Genshin Impact Xiangling DPS and Support Build Guide

by Kaiuiu

This guide is far from newbie friendly.

C = Constellation

A = Ascension (A1 = lvl 20+, A4 = lvl 60+)

EM: Elemental Mastery

I’m not going to explain the basic gameplay, I’m going for what you gain by leveling and constellations, builds and synergies.

For comps and synergies C0 and C6 has no gameplay change for DPS build. But for Pyro Sub Carry I will consider C6.

You can read what she does here: Xiangling


Normal attack: Dough-Fu

She atks super fast.

C2: Her last atk deals 75% of her ATK as Pyro DMG after 2 secs.

C2 is kinda useless, for more DPS you should pre charge atk in her 4th hit.

Elemental skill: Guoba Attack

You get 1 energy particle for every Gouba hit.

A1: +20% range for Gouba

A4: When it ends you can pick a pepper, +10% ATK for 10 secs.

C1: Enemies hit by Gouba gets -15% Pyro RES.

You don’t have to be on the field, when enemies will get -15% Pyro RES, that’s why she is a very good Pyro Sub Carry.

Elemental burst: Pyronado

High energy cost, but 10 secs duration (14 secs with C4).

C4: Lasts 4 secs more

C6: All party members get +15% Pyro DMG for 14 secs.

+10 ATK% with the pepper, -15% Pyro RES for the enemies, +15% Pyro DMG for your team and you don’t need to be on the field, that’s why she is so good for Pyro comps as a Sub Carry.

DPS Xiangling:


1. Crescent Pike:


Xiang can carry you through the game easily.

This weapon it’s just broken.


Disclaimer: 5 stars polearms are disgustingly broken too so if you have one of them use them. I will not rank the 3 because I’m too lazy to do maths.
But probably: Kunwu > Primordial Jade > Skyward,


*You can’t have the same main stat and sub stat or the same sub stats twice in one artifact.

*Crit optimal ratio 1:2 (Rate x DMG). Best breakpoint is 75% crit rate and 150% crit DMG.

*If you have Crit stat on your weapon, your circlet should have a different crit stat.

If you got lucky with your artifacts Crit rate and DMG, go for 4-p Gladiator’s Finale.

Use 2-p Berserker if you need more Crit rate.

You can use 2-p Bloodstained Chivalry with 2-p Berserker before you get a good 4-p Gladiator set.

+18% ATK(2p gladiator) < +25% Physical DMG(2p Chivalry) < +35% DMG(4p Gladiator).


You need superconduct because she is a Physical DMG dealer.(Electro+Cryo)

Don’t use Chongyun(for any superconduct team with a melee DPS).

Best teams:

Qiqi/Diona opens up a free slot.

+25% ATK Resonance.


At least you don’t need to heavily invest in any one other than Xiangling. But Kayea adds a nice DMG when you invest in him. Barbara will heal more when you give her some HP% artifacts. Lisa will never be good at this comp, use her until you get Fischl or Beidou.

Pyro Sub Carry:


Dragon’s Bane:

This one is perfect for the job.

If you don’t have this, use any spear

Probably Crescent Pyke because you should have one already and it will save resources.


*You don’t need to worry so much about her sub stats, because every stat is good on her except HP, HP%, DEF and DEF%.

*You can’t have the same main stat and sub stat or the same sub stats twice in one artifact.

*Crit optimal ratio 1:2 (Rate x DMG). Best breakpoint is 75% crit rate and 150% crit DMG.

4-p Noblesse Oblige should be better than Crimson Witch.
Crimson Witch = +22,5% DMG on Xiang.
Noblesse = +20% burst DMG on Xiang and  +20% ATK  for everyone.
But, as she triggers the reactions most of the time, 4p Crimson Witch is better.


She needs a Mono Pyro Elemental DMG comp(Diluc, Klee and Bennett).

Her high EM works well with Electro for Overload.


*This is for elemental DMG comps.

*Anemo and Geo healers open a free slot (but Jean is a bad Venerer user, Noelle is a bad Petra user).

*Archaic Petra, Ning/Geo MC (Ning is better than Geo MC, Noelle is bad).

*Viridescent Venerer, Venti/Sucrose (MC and Jean are bad Venerer users).

Mono Pyro best comps:

Overload comp:

*Bennett can be the healer for Pyro Resonance.
*Free slot can be Electro or Pyro Resonance, Mona or Venerer/Petra users.

Worst Melt comp:

*For a better Melt comp you should use Diluc as main DPS and Bennett as Healer

*Didn’t put Bennett on the healer slot because Bennett is a better DPS for Melt comps than Xiangling.

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