Genshin Impact Daily Activities and Leveling Guide

by genshinreddit

I’m making this “guide” as a reference for how to level and the “daily” activities I think are most important to level up your characters and equipment. This guide is not about min/maxing or creating the most efficient route for leveling. It is meant as a general guide to help you build your own plan around the activities you enjoy.

Note: This guide assumes you have reached Adventurer Rank 20. If you haven’t yet, then some menus and activities may not be available to you.

  1. Vocabulary
  2. What should I be leveling up?
  3. What activities should I be doing daily?
  4. Where to get materials for leveling? (table)
  5. Activites
  6. I hit the soft level cap, now what?


AscendMove character or equipment to a new “tier” so they can continue to level up past the previous level cap.
Endgame contentNon open world, story, or main quest activities. i.e. abyss, dungeons, etc…
EnhanceLeveling up a weapon or artifact. You can use other weapons or artifacts as exp for leveling these items. Enhancement ore can also be used to level weapons.
Enhancement oreActs as experience when leveling weapons. Craftable at Forge.
World RankThe overworld, bosses, enemy mobs, and the gear they drop all level up as you increase World Rank. Increasing World Rank is dependent on Adventure Rank. Some increases in World Rank require an “ascension quest”.
RefineWeapons can be “refined” using duplicates to boost their base stats and bonuses
MoraGeneral world currency
Soft level capPoint in game where it’s difficult to continue leveling up without spending money. i.e. not enough activities providing exp, materials, etc…

What should I be leveling up?

In Genshin Impact there are many, many leveling systems. Each system or equipment that you can level up has the potential to drastically increase the power of your team and even change your playstyle. You should focus on leveling up your:

  1. Adventure Rank (AR)
  2. Characters
  3. Constellations (when possible)
  4. Talents
  5. Weapons
  6. Artifacts

General rules of thumb

  1. Plan which characters you want to level up. Scrolls become scarce! One good team is worth more than 2 mediocre teams.
  2. Plan which weapons and artifacts to level up. Decide on your favorites based on their set bonuses and standard bonuses.
  3. Plan which talents to level up. Talents also require materials and so you should focus on ones which provide strong benefits.
  4. When leveling up characters, weapons, or artifacts, only level up 4 star items (unless doing so to complete an Adventure Guide experience chapter).

Adventure Rank (AR)

Adventure Rank is the level cap based on activities you complete. It has no effect on the power or DPS of your party, but instead acts as a gate locking access to higher level quests, activities, level systems, ascension, crafting, world rank and more. AR is also the only leveling system that uses no materials of any kind.

How to level up?

  1. Commissions
  2. Quests, Experience Chapters
  3. Domains
  4. Resin bosses, ley lines
  5. Gather anemoculus, geoculus
  6. Teleports, Statues


Leveling your characters improves their general stats as well as helps you to reach the ability to “ascend” the character. Once your character hits a level cap and you have reached the appropriate AR, you will be allowed to ascend the character, massively increasing their stats and allowing them to continue leveling up to the next level cap. Ascension costs materials as well as mora.

How to level up?

  1. Exp scrolls
  2. Mobs (but not really, they barely provide any exp)


Each character has a constellation that is unlocked with special “fortunas” that you receive from duplicates of that character obtained via rolls/banners. While unlocking constellations offers great bonuses on its own, it becomes even more important by increasing level caps for talents.

How to level up?

  1. Roll for duplicates of character


Leveling up talents improves the stats and bonuses of the skills, attacks, and bonuses associated with your characters. Some characters have better level up bonuses than others. Level caps for talents are locked behind the ascension level of your character and some of those caps are also decided by the constellations of your character that you’ve unlocked.

How to level up?

  1. Character ascension
  2. Materials and mora
  3. Character constellation unlocks


Weapons and their standard bonuses can dramatically impact the power of your party and your ability to handle endgame content. Remember to focus on leveling 4 star weapons or higher. Don’t worry, as the World Rank increases the quality of drops increase as well. Eventually you will be able to get more 4 star weapons.

Weapons can level up by consuming other non-equipped weapons and enhancement ore. Similar to characters they will hit a level cap and be required to ascend before continuing to level up. Ascending a weapon requires specific materials and mora.

Weapons can also be “refined” by using duplicates of that weapon to improve the base stats and bonuses of the weapon.

How to level up?

