Genshin Impact Ningguang Weapons and Artifacts Guide

by TerafiedGaming

Ningguang Brief Summary

Ningguang is a Geo, Catalyst character who provides massive, ranged damage alongside cursory shielding from crystallize reactions. Her normal attack, Sparkling Scatter upon hit will grant Ningguang 1 star jade up to 3. These star jades will be fired off and deal additional damage when using her charged attack. Her elemental skill, Jade Screen deals AoE Geo DMG while creating a Geo construct which blocks enemy projectiles. Ningguang’s own projectiles and party members projectiles can still pass through her Jade Screen though. Her elemental burst, Starshatter will cause Ningguang to gather a great number of gems and then scatter them, sending them out as homing projectiles which deal massive Geo DMG. If Starshatter is cast while her Jade Screen is present, the Jade Screen will fire additional gem projectiles at enemies. Ningguang is one of, if not, the strongest ranged damage characters in Genshin Impact and with the right build she will nuke.

Recommended Weapons

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. The current best in slot weapon for Ningguang is none other than Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. I was fortunate enough to have gotten this as my first ever 5* weapon but I will be including other none 5* weapon options after this one. Lost Prayer provides a CRIT Rate secondary stat and an effect which increases movement speed by 10%. It will also cause the wearer to gain up to 16% elemental DMG bonus every 4 seconds stacking 4 times which will last until the character falls or leaves combat. CRIT Rate is one of the best secondary stats on a weapon and since Ningguang is a catalyst user all of her attacks will deal elemental damage in the form of Geo. This means she will fully utilize Lost Prayer’s effect and have that amazing CRIT Rate to boot.

Solar Pearl. A 4* weapon option is that of Solar Pearl which can be obtained as a battle pass weapon reward. Solar Pearl has a CRIT Rate secondary stat and an effect which will increase normal attack damage by up to 40% for 6 seconds when an elemental skill or elemental burst is used. This weapon will also increase elemental skill or elemental burst damage by up to 40% when a normal attack is used. Ningguang consistently spams normal attacks in-order to generate jade stars and by having Solar Pearl every part of kit will ink out that much more damage.

Twin Nephrite? A completely free to play option is the 3* weapon Twin Nephrite which can be obtained from opening chest out in the world. It has a CRIT Rate secondary stat and an effect which increases movement speed and ATK by up to 20% for 15 seconds when an enemy is defeated. For being a 3* weapon this one is incredibly potent due to its crit rate secondary stat and I am glad they made this weapon so easily accessible.

Additional Weapon Options (Edit): Memory of Dust, Skyward Atlas, Prototype Malice, The Widsith & Blackcliff Amulet.

Recommended Artifact Sets

2-piece Archiac Petra + 2-piece Gladiator Finale. The current artifact set combination I am using on my Ningguang is that of the 2-piece Archiac Petra and 2-piece Gladiator Finale. Together they will increase your Geo DMG Bonus by 15% and increase ATK by 18%. This set combination will provide the most consistently high damage output regardless of the situation.

Archiac Petra can be obtained starting at AR 30 from Artifact Domain Farming while Gladiator Finale can be obtained from weekly and world bosses.

2-piece Archiac Petra + 2-piece Noblesse Oblige. Alternatively, you can keep 2-piece Archiac Petra and swap the 2-piece Gladiator Finale with 2-piece Noblesse Oblige. This will provide an increase of 15% for Geo DMG Bonus and increase elemental burst damage by 20%. This will focus a larger degree of her damage into her elemental burst. Her elemental burst has a low energy cost of 40 which means it can be cast quite regularly.

Noblesse Oblige can be obtained starting at AR 35 from Artifact Domain Farming.

4-piece Archiac Petra. You can also choose to go all in on 4-piece Archiac Petra. This will provide an increase of 15% for Geo DMG Bonus and will give +35% Elemental DMG Bonus to the corresponding element of a crystallized shield. This is the largest damage increase out of any of the options when the perfect shield is formed however this is much harder to have happen consistently in practice. Crystallized shields can be quite fickle and thus other options may be more sought after outside of niche situations.

2-piece Berserker + 2-piece +18% ATK? Lastly the early game option you will want to go for is 2-piece berserker and any 2-piece set that give +18% ATK. 2-piece berserker will give +12% CRIT Rate and there are many sets that give +18% ATK. Berserker set pieces are kind of the go to damage dealer pieces for the early to mid-stage of the game.

Berserker can be farmed from weekly and world bosses.

Recommended Artifact Slot Main Stats

Sands. ATK%. I recommend going for ATK% on the sand’s artifact slot. This will allow Ningguang to push out the most amount of damage. I do not recommend energy recharge as her elemental burst is on such a low energy cost of 40 and she generates a plethora of energy from her elemental skill already.

Goblet. Geo Damage Bonus. All of Ningguang’s damage is Geo elemental damage so Geo DMG Bonus will increase the damage she puts out moreso than ATK% main stats can.

Circlet. CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate. Every weapon I recommended possessed a CRIT Rate secondary stat weapon. You will want to pair those weapons with a complimentary circlet possessing either CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate. The choice between going for CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate is totally dependent on how much of each stat you already have.

Ningguang is more than just a waifu. Her ranged damage is unparalleled and once built her potential is quickly realized. What do you think of Ningguang? Do you have any other build suggestions?

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