Idle Heroes PvE Tier List


This Tier List and guide is designed to help you maximise your damage in the main PvE Boss Fights: Broken Spaces and Flame Shrine.

The aim is to build a team that uses a combination of Damage Dealers and Support heroes in a way that deals the most damage to the enemy. Usually, it is best to have 2-3 Support heroes and 3-4 Damage Dealers. You want to ensure that you can Break/Reduce Armor, have Burn/Bleed synergy for Phoenix/Fenlier, and that your heroes can survive as long as possible. It is also worth considering the effects of the enemy that you are fighting and the necessary synergies for your chosen heroes. Best of luck and Happy Idling!


These are ranked from S being those capable of the most damage and F being the lowest. The performance of many of these heroes will depend on the team and how you build them. For example, if your team does not have Armor Break or Armor Reduction, you may want to choose and Atk/Atk/A.Brk stone rather than Holy/Atk/Atk or perhaps an artifact with Armor Break such as Kiss of Ghost. NOTE: Dark Arthindol is only good against enemies that deal a lot of damage; primarily Broken Spaces Stage 7. You have been warned.


Which ones are the best for you will depend on your team but in 99.99% of scenarios, Heart Watcher is Compulsory. You also want to ensure you have Burn or Bleed on your team to complement your chosen Monster (either Phoenix or Fenlier).

The Optional Support choices will be where you find the most variance depending on your team. I strongly encourage researching and testing to maximise your performance.

  • Healers will be useful if you are not surviving to round 15.
  • Heroes that provide numerous debuffs, as well as enhancements, will work well with Delacium.
  • Boosting your Holy Damage with Gerke is a brilliant combination with Garuda(s).
  • Drake is amazing at stripping away defences! Works well in any team (much like Heart Watcher).

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