  1. Consume un-equipped weapons
  2. Consume enhancement ore
  3. Ascend with materials and mora
  4. Refine with duplicates


Artifacts operate almost identically to weapons except they come with important “set bonuses” and cannot be “refined”. When equipping either 2 or 4 artifacts from the same group on a character you will receive set bonuses that can dramatically improve stats like attack, cooldown, and defense.

How to level up?

  1. Consume un-equipped artifacts
  2. Ascend with materials and mora

What activities should I be doing daily?

Daily activities should revolve around helping you to level up your AR, characters, weapons, artifacts, and talents. You should also be focused on collecting the necessary materials to ascend those categories when you hit a level cap.

Recommended daily activities

While you can definitely get by just fine without doing all the activities available, here are the activities I focus on, in the order I like to tackle them.

Must do’s

  1. Daily login rewards
  2. Daily commissions (quests), collect rewards
  3. Using your resin on…
    1. Ley lines
    2. Resin bosses
    3. World bosses
    4. Domains
  4. Abyss (if incomplete) bi-monthly
  5. Ore mining (mineral resource hunting) – Craft enhancement ore with these to level equipment


  1. Defeat Non-resin bosses
  2. Resource hunting
  3. Chests (along the way)
  4. Challenges
  5. Achievements
  6. Battle Pass quests (if I have time)

Time limited activities and respawn wait times

Some activities are time limited or are impacted by respawn wait times. These are the activities you may want to consider completing first because they may end, or in the case of respawn wait times, the timer only begins when you complete the activity.

Time limited activities
  1. Daily login rewards
  2. Daily commissions (quests)
  3. Abyss – the spiral abyss (last stage of abyss) resets on the 1st and16th day of the month, allowing you to get all new rewards.
  4. Special events
Activities that respawn
Resin1 every 8 minutes. 7.5 every hour, 20 resin every ~2.7 hours. 
Mineral resources2-3 days est. (excluding iron)
Plants/animals1 day est.
ChestsThere seems to be some confusion about whether or not chests actually respawn. Waiting for consensus… Otherwise chests appear to respawn, but actual wait time is TBD. Lower level chests appear to respawn faster
ChallengesNot sure if they respawn
Enemy camps1 day est.
Non-resin bossesVaries, timer shown.
Resin bossesRespawn quickly
World bosses (stormterror, wolf)Wolf reset monday
Spiral AbyssOnly the last “floor”, resets on the 1st and 16th of each month.
Activities that don’t respawn
  1. Anemoculus, geoculus, etc…
  2. Spirit Puzzles (unsure?)
  3. Puzzle chests (unsure?)

How should I use my resin?

I recommend focusing on experience chapter quests first, then on getting materials needed for ascension. Find out what your characters, weapons, artifacts, and talents need for materials and plan on using your resin to defeat bosses and domains that provide those materials.

Using co-op to get more stuff

Once you’ve exhausted the resources in your world, or if you are looking for higher level drops from mobs co-op becomes useful. You can use co-op to collect resources and high level drops from other player worlds which can be useful for leveling and gathering non-boss ascension materials.

I’ve done all the quests, now what?

After you’ve completed all the obvious AR boosters it’s time to finish the overworld (clear the map). These activities will help you continue to level up your AR, albeit at a slower rate. Good news is you’ll get tons of resources as you do these, and may stumble onto new side quests.

  1. Unlock all teleports, statues, domains
  2. Collect all anemoculus and geoculus
  3. Clear all challenges
  4. Collect all chests
  5. Complete achievements
  6. Explore!

Where to get materials for leveling? (table)

MaterialWhere to getUsed for
AR Experience
Quests, Experience Chapters Domains
Resin bosses, ley lines
Gather anemoculus, geoculus
Teleports, Statues
Adventure Rank
Exp ScrollsAbyss
Quests, Experience Chapters
Character Levels
MaterialsAll (almost all) activities
Non-resin bosses
Talent levels
Ascension (characters, weapons, artifacts, talents)
Ascension MaterialsSpecific Domains
Resin bosses, ley lines
Craft from alchemy table
Purchase from gift shops
Ascension (characters, weapons, artifacts, talents)
Enhancement OreCraft from mineral resources at forge
Weapons levels
Adventure Rank Ascension
Some chests
Rolling, constellations
Shops (ie Paimon’s Bargains)


I’ll go over each of the activities in the order I tend to complete them, similar to how the daily activities recommendation section is ordered.

Main quests

Main quests are the first thing you should focus on tackling as they offer the most AR and rewards. They also move the story forward, and are in my opinion the most fun!

