Epic Seven Yuna Guide

by E7-Camera

Greetings Summoners,

I’d like to take some of your time to discuss my absolute favorite unit, Yuna! Why? You ask? Do you enjoy raining death over hoards of enemies with robots and lasers? Do you enjoy going FAST? Do you need a unit you can run in every hunt (although I don’t recommend Golem), every raid boss (Even Vera), story stages including world difficulty, and also someone to grace your lobby squad? Well you’re in luck! Yuna does all of these things, and with the right setup and investment she does them really well. What’s the best part? She’s free, no covenant bookmarks required to obtain. Her connection quest is a grind, but in my opinion highly worthwhile.

Disclaimer: Not really a pvp unit, you could make it work but right now in the current meta she’s pretty much a wasted slot, so take that as you will.

Let’s get right to it, starting with her skills, and recommended build.

  • Her S1 Attacks all enemies with a drone, increasing the caster’s Combat Readiness by 6% per target and all other allies’ Combat Readiness by 2% per target. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Speed. When there are three or fewer enemies, damage dealt increases with fewer enemies. (Her S1 Exclusive Equipment gives her an additional 1% CR boost granting you 7% CR per enemy hit) Soulburn increases damage (0.6 ->0.85) for 10 souls.
  1. The recent balance change added in the speed scaling (0.075% Self Speed), which is a very welcomed boost, and also added in team CR push of 2%/target, which is small but noticeable.
  2. Molagora upgrades grant an additional and huge 50% damage boost!
  3. S1 deals 140% to two targets, and 160% to a single target!
  4. Grants 1 Focus stack.
  5. Robots! Lasers! Death!

Conclusion: I recommend maxing her S1 to take full advantage of the very large damage boost. This will turn a middle ground DPS into a very strong DPS that’s capable of satisfying your farming/hunting/raiding needs!

  • Her S2 Buffs all allies with a drone and increases Attack and Speed for 2 turns. This is the bread and butter of her kit! This will take Yuna to the next level and also provide very desirable buffs for the team to help any hunt/raid you may be running, as well as solidify her viability as a farmer for your doggo needs. Her S2 provides perfect synergy with her skills and recommended build, which I’ll get down into below!
  1. The recent balance change reduced the cooldown of this skill by one turn, allowing you to achieve 67% uptime with molagora investments!
  2. Yuna’s S2 Exclusive Equipment grants her S2 the ability to proc a Greater Attack Buff at a 30% chance to all allies individually! This is HUGE!
  3. Grants 2 Focus stacks.
  4. The jiggle!

Conclusion: I recommend maxing this skill (+2) regardless of whether you plan to all in Yuna, or just 0/2/0. 2 turn buffs on a 3 turn cooldown? Yeah it’s very solid.

  • Her S3 Attacks all enemies with an enormous and powerful cannon, inflicting huge damage. Always activates a critical hit. When there are three or fewer enemies, damage dealt increases with fewer enemies. The verbiage here is slightly tilting because you CAN still MISS, and not critically strike. Worth keeping in mind. This skill requires 5 focus! This is the main reason I don’t think she’s very great for PVP, and trust me, I run her in every single thing aside from it and G11, there are just better options.
  1. The recent balance changes added in the “guaranteed critical hit” part, which is very nice for situations like attacking off element (non fire) when you are trying to optimize her build and get lower critical strike chance.
  2. Molagora upgrades grant an additional and huge 50% damage boost!
  3. S1 deals 140% to two targets, and 160% to a single target!
  4. Has a 1.5 multiplier, which really shines at full upgrade, less so when not enhanced.
  5. Panties! Space! More Lasers! More Death!
  6. Her third Exclusive Equipment is a straight 30% damage boost to this skill!

Conclusion: I recommend maxing her S3 out to fully take advantage of the big damage she can put out and make full use of the guaranteed critical strike perk she recently acquired.

Skillup recommendations: 0/2/0 for the casual Yuna fan, 6/2/7 for the true devotee. She’s worth the +15 because she can do SO MUCH if you give her the love she deserves.

