up the Buffer Time, leaving you with only Hyper EXP and Exhaustion Time. Thus, whenever you switch out of Hyper EXP Mode, you’ll delve straight into Exhaustion Mode. Let’s hope your body can take the stress of becoming insanely hyper to crash-and-burn…!

Oh! One last thing. You might notice that whenever you re-activate Hyper EXP Mode, that one minute is instantly shaved from your Hyper EXP timer. Again, this is normal…nothing to worry about; that’s just how it works.


Chapter 4: Hyper EXP Rate “Stacking”

Now, this has been a hotly-debated topic for quite some time…probably ever since these little gems came into the game. How DOES the Hyper EXP Rate “stack” with other bonuses, like Training Esotericas or special “2x EXP” events? Well, our crack team of scientists (in other words, ME), have come up with a fairly accurate solution as to the mystery behind the Stacking Stones.

You see, here on PWI, “rate stacking” is done on an additive basis, not a multiplicative one, which was what many of the players were complaining about early-on, when Hyper EXP was first introduced. They expected a rate similar to the following:

12x (Hyper EXP) * 2x (Bonus Server Event) = 24x EXP!!!

While that kind of stacking would’ve been a dream-come-true for this Wizard…alas, that is not the case, instead, the EXP stacks more like this…

12x (Hyper EXP) + 2x (Bonus Server Event) = 14x EXP…!

…HOWEVER! This number is STILL inaccurate! There WAS an overly-complicated, hard-worked-on mathematical formula here before…but I guess a GM confirms, the true rate is 13x EXP for 12x Hyper EXP stacked with a 2x EXP event.

In conclusion, if you want to get the proper “multiplied” rate for your EXP (if you REALLY take this game all number-crunching-serious…), subtract one from the Hyper EXP rate, then add in a “bonus” rate, if applicable.

Chapter 5: Hyper EXP FAQ

Q: I use Hyper EXP in the Forgotten Frostland Dungeon…how can I maximize my EXP for time?
A: (Quoted from mulanrouge) “If doing bosses, activate the Hyper with about 60k-80k HP left on the boss, it will cost you one minute, but there is no waste, and the exp is epic. Also, in some cases, the exp shown in the EXP log will not match the actual exp received; you will have to rely on the % gained (this is most significant in frost runs).”

Q: If I use a Hyper EXP Stone during a 2x EXP Server Event, can I still use a Training Esoterica to further increase my EXP rate?
A: Nope. Hyper EXP can stack with EITHER a 2x EXP Server Event OR a Training Esoterica, but NOT BOTH.

Q: Do Hyper EXP Stones also affect my Spirit?
A: Yes, they do; no worries about leveling up too fast with no skills to follow.

Q: Could I use the Hyper EXP when turning in a quest, get increased Quest Reward EXP, then turn it off?
A: Nope; Hyper EXP does NOT affect Quest Reward EXP in any way. On that note, Training Esoterica and 2x Server Events also do NOT affect Quest Reward EXP.

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