COD Warzone MP7 Detailed Guide

by Sorangkun

MP7 is one of the best SMGs in Warzone, for sure.

I actually think that it’s surely the best SMG bar none, if used as a sidearm.


TTK = Time to kill

BTK = Bullets to kill

AR = Assault Rifle

SMG = Sub-Machine Guns


Base = 22 ~ 18 ~ 16 ~ 14

Torso = 25 ~ 20 ~ 18 ~ 16

Headshots = 40 ~ 32 ~ 29 ~ 25

Said shortly, headshot efficiency just isn’t that great or important on this gun.

In more detail, a single headshot doesn’t really affect BTK at close range.

While it can if the distance is far enough, since MP7 is a mobile SMG and you don’t usually have an optic equipped, any headshot efficiency that it does have is really lost.

While you could potentially build for a longer ranged headshot build on MP7, honestly you’d be better off just taking a weapon more suited for that playstyle and using this gun as the awesome sidearm that it is to support your other choice.

2. BTK

No Armor5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 84 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 73 ~ 4 ~ 4 ~ 4
1 Armor7 ~ 9 ~ 10 ~ 116 ~ 8 ~ 9 ~ 104 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 6
2 Armors10 ~ 12 ~ 13 ~ 158 ~ 10 ~ 12 ~ 135 ~ 7 ~ 7 ~ 8
3 Armors12 ~ 14 ~ 16 ~ 1810 ~ 13 ~ 14 ~ 167 ~ 8 ~ 9 ~ 10

3. Range

7.5m ~ 11.5m ~15m

MP7 has a range that’s quite short, even when compared to other SMGs.

However, it’s important to note the lower recoil and bigger magazine that it has.

I would say that with those features, even though it’s effective range isn’t the best, you could build and use MP7 for mid to long range engagements.

I actually believe the shorter range efficiency was put into place to balance this weapon, because you can absolutely spam bullets at a sniper and get hits even with the way it is now.

4. TTK

Against an enemy with 3 Armor plates equipped, 568ms

Guns that have faster TTK than MP7 (Without headshots)

– Aug (560ms, 5.56mm ammo: 545ms)

– MP5 (525ms, 10mm ammo: 531ms)

– Striker45 .45 Hollow Point ammo (400ms)

Guns that have slower TTK than MP7(Without headshots)

– P90 (600ms)

– Uzi (712ms, .41 AE ammo: 610ms)

– PP19 Bizon (646ms)

– Striker45 (700ms)

As you can see, the MP7s TTK isn’t really that slow or fast when you compare it to other SMGs at normal range.

One of the features that make MP7 such a great gun is that it actually has a better TTK than any of the other SMGs when you go beyond 60m.

Actually, it has the 10th fastest TTK at those ranges in all of Warzone!

With its low recoil and insane rate of fire, it outperforms even Aug and MP5 in this way.

5. Recoil

The recoil pattern goes up and to the right.

Even though there is a bit of randomness in the pattern, the gap between the bullets is very consistent.

Because of that consistency, the recoil is quite easy to control.

6. Features

MP7 has the second best mobility among SMGs, and its recoil is really easy to control.

The rapid rate of fire that it totes is the second fastest in the game. (FR 5.56 is technically faster, but because it’s a 3 burst shot weapon it’s not really the same and I won’t include that in the comparison)

MP7 also has better hipfire accuracy than any other gun in Warzone, which allows it to melt down anything at close range without even needing to aim down the sight.

7. Comparison


I honestly think that MP5 is the only SMG that can at least try to compete with MP7.

Compared to MP7, MP5 has a longer range and a faster TTK.

However, while MP7 can extend its magazine size up to 60 rounds, MP5 can only go up to 45.

This is a huge downside for MP5 in Warzone, where you frequently face multiple enemies in a single engagement.

MP5 quickly loses its strength depending on how far away your target is, where MP7 still shines even at longer ranges. It technically has lower range in stats, but still does better in play with its great recoil and low damage drop off.

If you feel that what you need is a PDW that is just for super close range, like in buildings, MP5 is a solid option. However, if you’re looking for an SMG that can be used in various situations, definitely give MP7 a try.

8. Recommended Build

ADS: Aim down sight speed

Sprint out: Sprint to Fire Speed

Aim Stabilization: Reduces shakiness while aiming down. Apart from actual recoil, when you areusing high magnification and on certain guns, the optic itself will be shakingback and forth a lot. This stat also helps to reduce that.

Recoil Control: Reduces the amount of recoil.

Recoil Stabilization: Reduces the randomness of recoil, making the bullet pattern more uniformand efficient.

MP7 can get the maximum range stat just by using either monolithic suppressor or the recon barrel.

However, even though its close range efficiency can be maximized with just one of them, its mid and long ranged radiuses can be extended further as the range bonus from attachments get bigger.

In regular multiplayer mode, this extra range really isn’t essential and you’ll probably be wasting attachment slots taking them.

But in Warzone, where long ranged combat is very common, I highly recommend taking both the monolithic suppressor and the recon barrel, to maximize the benefits you get at big distances.

While I’ve recommended multiple builds on other guns, I only have a single build for MP7 that I personally feel works the best.

Balanced Build

Monolithic Suppressor

ADS +1 Frame, Range +7.5%, Sound Suppression

Merc foregrip

ADS +1 Frame, Enhanced Recoil Control, Enhanced Hipfire Accuracy

FSS Recon Barrel

Range +30% (Faster Bullet Velocity) , ADS +2 Frames, Movement Speed -2%, Enhanced Recoil Control

No Stock

Sprintout +20%, ADS -2.5 frames, Movement Speed +4%, -Recoil Control, -Aim stabilization

Extended Magazines

50 Rounds Mag: ADS +1 Frame, Movement Speed -2%

60 Rounds Mag: ADS +1 Frame, Movement Speed -4%


Range +37.5%

Sound Suppression

Enhanced Recoil Control

Enhanced Hipfire Accuracy

Sprintout +20%


ADS -2.5 Frames

Movement Speed -0% ~ -2% (Even with -2%, still faster than ARs, Most SMGs)

-Aim stabilization

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