Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide

by blackkat101

This is also know known as the:

Geo-Fischl Build

Japanese Video of the Skill-Idiot Albedo.

Since that’s what the youtuber is essentially calling him, we’ll just go with that.

Here’s the quick TL;DR of the video

  • Main point of this build is to just cast his E and swap out.
  • Harbringer of Dawn is BiS for Skill-idiot builds
  • 4-Petra > 2-Petra 2-Defender with Def/Geo/Crit for artifacts
  • c2 > c3 > c6 are the main ones to look at, but for a skill-idiot build, those are only extra and no constellations are needed
  • Skill > Burst > Normals is how you want to level your skills and honestly don’t need to touch his normals, you’re not using them.

In an updated video, he has his stats at:

  • Lvl 90 Albedo
  • Lvl 90 Harbinger of Dawn
  • Talent levels 3 / 7 / 6
  • He sadly dosn’t have any decent sets for him, so is using a 2-piece Petra and nothing else. He does not have the gear to make a full Petra set that he wants to use. So the other 3 pieces are random parts just chosen for the rolls.
  • Main Stats are DEF% / Geo% / DEF%
  • Constellation Zero.
  • 2007 DEF
  • 65.7% Crit Rate
  • 169.1% Crit DMG
  • 90.4% Geo DMG

With the above stats, he is getting (seen in this updated video):

  • When HP of the enemy is above 50%, blossoms were dealing 3473 damage on a normal hit and 9349 on a critical hit.
  • When HP of the enemy is below 50%, blossoms were dealing 3930 damage on a normal hit and 10576 on a critical hit.

Of course that damage can happen every 2s.

Thankfully the blossoms do not fully consume the elements, so you can use him to supplement damage in any party.

The main focus for this is of course, his Skill.

It is noted that if you use him with Zhongli, only the center of is a construct (can resonate with Zhongli’s pillar), but the resonance from both the pillar and the construct can trigger the Albedo’s blossoms as well.


  • Harbinger of Dawn: Only a 3-star making it really easy to max out. It may have a low base 39 ATK, but we don’t care about that, as the Blossoms only scale off DEF. The Blossoms however can crit and that’s what this sword offers. It offers a nice 46.9% Crit DMG and at the easy to achieve R5, you get 28% Crit Rate when over 90% HP. With him never being on the field for any extended period of time, this is easily maintained. It is his E’s BiS weapon as long as you maintain your HP. Dealing more DPS than Festering Desire at R5 by a bit. This is by far his Best in Slot weapon. Use it. You should have it.
  • Festering Desire: While not as good as Stringless that helps both Skill and Burst, for Albedo, that’s fine. We don’t care about the Burst either with this build (not that it’s not nice to still be able to do some damage with it, it’s extra large scale AoE damage). This, once you have R5 through the event, will over 32% Skill DMG and 12% Skill Crit Rate. Perfect for boosting the Blossoms. The energy recharge substat is nice, but not as important, but will allow even more burst spam along with it’s higher base 42 ATK to help that burst. In the end even for his E though, it deals less than Harbinger of Dawn and again, the skill doesn’t affect his Q at all. Still the second best choice (and during the event, x1.5 exp bonus along with guaranteed R5, so raise for someone else if Albedo’s not using it).

The new 5-star Sword, as well as the other 5-star swords, are actually terrible for him since none of them boost DEF or his Skill DMG. So they won’t be helping his Blossoms. So yay, you can ignore the rare stuff.

Here’s a video by Krush SG explaining exactly how much better Harbinger of Dawn is than Festering Desire.

To further add on how much Harbinger of Dawn is over everything else for Albedo, Kleeful’s Albedo Albacus (included in the artifact section below) shows in even greater detail just how much better it is.

Artifact Recommendations

Here is a hopefully easy to understand comparison of the main combinations of Artifact sets used on Albedo

Forgot to add the note that the calculator was set for 3 Fatal Blossom hits on the Q, meaning you got lucky and essentially are doing the most with your Q. Instead of just the 1 guaranteed or the more often than not 2 blossom (I forgot to change it to 2, which I normally would do as that would be the average…. ah well).

It is also only set to 5 Transient Blossoms from his E. Given that you can do more than that (and less) depending on positioning and making sure you trigger them as fast as possible, you can technically get up to 15….. So that number for the E could almost triple in an ideal situation. Further pushing up how good the Defender build is…..

Here is an extra on why it is better to have Crit Stats on your Circlet over DEF%. Just a simple comparison.

Will possibly add another chart later with crit stat variances in substats, but that’s a lot of extra work and only really needed to see how much better or where the breaking point would be between crit stats and DEF% in the substats. Since in general, just adding the same crit stats to any of the previous set combinations with those DEF% values will affect the numbers in the same way.

