COD Warzone How to Win in Plunder Guide

by TastySnackies

This is going to be an informative guide, as the strategies are consistent with winning, but aren’t guaranteed. You’ll more than likely need competent teammates that are either on the same page as you, or aren’t trying to get in gunfights every ten seconds, or don’t collect any money. These tips come from my 33 Plunder wins, with a 5 win streak, so I assume these strategies actually work.

  1. Have a plan in mind. Choose a path in which you’re going to loot, and have backup options prepared, in case a specific area gets too crowded. Or if the location has been depleted, or is lacking in Supply Boxes, it’s good to have backup areas to loot that are near where you are.
  2. Choose to land in areas that consistently have a good number of Supply Boxes scattered throughout. Some great places to land for grinding Supply Boxes would be Boneyard, Promenade East/Promenade West, Train Station, Quarry, Lumber, and Military Base.
  3. Loot as many Supply Boxes as you can. Not only will you accrue a bunch of free XP for opening the boxes, but if you’re able to open at least thirty five boxes a game, you’ll average nearly 700k-1.2 million from them.
  4. Use a class that has Kill-Chain in the blue perk tier. This will help you open UAV and Cash Deposit Balloons in Supply Boxes faster, and more often. The other Killstreaks are nice to utilize, but it’s in my experience that Cash Deposit Balloons appear more often with the Kill-Chain perk equipped.
  5. Spam Cash Deposit Balloons. Even if you’re only holding onto 50K, if you have a balloon in your inventory, and come across another one on the ground, pop the one in your inventory. It’s better to “waste” a balloon on a smaller amount of money, than to lose it by getting sniped from 69TimmyNoThumbs420.
  6. Avoid “Piggies” (Cash Deposit Helicopters). They tell everyone in the area where you are, and will cause people to flock to your position. If your strategy is to kill people and take their money, then this will work. However, with this guide, we’re trying to avoid gunfights whenever necessary.
  7. Avoid going to bunkers in the early game. While these usually have fat stacks, more than a few teams are usually going to also target those same locations to get a nice head start. It’s best to utilize these locations AFTER the Overtime signal has started, or if there happens to be a bunker near where you’re already looting.
  8. Choose and play Contracts effectively. Supply Run contracts give you cheap Cash Deposit Balloons, but you don’t get much money from completing them. Scavenger gives good payouts, but will more than likely cause you to run into other players, on top of making you run around the map more than you really need to. Recon contracts give you decent money, but they act as signals to surrounding players of your location. Bounty contracts give you the best payout, but have the most inherent risk. The riskier the Contract/situation, the more likely you should deposit your cash prior to engaging with the contract.
  9. If you’re going to engage players, do so after Overtime has started. Not only will you get more money from their corpses, but if you’re fighting to stay in the Top 5, or win, you’ll be incentivized to dethrone whoever is at the top. Be careful though, as other people definitely are thinking the same thing, and you’ll find yourself in chaos.
  10. If you die, and still have 150K+ in money that hasn’t been deposited, land somewhere else. Even if your teammates need help, it would generally be a wiser (and less expensive) decision to land in a safer area, and find a way to deposit cash.
  11. If you are afraid of losing a large sum of undeposited cash, dump it in a “hidden” location, and pick it back up at a later time. This is effective if a Bounty contract has targeted you, and you don’t want to lose a fat stack of cash before you’re able to deposit it.
  12. Pay attention to the placement of Supply Boxes. The hum they make is a great indicator to pay attention to, so you can sprint through areas quickly. Most supply boxes will be placed in generally the same areas in specifically shaped buildings. So if you play enough, you’ll be able to know the locations of where Boxes normally spawn, and can confirm by listening to Supply Box hums. This will be an extremely efficient way to run through large chunks of the map, without having to waste time snaking through buildings that may not have many boxes spawned inside of them.
  13. Don’t be afraid to loot in areas that aren’t labeled/POI’s. There are a surprising number of filler buildings that have decent chunks of cash stowed away in them. They can also be used as an effective bridge to earn money within the downtime it takes to move from POI to POI.
  14. Don’t be afraid of Attack Helicopters. Utilize Stopping Power rounds, Barrells that maximize vehicle damage, Launchers, and Killstreaks to take them down, ESPECIALLY in Overtime. It’s free real estate, that is if other people aren’t also focused on the helicopter. This is another strategy where depositing your cash BEFORE engaging is highly suggested.

And that’s pretty much it. You could also run around with a pistol as your secondary, to improve movement speed to loot boxes faster with, but that’s icing on the cake. If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to read them!

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