Genshin Impact Shop and Battle Pass Guide

by TerafiedGaming

AR20 is when the Battle Pass unlocks which could drastically alter your approach to playing this game you are now addicted too. For this reason, this is the moment you will need knowledge going forward.

I have been getting questions on stream about the shop and battle pass so made this guide as many are just now reaching Rank 20 and unlocking the battle pass! In this write-up I am going to tell you all the need to know information about the shop and battle pass.

Shop Features:

Gift Shop.

  • Monthly Card. The monthly card can be bought for $5 USD and is known as “Blessing of the Welkin Moon”. Purchasing the monthly card will give 300 Genesis Crystals (paid currency can be converted to Primogems) immediately and 2,700 Primogems over the course of 30 days. 3,000 Primogems can be used for the gacha or to replenish your resin (energy) and is worth anywhere between $23 at best price value through $37 USD at worst price value by my math. This makes the monthly card insanely valuable for those wanting to support the game and get the best bang for their buck. You do have the option to buy the monthly card up to 6 months in advance, but there is not any incentive to doing so.
  • Weekly Packs. There are two weekly packs which can be bought for 300 or 980 Genesis Crystals. I personally do not think these packs are worth their cost at all. They give resources to level up your characters and weapons yet unless you are leveling up an absurd amount of characters and weapons at the same time, you’ll get these resources through other means while playing through the game.

Paimon’s Exchange.

  • Primogems. Everyone probably already knows this part of the shop well. You can buy either Intertwined or Acquaint Fates for 160 Primogems each to use in the gacha. I recommend checking out my content piece where-in I explain the gacha system if you are at all confused about how to best utilize your resources linked at the end of this write-up.
  • Masterless Starglitter. You will get Masterless Starglitter from pulling 4* or 5* character dupes or when you pull a 4* or 5* weapon for the first time. You will receive 2 Starglitter for 4* items and 10 Starglitter for 5* items. Starglitter is not plentiful so it is important that you do not misuse this limited resource. In this portion of the shop, you can buy Acquaint or Intertwined fate for 5 Starglitter each. 4* characters for 34 Starglitter which are speculated to cycle out of the shop every month. 4* weapons for 24 Starglitter. Last you can buy higher end ascension materials for 2 Starglitter each. Most of this stuff is a complete waste of your Starglitter. Purchasing 4* characters or 4* weapons is where most of the value will come from. As of right now, the 4* character Razor is featured in this shop and is totally worth grabbing and the best 4* weapon in the bunch in my opinion is the Blackcliff Pole. The Royal 4* weapons are good but not outstanding, so may be a waste of resources.
  • Masterless Stardust. Regardless if you are f2p you will potentially be flooded by Masterless Stardust. Pulling a 3* weapon will reward you with 15 Stardust. In this shop you can buy Intertwined or Acquaint Fates, resources to level up your character or weapon, Mora and ascension materials. You are capped out on purchasing 5 of each fate type per month and this is totally worth cleaning out. Right now you can buy these for 40% off for 75 Stardust each but they are normally 125 Stardust each. Other than that, the only other purchase I recommend getting is the 10,000 Mora for 10 Stardust each capped at 30 purchases per month.

(Cash) Genesis Crystals. The last thing in the shop to no one’s surprise is the cash shop portion. This is where you can buy genesis crystals which can be converted to Primogems or used to buy those weekly packs mentioned earlier. The first purchase of any Genesis Crystal amount will give double the Genesis Crystals. Past that, at standard rates, buying the $100 Genesis Crystal Top-Up will provide around $2 per pull in the gacha.

Battle Pass Features:

The battle pass will become unlocked at Adventure Rank 20 and gives 45 days to complete. There are 50 levels present within the battle pass providing a plethora of worthwhile rewards for completing all of them. There are daily, weekly, and over-all battle pass missions which can be mostly gotten through just playing the game. However, completing all 50 levels will take dedication and may be out of reach without heavy playtime or willingness to buy battle pass levels for 150 Primogems each.

Free. The free track of the battle pass will provide a meager amount of character and weapon enhancing resources alongside some mora. You will also be given 5 Acquaint Fate if you complete all 50 levels of the battle pass or otherwise known as 1 Acquaint fate per 10 levels. The free track is honestly lack-luster and not something I would go out of my way to complete all 50 levels for due to the time commitment.

Paid. The paid track cost $10 (or $20 for those wanting to start 10 levels ahead w/ 5 fragile resin) and gives triple the amount of character and weapon enhancing resources alongside a ton of mora. You will also receive 4 Intertwined Fates, 680 Primogems and skill books to advance character skills. Additionally, at Battle Pass Level 30 you will unlock a weapon crate with top tier 4* weapons present. I think for $10 it is a no brainer to upgrade to the paid battle pass as the time spent in-game trying to collect these resources will be an astronomical time investment. For those that I have convinced to upgrade their battle pass, I think the Deathmatch Polearm and Serpent Spine Claymore are the best weapons from the crate. The other weapons are good for specific characters or situations though!

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