As of note, getting 60-80% DEF in just Substats alone is about 2-3 rolls towards DEF% on a stat that was there from the start (meaning a 5-star with 4 substats at +0 or a 4-star with 4 substats at +4). Depending on the rarity, you can get 3-5 substat rolls onto those base 4. So this is achievable along with still getting 2-3 substats towards crit stats. So the numbers shouldn’t be unreasonable. On top of which, this is assuming you got the average in the roll (since rolls are variable in how much the roll is worth. See the wiki for more on that if you didn’t know).

Of course these are endgame comparisons, as Albedo, the Harbinger of Dawn and the artifacts are maxed out. So do keep that in mind. Play with the following if you want to tweak the stats to exactly what you personally have if you would like…..

And here is Kleeful’s Albedo Albacus used to make this shiny chart (saved me from doing all the math, which I admitadly already was halfway done with myself than found this….. so scrapped all that work and made my life easier. Thanks Kleeful (I mean it….).

  • 4-piece Archaic Petra: This allows him for a full use of a 5-star set for those extra stat rolls. Geo DMG boost that helps him. As well as the occasional “Oh, I see a crystal of my carries element”, swap to Albedo, grab it for the boost, then swap back. The damage from Albedo himself is the weakest of the combinations, but not by much and it can provide a good boost to your carry if you use it well. This set should only be used if your Carry is of the Pyro/Electro/Hydro/Cryo variety, as they are the only ones that can benefit from the Petra’s bonus.
  • 2-piece Archaic Petra with 2-piece Defender’s Will. This set allows for the hardest hitting E’s. It may force you to have two 4-star artifacts (preferably in the Flower and Feather slots, so as not to affect his E’s damage), but it will probably be the favored set by most. This set should generally be taken by those with a Geo or Anemo Carry (or by players that don’t want to have to think about making Albedo pick up crystals).

Because this is the Skill-Idiot build, no other sets really need be considered. Noblesse is nice for his burst, but it doesn’t help his blossoms at all. Unless your rolls are perfect to take advantage of having 2 more on each of those 5-stars (that defenders was forced to be 4-star on), the damage difference might not make up enough.

Plus, again, this guide is an E focused build. But it’s nice to see the comparison…..

For main stats, you want: DEF% / Geo% / Crit Stats (whichever is needed more).

On Substats, go for: Crit Stats > DEF% > Flat DEF.

If you are making him a BurstBot, Krush SG on youtube has tested and Noblesse does boost his Q’s extra blossom’s damage, so that is an option as well if you decide to do a different build and focus on that. This option pulls away from either support from a full Petra or takes away from a bonus that would further boost his E. With this build you also are not focusing on ATK stats, so this boost to his Q through Noblesse will not be as big as with other characters.

Added BonusWith math done in another thread, we find that Defender’s vs Gambler’s 2-piece is almost exactly the same, leading only to generally a 1% difference in Defender’s favor (I honestly thought it would be neck and neck with Gambler’s ahead by a little, but ah well). So for E, it doesn’t matter which you use. However if you have his c2, then Defender’s wins by a long shot, as it affects his Q, while Gambler’s does not.


You don’t need them at all for the Skill-Idiot build, but here are the thoughts on them anyway.

  • c1 isn’t worth much in this build by itself.
  • c2 is probably his best constellation and gives meaning to his c1 , boo, see note below…..
  • c3 is really nice to further boost your Blossom’s power
  • c6 is nice, but not worth it.

Didn’t really have comments on c4, which does nothing for this build.

Or c5, which is a pure Burst boost, so again, nothing for this build.

In other words, if you’re going for Constellations: c3 > c6 > c2 and the other’s are not worth thinking about.

NOTE, it seems his c2 is just worded stupidly poorly and it only affects his Q. IT DOES NOTHING FOR HIS E.

So now it is worth as much to this build as c1 is….. not a lot. c1 and c2 do work well together and with the DEF, again it will help since you will pop out some Q’s, but that’s not the main focus of this build.

Further note from testing his c1. From what I can tell, it does not generate energy unless Albedo is on the field. Thus this is purely a carry constellation and will have no benefit to this build.

Further note on the further note….., I have been getting mixed notes on the c1. Some have agreed that it doesn’t work off field and a couple have said that it does. I guess it needs further testing. For now though, I’m going to play it safe in saying that it doesn’t. Since if it does, that’s always a good thing, but it would be terrible to say it does work when it doesn’t, only to let one down….

Personally, I feel that

  • If you’re at c0, it’s not worth rolling for c1, as it won’t help this build.
  • If you’re at c1 already, roll for c2 so that his Q does better damage with this DEF build.
  • If you’re at c2 and really want to maximize his E, roll for that c3. It is, in my opinion his best constellation for this build.
  • If you’re at c3, it’s not worth rolling more, as the next two constellations are just…. eh…….
  • If for some silly reason you’re at c5, definitely just finish him off for that c6 as 17% DMG boost is reaaaally nice and super easy to maintain shields for the boost because of his E. But this is super whale territory. Though if again, you’re already got him to c5, you’re almost there, so just finish it…….