Recommended Build:


  • Speed Set- Main
  • Critical Set- Off

Right Side Setup!

  • Critical % Damage necklace
  • Attack % ring
  • Speed boots

Substat Priority!

  1. Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  2. % Crit Chance
  3. % Crit Damage
  4. % Attack
  5. % Health

Target Benchmarks!

  • Look to stack the speed up as high as you can first and foremost. This is the biggest key to unlocking her potential. I would recommend at least 200, and as you approach end game min/maxing shoot for 230/240! The more the better!
  • Critical % Chance should either be 85% or 69% if you plan to run her with a Midnight Bloom on the team.
  • Critical % Damage I would say shoot for 200%, then slowly build it up as you get higher quality equipment, target 250/275%. More is always good!
  • Attack should be prioritized to somewhat follow her critical % damage. Aim for 2500 to start and then slowly work toward 3000+.
  • A dead Yuna is a useless Yuna. I’d shoot for 10k HP and then try to fit in more where you can, should be pretty comfortable with 12k nearing end game build.

Artifact Choice!

  • DDJ when you are running W11, hands down best choice, no contest.
  • IF you have a maxed Reingar Special Drink I’d say it’s her BiS because of the defense penetrating damage proccing on both of her AOE attacks.
  • IF you don’t have a maxed RSD I recommend her artifact Otherworldly Machinery, which we will get enough copies of to max limit break for a huge 16% damage boost!
  • Rosa Hargana is also a viable option, as well as Infinity Basket.
  • Bloodstone can work in very specific settings as well.
  • I recommend bringing someone with Midnight Bloom to get her critical strike chance cap as low as possible while maintaining cap as well!

Exclusive Equipment!

  • I recommend her S2 EE over the other two for pretty much all scenarios. It’s too good!


  1. 3% Attack
  2. 3% Health
  3. Adds in the increase speed buff to her S2
  4. 8% Critical Strike Chance
  5. 6% Attack
  6. 6% Health

Conclusion: Honestly her awakenings are fine, all stats are useful for her build but if we’re being honest I really wish the 3% Health and 6% Health were 2 speed and 4 speed.


  • I would argue that Yuna fits into any comp right now aside from PVP/GW because I just wouldn’t bring her to either. Every team benefits from her S2, and the small CR boosts from her S1 really add up over the length of some fights (Raids specifically).
  • I really like to pair her with Seaside Bellona, Tamarinne, and Angelic Montmorancy. This comp has all the bases covered and doesn’t lack damage in any way. Very solid pairing. Yuna also works well with Furious, especially if you want to run her SUPER low Critical Strike Chance and abuse Furious’s Crit Buff!
  • Her base morale value is 2.50 median, which isn’t the greatest, but you only NEED 26/28 for your 3 run raid setups (https://i.imgur.com/BbFEVJs.jpg)and ~24 for hell raid runs to cover the boss and select mini bosses (https://imgur.com/AzlszEZ)

Additional Considerations:

  1. She’s a free unit through connections
  2. Her event is running right now and you can farm enough imprint materials to SSS her
  3. You can farm max limit break copies of her artifact OM
  4. Her EE grants 10 speed, and her S2 upgrade gives her the potential to have the best attack buff in game if it procs greater attack buff.
  5. She has no debuffs!
  6. She’s Waifu material!
  7. Robots!
  8. Lasers!
  • In all seriousness guys Yuna is a great unit. I think the community was sleeping on her for a long time, but now after the balance changes she’s just too good to pass up. Highly recommend unlocking and using her, highly recommend maining her and giving her the +15!

Posting my Yuna build below as a guideline, not saying she’s the best equipped Yuna on the server, or that every piece is optimized. She’s an ongoing work in progress that I always give the best pieces I roll.


I really hope you enjoy the guide, and that you try her out if you haven’t! Feel free to leave feedback or recommendations/make corrections if I’ve made a mistake etc.

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