Idle Heroes Arena Ticket Farming Guide

by litebender

Sources of Arena Tickets:

Daily Sources: Marketplace and Daily Quests

  • 5 Tickets = 300k
  • 10 tickets = 120 gems
  • 2 tickets = free (reward from engaging in 3 arena battles)

Recurring Sources: Aspen Dungeon every 4 days

  • 5 Tickets = 300k or 70 gems
  • 10 Tickets = 600k or 120 gems
  • 20 Tickets = 1,200k or 200 gems
  • Average death smash = 45 tickets for 2.7m gold and 75 tickets for 920 gems
  • These results are subject to RNG and assume an average smash to Death in Aspen. A smash to Nightmare results in 30% fewer tickets, and a smash to Hell results in 15% fewer tickets.
  • Maths here. I’m no statistician, so if you see an error please DM me or share in the comments and I’ll update this post.

Trial of the Champion

  • 5 free Arena Tickets when ToC opens (once every 7 days)

Celestial Island Adventure Shop

  • 5 Tickets for 60 gems (1 in 19 chance)
  • 10 Tickets for 100 gems (1 in 19 chance)
  • 7.03% chance of finding the merchant per stamina (10 stamina per day). The datamine spreadsheet has 19 items for sale in the shop, with equal odds of each occurring. With 6 random options being available per merchant shop, you have a 45.6% chance of getting no Arena Ticket deals, a 45.6% chance of getting one of the two Arena Ticket deals, and an 8.8% chance of getting both Arena Ticket deals.
  • This gives about 100 tickets per month at a cost of 1,066 gems if you buy all Arena Ticket deals.

Total Monthly Arena Ticket Income (Marketplace, Daily Quests, Aspen Dungeon, and Celestial Island)

  • Spending gold only = 569 tickets for 29.3m gold
  • Available for purchase with gems = 963 tickets for 11,569 gems
  • Total = 1,532 tickets for 29.3m gold and 11,569 gems

Extraneous Sources: Tavern Quests and Direct Ticket Purchase

  • There are 3, 4, and 5-star Tavern Quests that give 1, 2, and 3 Arena Tickets, respectively.
  • If you don’t refresh any Tavern Quests, you can expect an average of 1.2 tickets per day (37.5 per month) at VIP 3.
  • The general consensus on Tavern Quests is that you should be rerolling all quests with a value of less than about 25 gems. The only Tavern Quest for tickets that you should keep is the 5-star quest with the 3 Arena Ticket reward. This was most recently discussed by Dr_NospeR in this post. Samogot’s datamine sheet has two other methods for reroll strategies that also incorporate the goal of getting two 7-star quests for the Monthly Tavern.
  • Direct Purchase: Unlimited Arena Tickets can also be directly purchased for 20 gems each. This is the worst deal in terms of gem value.

For the purpose of this analysis, Tavern Quest Arena Tickets and direct Arena Ticket purchases are considered extraneous and not included in the monthly ticket accounting.

Arena Tickets Expenditures:

Daily Quest

  • Engage in 3 arena battles = 1 ticket (first two battles are free).

Fighter’s Competition

  • Obtain 150 points in Crystal Crown League (CCL) = No additional cost if doing 3 battles per day
  • or Obtain 150 points in CCL = 73 tickets if rushing all battles in one day
  • Obtain 150 points in Trial of the Champion (ToC) = 150 tickets

Interdimensional Arena

  • Daily Quests (24 days per month) 5 battles with refreshing for hidden opponent = 240 tickets per month
  • Maverick = Ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 tickets per season (once per month)

Example Monthly Ticket Balances (Smash to Death in Aspen)

Buying All Tickets with GOLD ONLY

  • +179 per month if you do CCL over 30 days, and 5 IDA battles per day
  • +106 per month if you rush CCL in 1 day, and 5 IDA battles per day
  • Negative (net loss of Arena Tickets) if you do 7 or more IDA battles per day

Buying All Tickets with GOLD AND GEMS

  • +1,142 per month if you do CCL over 30 days, and 5 IDA battles per day * +1,069 per month if you rush CCL in 1 day, and 5 IDA battles per day

Whales Who get Maverick Each Season and Buy All Tickets with GOLD AND GEMS

  • -581 per month if you rush CCL in 1 day. Must spend ~11,625 gems on direct ticket purchases (20 gems each).


  • It costs at least 390 tickets per month to complete all basic Daily and Monthly arena activities.
  • There are hundreds of ways to look at this. What if I only buy the 200-gem pack in Aspen? What if RNGesus smites me with the wrath of 1,000 suns? What if I am going for a top placement in ToC? These are just some baseline examples to help budget for whatever your CCL, ToC, and IDA goals might be.
  • Spending gems on Arena Tickets is only advised if you are saving tickets for Maverick or top placement in CCL or ToC. Otherwise, the average monthly income of tickets with gold alone should pay for the monthly Fighter’s Competition and up to 5 daily battles during each season of IDA.
  • Understanding the intricacies of Idle Heroes is a community effort. Please let me know if you find errors or additional sources of Arena Tickets and I’ll happily update accordingly.

TL;DR: If you purchase all available tickets with gold only and smash Aspen Dungeon to Death, you should get about 569 tickets per month. This is enough to complete all monthly arena challenges, to do 5 battles per day in Interdimensional Arena, and to get Maverick once per year.

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