COD Warzone M13 Loadout Guide

by Sorangkun

I’m a player who has a lot of experience on fps games, and also I’ve uploaded a lot of loadout guides on a Korean website a lot like Reddit that have helped people.

I felt like maybe I could do the same here!

I’ve noticed a lot of people haven’t realized how good m13 is, especially for Warzone, after it got buffed. I have won a lot of games with it already, and just wanted to share my loadout and thoughts.

Any critiques or questions are of course welcome, but please be respectful because I’m just trying to help.


TTK = Time to kill

BTK = Bullets to kill

AR = Assault Rifle

LMG = Light Machine Gun


Base = 24 ~ 19

Headshots = 36 ~ 28

2. BTK (Bullets to Kill)

ArmorBase BTKHeadshot BTK
No armor5 ~ 63 ~ 4
1 Armor7 ~ 85 ~ 6
2 Armor9 ~ 116 ~ 8
3 Armor11 ~ 147 ~ 8

The BTK is a bit higher than other guns, but headshot efficiency is amazing!

In most situations, depending on distance and how many armor plates your enemy has, every time you land a headshot the BTK decreases by 1.

Which is to say that if you needed 7 shots to kill the enemy, after you get a headshot the total goes down to 6 instead.

The more headshots you can land, of course, the better.

Without headshots it has the second slowest TTK among rifles.

However, with just 1 headshot, the TTK is faster than gun and gets a similar TTK to gun.

So you can see how good (and important) headshot efficiency is on this weapon.

3. Range


With .300 Blackout ammunition the range increases by roughly 17.5% and it becomes 40 meters,

which is even longer than some LMGs!

4. TTK (Time to Kill)

Against an enemy with 3 Armor plates equipped, 667ms

Guns that have faster TTK than M13 (Without headshots)

– Kilo 141 (640ms)

– FN FAL (511ms)

– AK 47 (536ms / 5.45 ammunition 545ms)

– M4A1 (600ms / 9mm ammunition 551ms / Socom ammunition 500ms)

– ODEN (585ms)

– RAM 7 (558ms)

– Grau 5.56 (658ms)

Guns that have slower TTK than M13 (Without headshots)

– FR 5.56 (834ms)

– SCAR (737ms)

As you can see, the TTK on M13 is slower than most other ARs without headshots.

That being said, when the distance is longer than 60m, which is outside of the ideal range for most ARs, M13 has the 8th fastest TTK in the entire game,

and it has the 4th fastest TTK among ARs.

Naturally, this can be different depending on setups.

For instance, if you decide to go for only range on other ARs, massively reduce the range M13, or go for another extreme setup that sacrifices some aspect of the weapon to really maximize a specific trait of the gun. But, generally speaking, on a regular build this is the case.

5. Recoil

The recoil pattern goes to the right and up, but you can reduce it far enough that it’s hardlynoticeable.

6. Why I recommend giving M13 a chance

So mainly this is for players that like to use ARs. If you prefer Sniper Rifles or LMGs, the bonus of not losing out on long ranged damage that M13 gets is fairly minimal.

But if you want to use an AR that is adaptable, and has the option to even be okay at long ranges, you’ve only got a few choices. I’m going to compare M13 to them below.


This gun is pretty renowned for its insane range and damage.

But it’s mobility is absolutely horrible!

Beyond that, to maximize Oden’s TTK you have to go for upper torso shots.

Now you might ask why that’s a problem, and that’s where the incredibly slow rate of fire the weapon has comes into play.

Let’s say you miss just one or two shots, which is really easy to do with the way players move.

In just those couple of seconds you will be mowed down by their faster weapons that may have needed more bullets to kill you, but were able to fire way more bullets than you could in the first place.

M13 has a much more forgiving recoil, and has a way faster rate of fire.

When you are engaging against an Oden, or a sniper for that matter, you can actually give them a ton of aim punch (their aim gets super shaky), letting you finish them off with relative ease.

On top of that, M13 has way better mobility than Oden, allowing for nicer rotations and even some possible flanking that the other gun can’t compete with.