Thankfully, in general, Albedo doesn’t need his constellations. Especially for an E build.

Talent Order

Being a Skill-Idiot build:

  • E is obviously most important. It’s what makes Albedo who he is.
  • Q is there more as a just because, if he’s doing any damage himself, this is where it’s from.
  • Normals/Charged doesn’t really need to be leveled at all, you’re not using his attacks in this build and they’re just okay. He can do normal>charged>walk cancel if you were to make him a carry for some reason. But again, that’s not for this build.

There we go, hope that helps some people with their Albedo Skill-Idiot Builds.

He’s essentially a Geo Fischl without offensive reactions.

In terms of how he works and how one would normally use him.

Of course if you want to make him a Burst-Bot or turn him into a Carry, those are other build options as well, just not really covered here.

Do note that his E construct doesn’t work in the same places as any other character’s construct.

Such as GeoMC’s Meteors, Ningguang’s Screens and Zhongli’s Pillars.

This makes this style of build for Albedo kind of worthless on these bosses.

Guessing that miHoYo was afraid that people would mess up the A.I. of the boss with odd placements.

So Oceanid is right out. Childe can instant break it, but you can play it right by summoning it far enough away so that the boss is right at the edge to make use of it a little. Same can be done on some of the other ones too.

Just note that this is this build’s second biggest weakness.

With the biggest weakness for this build being that he cannot use his blossoms to break shields.

This is odd for a Geo character, which are know for being able to do so….

But you should have 3 other party members who can break shields, so that shouldn’t be a problem in the end (hopefully).

Extra note, the Monster Hunter Math Guys (Jinx and Tuner) have found that:

  • Albedo’s Energy Particle Generation is random. They only did a bit over a half an hour of testing yesterday on it, but just like with Zhongli, it is inconsistant. Super sad on that part.
  • The extra blossoms on his Q cast are can also be random (see new note below). You can at most hit 2-3 of those extra hits on a single enemy (and that’s talking large enemies like Ruin Guards). So NO, you will not be getting all 7 hits on the enemy and more than likely, even on large enemies, you’ll only get one extra blossom to hit. The 2-3 is if you’re really lucky. This makes these extra blossoms only amazing if there is a large group of spread out enemies, so that each blossom has a chance to hit something.

They liked to comment that Albedo is a gacha filled character (calling the random things he does that). Gacha particle generation and Gacha bonus damage on Q.

They are going to be doing extra testing on him though to see if they an find anything they missed. However they did have some instances where they only got one particle in 10s, which is terrible. To sometimes having 4 particles in 10s, which is great. But because again it is so random, it’s hard to plan on it.

Update on MHMG’s thoughts on Albedo: In their final conclusion (above is their initial thoughts), they think that he’s a really good support and probably the most “balanced 5-star” in the game. Not doing anything amazing, but not doing anything to terrible either. They still think his energy generation is pretty bad (60% chance or so to get a particle on a blossom), but the damage he offers makes up for that. That and he can easily be slotted into any team. They do not think he is a “must pull” character because of that (which they only deem towards characters like Venti and Diluc for 5-stars). But again, they do think he is a good character none the less.

New Note: As shown by redditor CCCchryse in their thread here, ONE fatal blossom is targeted on an enemy. Meaning if there are 7 enemies, every single one of the Fatal Blossoms will hit something guaranteed. It is when there are less enemies, especially 1 or 2, that you start getting RNG. So against one enemy, 1 will guarantee to hit and the other 6 then become random.

This also means that Venti (and to a lesser extent Sucrose and the AnemoMC) is great for gathering enemies in one spot, then casting his burst so that all those AoE Fatal Blossoms bloom in the same area to maximize his damage.

Extra extra note.

From the above, I highly agree with the redditior CCCchryse, who mentions that Ningguang is amazing with him.

  • Ningguang as the main carry, she a single target DPS queen.
  • Albedo offers her much wanted AoE to everything she does with his E.
  • Albedo’s Q we now know helps clear groups. (More so if you have c2 with this build, since you’ll have a DEF focus.)
  • Ningguang is essentially already self sufficient in her Energy Generation, meaning you don’t have to worry about the randomness in Albedo’s Particles. They’ll be more of a bonus instead of trying to plan around it.
  • Geo Resonance of course (when 1.3 eventually comes, this will be extra nice).

Extra extra extra note (wooo…. how many more of these will there be?).

Interresting thing to note on his E.

Albedo’s E snapshots stats on cast.

This was first found out with the Harbinger of Dawn. If he casts E while above 90% HP, the E has the boosted Crit Rate. And if he takes damage to below that while his E is still up, it still has said Crit Rate. Giving you time to heal yourself up before you cast E again. Vice versa, if you are below 90%, cast E and then heal up above it, the E will still not have the crit rate boost.

This however does not work for the Geo Resonance boost. It is the only thing that sadly does not snapshot….

Of course, make sure you’re topped up on HP before casting E if you’re using Harbinger of Dawn.

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