Epic Seven Gear Rolls and Good Gear Guide

by Mom_I_Not_Hungry

Stats Explained

Stats are calculated as 1 – 1 ratio while speed and crit chance are calculated at a 1 – 2 ratio. For example if a piece of gear has – 6% atk. 4 crit damage, 3 speed and 5 crit chance, it would be calculated as 6 + 4 + 3(2) + 5(2) or 6 + 4 + 6 + 10 = 26. Combat stats are generalized but should always be considered towards the stats the specific unit needs.

The general minimum starting stats for epic gear is 16 and max is 32 (all 4s vs all 8s) and the minimum final roll is 36 vs final max roll of 72 (all 4s vs 8s again) . If you want to be absolutely picky about it, then you can argue that the lowest conceivable roll is 2 (flat hp, flat def, flat atk and 1 speed) vs 36 (2 max rolls with 5 crit chance and 5 speed) vs 2 minimum (all flat rolls) and 86 (2 max rolls, 5 crit chance and 5 speed, with rolls of 5 in either speed or crit).

Side note: If you are willing to calculate the flat rolls as a % of the units’ stats, for instance a gear has 50 flat def and the unit has 500 def base – You can calculate that 50/500 x 100/1 = 10%. So even though the value is “flat” you can still calculate the value as a % towards understanding the final tally.

Gear Tier Rating

The final tally system for gear can be ascertained as follows.

< 32 = F

32 – 38 = D

39 – 45 = C

46 – 52 = B

53 – 59 = A

60 – 66 = S

67 – 72 = SS

>72 = SSS

The best pieces of gear will have the stats tallied up to being somewhere at 60+. If the gear meets these requirements after reforge then you would classify it in the tier range after the reforge. So in most cases, you want to reforge gear that is at least A tier to maximize the gear’s potential.

Stat Overload

Stat overload is a term I use to refer to gear that’s heavy into one particular stat. The idea is to get that particular stat with at least 30% before reforge. We all unknowingly pursue stat overload when we speed chase. Speeds of 15+ before reforge would equal 30% in another stat and, even if the other rolls are min rolls or not ideal rolls, the fact that the one particular stat is so loaded, the other stat rolls become inconsequential. This is best for units that scale really well on a particular stat or to cover the lack of the particular stat on other pieces.

Crafting and Rolling gear

One of the most painful yet rewarding aspects of the game is rolling a piece of gear that has those stats that just makes you feel as though the last 1302 wyvern runs were absolutely worth it. There is no factor other than RNG involved in rolling gear but, at the very least, this part should help with understanding how to craft and roll.

In terms of crafting, I’d say the most used sets are Speed, Immunity, Crit, Counter in that order. A general rule of thumb to follow is knowing which gear to craft and which to do for equipment conversions. Most people like to craft their off sets as accessories (ring and necklace). I, personally, think this is a bad move. There are 11 rolls in the game atk, atk%, hp, hp%, def, def%, eff, eff res, crit chance, crit damage and speed. Right side gear is unique in the sense that they can have specific main stats but, what’s even more unique imo, is the way the left side gear can be exploited.Concerning gear difficulty, the easiest pieces to roll are weapon and chest then helm and boots, and, finally, necklace and ring. What makes the weapon and chest pieces so unique is that they both can only roll 9 of the 11 stats in the pool. Weapon can’t roll def or def% and chest cannot roll atk or atk%. As a result, it’s much easier to get the targeted stats without hitting any of the weird flat rolls that make pieces feel lackluster while making up the stat pool since it’s much easier to target stats here. Also, since their main stats are always going to be flat atk and flat def, there is less rng involved so you can just focus on the stats. Due to this, your **off set should (usually) be these 2 pieces.**For instance, if you craft a speed hp% ring with damage stats, you wouldn’t feel as bad because it’s still usable by a bruiser. However, if it were a crit set or resist set with those substats, you’d most likely extract it or use it as a charm.The only exception to the off set rule is immunity because it’s universal functionality works like a speed set. That is to say, if you had the same piece of gear with either speed or immunity set, you’d still use it on the unit.

Concerning gear, the rule is simple 18 or older. If the starting stats on the gear don’t add up to 18 then it’s most likely not going to get very far.

Edit – Additionally, if you have a good piece note that – 2 stats are acceptable, 3 is ideal, 4 is perfect. Even on damage gear, hp and def are not dead stats because you still want your unit to have some survivability. Eff res is ok as a 4th stat on damage gear, not a 3rd stat. Effectiveness is decent on damage since most units have some form of debuff or pushback. When enhancing gear, the soft cap is + 9. At this point, depending on the stats rolled, you can continue or drop the piece.

Plus or Dust (+9) If all rolls added were 12 – 14% stats on purple – fodder

If all rolls added were 12 – 14% stats on red but 1 or more rolls went into the non damage stat – fodder (stop if non damage was first or 2nd)

If all rolls added were 12 – 14% stats on red but all the substats were perfect – continue but don’t reforge

If all rolls added were 15 – 17% stats on purple – continue and reforge if the last stat is usable.

If all rolls added were 15 – 17% stats on red but 1 roll went into the non damage stat – continue and reforge (if more than 1 roll went into non damage then stop, unless you have no other gear, in which case, don’t reforge)

If all rolls added were 15 – 17% stats on red with perfect substats – reforge

If all rolls added were 18+ stats on purple – continue and reforge even if the last substat is eff res

If all rolls added were 18+ stats on red but 1 roll went into the non damage stat – continue and reforge. (If the rolls are big and stat overload occurs, then consider giving the piece to another unit if the set is appropriate)

If all rolls added were 18+ stats on red with perfect substats – reforge, screenshot it and then ask (is this gear good?) and enjoy the flex.

2nd edit: changed the values in plus or dust because the numbers over lapped and came across as confusing. (old values were 12 – 15, 15 – 21 and 18 + for reference)

If you made it this far then, once again, I hope this helps you out.

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