World quests

World quests show up on your minimap as little exclamation marks. Go talk to the people and pick up their quests as these offer some of the best AR and rewards. Some quests are activated by talking to NPC’s without exclamation points. To that end it’s a good idea to talk with as many people as possible as they may give you either a reward or a side quest.


Commissions are the quests you get each day from the Adventurer’s Guild. Do these first thing every day and collect the rewards from Katheryne at the Guild.


There are 2 types of domains. The first type offers rewards without requiring any resin. You should complete these as soon as you have a capable team and collect the rewards.

The second type of domain requires resin to collect rewards. Each domain offers either artifacts, weapon ascension materials, or talent level up materials. The materials available change day to day, and you can see what is offered in your Adventure Guide (F1). You can also see which domains offer the rewards you need and on which day when you preview the details for a specific material.

World bosses

Currently the world bosses available are the Wolf and Stormterror. As they cost 60 resin to collect I personally don’t use my resin on these as often. I will likely complete these as my World Rank increases and their drops become more useful.

Resin bosses

You can see which bosses require resin to collect rewards from the bosses tab of the Adventure Guide. These are the ones I most commonly spend my resin on as they often have the materials I need to ascend a character. Domains tend to have more weapon ascension materials.

Non-resin bosses

Non-resin bosses can also be found on the bosses tab of the Adventure Guide and are great filler activities. Since they have a respawn timer if you’ve run out of stuff to do I recommend tackling these guys. From the guide you can click navigate to see exactly where they are on the map. You will likely find that you will need more and more of their material drops as time goes on. Note, lower tier materials dropped by non-resin bosses can be used at the alchemy table to create higher tier materials.


The Spiral Abyss top floor is a must-do bi-monthly activity. It’s worth investing your time in getting there as the rewards from the lower floors are good. It may be tough to reach without a higher tier team. I’m still working my way up.

Random encounters

These show up randomly on the map. They’re usually short, easy, and you should always stop to do them when they appear.


Picking up chests offers a lot of rewards as they drop materials, AR, and exp scrolls. When you’ve done all the other activities, this should be your next filler activity. Make sure to pick these up as you complete other activities.

Challenges & Puzzles

Challenges and puzzles offer chests for completing special activities. Puzzles are varied, and include things like wind anemo collection, floaty spirit orbs, and more. Challenges are split into a few different categories. Timed battles, glider races, and regular battles. You should complete any puzzles or challenges you come across just like you should collect chests along your journey.


Achievements offer Primogems, so it doesn’t hurt to take a look at them and complete any you’re close to finishing. Some achievements also give you an idea what activities you could be doing and how much is left of a resource or chests or the like.

Mineral resource hunting (ore mining)

The main purpose behind mineral hunting or mining ores is to use them at the Forge to create enhancement ores. After character levels and elemental status bonuses, the stats of your weapon are the most important part of your character DPS. Early on it’s pretty easy to level up weapons but that will change quickly. 

Start mining larger ore deposits now so you can give them time to respawn so you can stock up on enhancement ores for the higher levels.

Resource hunting

I basically only do this as needed. You should pick up everything as you run around, and then if needs be join a friend’s co-op to gather resources from their world

Battle Pass

The general consensus is that the battle pass is not worth the time and effort required to receive all the rewards. See the BP guide linked at the bottom for all the math associated. I’m personally not paying for the BP.

Special Events

Right now the special events are “People’s Choice” and the “Test Runs”. Make sure to do these whenever they popup as they can be limited time events.

I hit the soft level cap, now what?

So you hit the soft level cap? Well it was bound to happen. Looks like the first soft level cap people are hitting in practice is AR level ~27. If you’ve hit a soft level cap there are two things you should do.

  1. Make sure you’ve done all the leveling activities available (even filler activities), then…
  2. Plan out your daily activities

What activities to make sure to complete?

  1. Collect anemoculus, geoculus
  2. Activate statues, teleports
  3. Collect chests
  4. Puzzles
  5. Challenges
  6. Achievements

Plan out your daily activities

So you’ve collected all the -oculus’s, done all the puzzles, completed every challenge, and opened every chest. Now what? Get your daily schedule all planned out of course. You can see my daily activities in the above “recommended daily activities” sub-section, but here are my recommended must-do activities for leveling again for convenience.

Must do’s

  1. Daily login rewards
  2. Daily commissions (quests), collect rewards
  3. Using your resin on…
    1. Ley lines
    2. Resin bosses
    3. World bosse
    4. Domains
  4. Abyss (if incomplete) bi-monthly
  5. Ore mining (mineral resource hunting) as needed

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