Genshin Impact Gacha Wish System Guide

by TerafiedGaming

Gacha System Explained

There are two types of gacha currencies known as Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates which can be used for wishing for characters and weapons. Each wish takes one fate.

  1. Acquaint Fate – Gacha currency used on beginner and standard banner.
  2. Intertwined Fate – Gacha currency used on limited promotional character and weapon banners.

There are multiple ways to acquire these fates in-game however for F2P players these summoning resources are somewhat sparse. For those willing to pay even a little, it can make a huge impact on your summoning resources. The paid currency in Genshin Impact is known as Genesis Crystals which can be transformed into Primogems to buy Acquaint or Intertwined Fates for 160 Primogems each. There are multiple other sources for these fates which you’ll get through your adventures, but I will not be going into detail for farming those as I want to keep this focused on how the gacha system works.

Pulling Rates

Whenever wishing for characters or weapons you can receive 3* weapons, 4* weapons, 4* characters, 5* weapons or 5* characters. In general, 5*’s are more sought after but 4*’s are very good and should not be underestimated. These will each have a different probability of pulling.

3* weapons – Acquired at a rate of 94.3%

4* weapons or characters – Acquired at a rate of 5.1%

5* weapons or characters – Acquired at a rate of .6%

These rates can be seen as abysmally low but there is a safeguard in place known as the pity system to help combat such low pulling chances.

How the Pity System functions

The pity system will reward a guaranteed item of a certain rarity once a certain number of pulls are done. These differ slightly depending on the banner type you pull on.

  • 4-Star Pity: Guaranteed 4-star or above every 10th wish if you have not pulled one.
  • 5-Star Pity: Guaranteed 5-star every 90th wish if you have not pulled one.
  • Featured 4-Star Pity: 50% chance on first 4-Star item being a featured character. If a 4-star featured character is not pulled, 100% chance on the second 4-star item being a featured character. Resets on successfully pulling a featured 4* character.
  • Promotional 5-Star Pity: 50% chance on first 5-Star item being promotional character. If 5-star promotional character is not pulled, 100% chance on the second 5-star item being the promotional character. Resets on successfully pulling a promotional 5* character.

Banner Types Explained

As stated earlier, there are multiple banner types which use either Acquaint or Intertwined Fates.

  • Beginner Banner – Banner for new players which can be wished on for a 20% reduced amount of Acquaint Fates. A maximum of 20 wishes can be performed on this banner however unlike other banners, you can only receive characters from this banner. This banner is a must-pull on starting out in the game as the other Acquaint Fate standard banner has a higher chance to receive weapons on than characters.
  • Standard Banner – The standard banner is a non-limited time banner possessing all the starting 5* and 4* characters and weapons in it. Like the beginner banner this one also uses Acquaint Fate for wishes. The most important thing to note is there is a higher chance of pulling weapons from the standard banner as there are more 5* and 4* weapons than characters in the summoning pool. For example, there are 5, 5* characters and 10, 5* weapons in the standard banner meaning 2/3rd of the 5*’s pulled will be weapons. Paired with the abysmal .6% pulling rate, 5* characters are barren in this banner.
  • Limited Promotional Banner – Limited promotional banners work very differently than the beginner or standard banner. They will use intertwined fate rather than acquaint fate as your wishing resource. While the pulling rates of 4* or 5* items do not change, there is a drastically higher chance of pulling the promotional or featured characters you are after.
  • Limited Weapons Banner – Similar to the limited promotional banner except no 5* characters are present on the banner and the 4* and 5* pulling rates are slightly higher. This banner will also use Intertwined Fate rather than Acquaint Fate as your wishing resource. I’m not going to speak heavily into the weapon gacha but these banners should not be overlooked as weapons can make a huge impact to your power.

Starting Strategies

I am not recommending people to reroll due to the current banning news in CN.

  • F2P Strategy –Use all starting Acquaint Fate on the 20x wishes for the beginner banner which will reward a guaranteed Noelle. Use rest of acquired Acquaint Fate on standard banner immediately or for safety, save any more acquired Acquaint Fate to see if the standard banner will be the only one that uses it or if the banner will ever be updated. Wait for limited banners with 4* featured characters or dupes you want and buy Intertwined Fates with Primogems to pull for those 4* characters. It is highly unlikely to ever max out 5* characters constellations as a F2P player so my advice is to not pull for 5*s. However, 4* characters are extremely unique and can be just as good. Now as for managing your resources as a F2P, Primogems are used for both original resin which is the energy system required to continue progressing in the game and to buy additional fates to use in the gacha. Figuring out a balance between restoring resin and buying wishes will depend on you. I recommend never going past 3 resin restorations as the cost becomes quite expensive taking almost a full summon or more beyond 3 resin restores.
  • Dolphin Strategy – Use all starting Acquaint Fate on the 20x wishes for the beginner banner which will reward a guaranteed Noelle. Use rest of acquired Acquaint Fate on standard banner immediately. Wait for limited 5* promotional character or 4* featured characters you want. Pity out the 5* on the limited banner and aim to max constellation 4* featured characters you want. Restore original resin as you please. While the official prices are not currently out on genesis crystals, this strategy should keep your budget in check. The game appears to be very stingy on F2P resources, however paid resources are speculated to be quite a bit more bountiful.
  • Whale Strategy – DO WHATEVER YOU WANT…

I hope you now know exactly how the gacha system works in Genshin Impact. This gacha system took me a little while to wrap my head around but I hope I brought you a little bit of clarity.

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