Genshin Impact Clear Spiral Abyss Floor 7 F2P Guide

by Remicaster1

This guide aims for 6 starts only, not fully clear with 9 stars

Skirmishers Mechanics

here I will breakdown the 6 Fatui Skirmishers that can be found on this Floor. It is important to know which element could break their shield effectively as it saves a lot of your time, reducing your room of mistakes.

Generally Skirmishers shields must be broken with respective element because it reduces a lot of damage taken for non-effective elements. Also Skirmishers will be empowered when they gained a shield, and breaking their shield will temporary stunning them for roughly 7 seconds.

Hydrogunner– Heals allies, hydro shield. Only appears at First half. This shield cannot be countered with any element effectively currently (Electro seems to be the most effective, but still fairly weak), if he appears, you must put priority on him as he heals and the shield can’t be break easily. He will fire hydro bubbles to freeze you when he gain a shield, if he stays alive for too long, best is to restart the chamber.

Pyroslinger – Sniper with high damage, pyro shield. Only appears in Second Half. This dude can be easily countered by hydro damage, so Barbara is the greatest counter against this dude. He will dash back if he felt threaten but will not dash often. Sniper shot can be dodged. If he gained shield he will be able to deal more damage, charged shot will fire 3 consecutive shots, will target lock before he fires, after he starts to fire, all 3 shots will not follow you, so you can dodge after he started firing.

Cyrogunner – Coldthrower instead of flamethrower. Chills you, uses cyro shield. Appears in both First and Second Half. This dude can be easily countered with pyro damage (Amber could pretty much 2 shot his shield away with charged shots, even on lvl 1). He will fire his “coldthrower” at a 180′ angle before he gain shield, so side stepping to his back will easily dodge it. He will also do a “Gargas body slam”, has a huge animation wind up so it can also be easily dodged. He could also leap if you are too far from him, will also do an animation wind up, can be easily dodged. When he gained shield, he will move while firing his coldthrower, best is to break his shield.

Electro-hammer Vanguard – Holds an electro based hammer, has an electro shield. Appears in both First and Second Half. His electro shield can be easily countered with cyro damage. His slams and swings are very slow, when he gain shield, he will do more damage, longer charging distance when he charge to you for a hammer slam. Though his skills can be easily dodged, when he charged to you, dash behind him and he will do 0 damage.

Geo-Enchanter – Holds a staff-like weapon, uses a Geo shield. Appears on both First and Second half. He will do a projectile Geo damage and generate a shield to protect allies. His Geo shield can be easily countered with Geo / Explosion damage (Electro+Pyro). He is in our priority target as the shield is pretty annoying. When he gain Geo shield, he will be able to fire 3 projectiles.

Anemoboxer – Doesn’t hold any weapon, doesn’t have a shield on his own. Appears at both first and second half. This dude guards his allies with his Anemo shield. If a non-physical damage contact with the shield, he will absorb the elementpull you towards his fist then do a punch on you. This has close to no counter as his fist tracks you. When an ally (a skirmisher) shield is down, he will dash to that skirmisher to protect them. He will also do a ground slam, though there is nothing much to worry about that skill. Also in your priority target as he CC-s you.

Team Comp

We have to set up our team composition based on the skirmishes will appear, so here is my setup

Team 1 : Fischl, Amber, Kaeya, Noelle

  • Fischl – Main dps
  • Amber – Pyro for breaking Cyro shield
  • Kaeya – Cyro for breaking Electro shield
  • Noelle – Geo for breaking geo shield

Team 2 : Traveler (Anemo), Barbara, Xiangling, Lisa

  • Traveler (Anemo) – Main dps, Here I don’t really recommend using Geo because this is a crit chamber, Elemental skill on Anemo hits a lot, higher chance to crit. CC is also important on this chamber, as it allows you to kill certain skirmishers before they gain their shield.
  • Barbara – Hydro for breaking Pyro shields
  • Xiangling – Pyro for breaking Cyro shields
  • Lisa – Electro for proc-ing Overload on Geo shields.

Chamber Breakdown

Chamber 1 : Second Half is the harder one as generally traveler doesn’t have a lot of dps. Prioritizing on breaking their shields is the most important one.

