Idle Heroes Guaranteed 7 Star Quest Guide

by Nargosan

First of all thanks to obarry6452 Barry Gaming who has shared in several of his videos that refreshing 3000 gems worth of quests in the Tavern will give you a guaranteed 7* Quest.

However, what I can confirm after doing the above is that you will receive the 7* Quest even though you picked up another 7* Quests on the way!

Why this is good to know: If you need 2 x 7* Quests to complete your monthly you shouldn’t stop when you come across your first 7* Quest prior to reaching 3000 gems and repeat the next day. If you continue you can pick up two copies and complete the monthly by only spending 3000 gems in total.

How I found out: I didn’t realise that I picked up 2 x 7* (!!) Quests while refreshing for 3000 gems as they look so similar to the 6* Quests in colour. So at 3000 gems I ended up with a total of 3 x 7* Quests.

I guess this was the main finding I wanted to share with everyone. However, here are some additional tips that you might find useful:

Is it worth spending up to 6000 gems to get 2 x 7* Quests to complete your monthly as a f2p? I think yes because:

  • The monthly reward is by itself worth 6000 gems:
RewardReceivedValue each [gems]Total Value [gems]
5* Hero1500500
Glorious Relic52501250
Universal Crystals2015300

[Edit]: 5* Hero value each reduced from 1000 to 500 & Glorious Relic increased from 100 to 250. Thanks to u/Nesferito for the info.

The gem values above are based on shop values or based on reddit posts. The values might possibly be outdated so maybe the numbers are not 100% correct (please let me know and I’ll update the table accordingly).

  • You pick up additional materials on the way. My run yielded an additional:
RewardReceivedValue each [gems]Total value [gems]
5* Shards55201100
Heroic Scrolls6125750
Green Artifact Shards30????
  • You might end up with extra 7* Quests.

In my example I spent 3000 gems and got 8580 gems worth of material (6050+2830) + 3 x 7* Quests in total. You might not be as lucky as I was in this run and get additional 7* Quests, however, it should be quite easy to get more gems worth of material. How?

  • Save as many Basic Quest Scrolls prior to refreshing for 3000 gems. Why?
    • For the first 2000 gems worth of refreshing you might want to refresh 10 quests at a time. Whenever you pick up something worth saving lock it and use another Basic Quest Scroll to continue to refresh 10 quests at a time. I locked the following quests:
      • All 6* Quests
      • All 7* Quests
      • All Heroic Scrolls
      • All POs (however, I didn’t get any)
      • All gem offers that were 90+
    • I only had about 10 extra Basic Quest Scrolls in total. Initially I locked 70+ gem quests but had to start refreshing them as I was running out of quests and in the end was only able to save the 90+ gem quests. I missed out on a lot of gems that way. You might also want to lock coins, however, I didn’t.
    • As you get to the last 1000 gems worth of refreshing you stop using new Basic Quest Scrolls and only use one when you have run out. That way you don’t end up having spent 3000 gems and have 10s of low * quests and have to spend additional gems until you find something good.

Also worth noting: I came across another reddit post which said that you don’t get a second 7* Quests if you spend 6000 gems in one day. I have not been able to confirm this, however, this is worth considering if you need to pick up 2 x 7* quests – don’t wait until the last day of the monthlies.

Anyway, I hope there is something useful in here and that I am finally able to give back to the Idle Heroes community.

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