Grau 5.56 and Kilo 141

These guns objectively have faster TTKs than M13 once you get down to a distance that’s closer than, say, 50m. Beyond that M13s TTK is higher.

Still, some people will feel that using the other guns is a better idea because of the higher close range TTK.

I would argue, however, that once you get under 50m M4A1 or RAM7 will out TTK them, too.

There’s a lot more to a weapon than the flat TTK, and all of the above weapons have their potential, so I wouldn’t rule M13 out just for that weaker point.

Especially considering that aforementioned headshot efficiency, which is where the weapon truly shines. So going for headshots is pretty universally important in all FPS games, and MW is no exception to that rule.

But M13 has a much better headshot efficiency compared to Grau and Kilo, or most weapons for that matter. While their damage goes up on a headshot, M13s damage goes WAY up.

Grau and Kilo may have a higher flat TTK, which is a good quality. But M13, on the other hand,

actually rewards skilled players by greatly increasing its TTK without sacrificing mobility or range.


When people want to use an AR for long range, FAL is definitely an option.

At range, FAL’s TTK is faster than any AR.

However, FAL is a weapon that is difficult to build in a way that is very adaptable.

You can’t really make it good with recoil control, range, and mobility all at once, and will have to make sacrifices somewhere.

Beyond that, like Oden, FAL requires upper torso shots. And worse than Oden, it’s single fire.

At range, and with sight advantage, that isn’t going to be a problem. However, when an enemy is in your face or moving around a lot, it can be extremely difficult to get the shots in that you need, when you need them, which takes its TTK from amazing down to nothing.

That’s not to say it’s a bad weapon, because objectively it’s great. But it’s just not for everybody, and the fact that it’s a single shot weapon honestly puts it in a different category of weapons than M13 is to begin with.

Apples and oranges, if you will. Every player will have their preference between the two, and neither is wrong.

7. Recommended Build

ADS: Aim down sight speed

Sprint out: Sprint to Fire Speed

Aim Stabilization: Reduces shakiness while aiming down. Apart from actual recoil, when you areusing high magnification and on certain guns, the optic itself will be shakingback and forth a lot. This stat also helps to reduce that.

Recoil Control: Reduces the amount of recoil.

Recoil Stabilization: Reduces the randomness of recoil, making the bullet pattern more uniformand efficient.

Regular Build

Monolithic Suppressor

ADS +1 Frame, Range +7.5%, Sound Suppression

Tempus Marksman Barrel

ADS +3 Frames, Range +33% (Faster Bullet Velocity), Movement Speed -3%, Enhanced Recoil Control

Tac Laser

ADS -2 Frames, Enhanced Aim stabilization, Laser visible to an enemy on Aim down

Even though the laser is visible to the enemy on Aim down

because the map on Warzone is quite big, The lighting is also quite strong,

I don’t think it’s a huge down side.

Extended Magazines

50 Rounds Mag: Movement Speed -1%

60 Rounds Mag: Movement Speed -2.5%


Range +40.5% (Faster Bullet Velocity)

Sound Suppression

Enhanced Recoil Control

Enhanced Aim stabilization


Laser visible to an enemy on Aim down

ADS +2 Frames (+ 0.2 ~ 4 Depends on the Optic)

Movement Speed -4% ~ 5.5%

Stealthy .300 Blackout Conversion Build / This build should always be with Ghost perk.

Monolithic Suppressor

ADS +1 Frame, Range +7.5%, Sound Suppression

Tempus Marksman Barrel

ADS +3 Frames, Range +33% (Faster Bullet Velocity), Movement Speed -3%, Enhanced Recoil Control

Ranger Foregrip

ADS +1 Frames, Enhanced Aim stabilization, Enhanced Recoil Control

.300 Blackout Conversion Kit

Range + 17.6% (+ Range, – Bullet Velocity), No Death marker, No Bullet trail, – Recoil Control


ADS -1 Frame, – Aim Stabilization


Range +58.1%

Sound Suppression

Enhanced Aim stabilization


Laser visible to an enemy on Aim down

ADS +4 Frames

– Recoil Control

Movement Speed -3%

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