  • First half – The moment you start it, immediately dash to the hydro with kaeya, freeze him. Swap to Fischl then proc super-conduct on him so he take more damage. Usually he will die the moment he gain his shield, he will not have the chance to heal his allies. After that, use Amber E, hold throw it in front of the cyrogunner when he got the shield, use 1 charge shot, it will instantly break his shield. Save Fischl’s E for the next hydrogunner. After the cyro is dead, 3 more will spawn, immediately swap to kaeya, E on the hydro then Fischl E on him to proc superconduct, beware of the Electro-hammer as he will usually slam his way to you. After the Hydrogunner is dead, focus on Electro as he deals a lot of damage.  Shield can be broken within 2 Kaeya’s E, or 1 Kaeya E + 2 hits from Q. For the cyro, pretty much the same as before, amber dummy + charge shot will break it.
  • Second half – Start with Barbara, use E then swap to Traveler for damage bonus + elemental status, immediately spam skills on the Pyroslinger. If he gain shield, use Barbara to break it. For the cyrogunner it’s same as first half, but it requires 4 Gouba hits from Xiangling, Gouba positioning is important for this one. When you killed the first 2, Anemoboxer will spawn. Prioritizing on chunking the anemoboxer. If the pyro gain shield, break his shield, it will cause the anemoboxer to dash to him. If you can’t dodge the punch from the anemoboxer, use anyone’s Q (don’t use Lisa’s) to iframe yourself (you will take no dmg during Q). Full channel E from Traveler Anemo will also interrupt his punch.

Chamber 1 video –

Chamber 2 : There is nothing much to talk about this chamber as it is pretty much the same as Chamber 1 except there’s no healer but geo enchanter. Same goes to chamber 2, no cyrogunner but geo-enchanter.

  • First Half – Same as chamber 1, but instead of targeting the Hydro, prioritize on the Geo. All others are pretty much the same so there isn’t much to talk about it.
  • Second Half – On this one I prioritize on the Anemo, you must finish the Anemoboxer asap, after he is dead it’s pretty much easy. For Geo and Pyro, just CC them at the very beginning with your Traveler’s Elemental burst, they wouldn’t do anything so put your focus on the anemoboxer. If the Geo gains his shield, drop Gouba from Xiangling, then swap Lisa to proc Overload. It will break his shield fairly quickly. Other than that, it is pretty much the same as chamber 1.

Chamber 2 video –

Chamber 3 : chamber 3 only contains 3 monster total, but this time there are 2 electro-hammer which is the annoying part.

  • First half – Prioritize on the Hydro which is on the left side, immediately use kaeya freeze then proc superconduct with Fischl, he must be dead at all cost. After that, put focus on any of them, it will work just fine. I personally prioritize the electro-hammer because the anemoboxer wouldn’t be a threat when Noelle is around. Killing Electro-hammer is similar on chamber 1 so there isn’t much to talk about on this one either.
  • Second half – Since we don’t have 2 cyros (as we all do), we would have troubles against the electro-hammer. Since we won’t be able to kill him fast enough, we would be focusing on killing the other 2. Put focus on Anemoboxer first as he is the deadliest one (Anemo pull + Electro slam is not fun). If the pyro gain shield, instantly break it. This will cause him to be stunned, and the anemoboxer will come towards you. This is your chance on chunking the anemoboxer out. After both pyroslinger anemoboxer is dead, slowly use Gouba to break away the shield of the electro-hammer. You can use swirl damage to speed up the process. After his shield is done, make sure to bring him down as fast as possible before he gain another shield.

Chamber 3 video –

Build breakdown

There isn’t much special about my build setup again, but I’ll list out the important ones only

Fischl :

  • – Lvl 60, Talent 4 – 4 – 1
  • – Lvl 60 max refinement slingshot
  • – Resolution of Sojourner + Berserker, 4s artifact with %attk, all maxed to 16 aside from flower, at 12


  • – Lvl 60, Talent 1 – 3 – 4
  • – Lvl 60 max refinement Fillet Blade
  • – Wanderer’s Troupe + Gladiator’s Finale / Berserker, 4s with %attk. Except flower at 0 and another %attk at 12, all at 16

 (in the video i lost 30% atk dmg cus I forgot to swap my Geo artifact out, so if I have a 30% more atk, my dps would be way higher)

  • Noelle you build a bunch of %def with Lucky Dog, Weapon look for Whitebind
  • Amber you build 4-set The Exile, stats on artifact doesn’t matter, weapon look for Raven Bow
  • Barbara 4-set Maiden’s Beloved or The Exile and look for %hp, Thrilling tales of dragon is highly recommended.
  • All others The Exile + Instructor / Wanderer’s Troupe / Berserker. No specific weapon / artifact requirements. (For Xiangling wise, Weapons you have to look for Halberd, same artifact combo)

Hope this helps you out! Good luck out there on the abyss floors! Feel Free to ask any question below in the comments section.

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