Genshin Impact End Game Artifacts Priority Guide

by Sw0rdless

End Game Artifacts Guide (For DPS/Secondary DPS)

Contrary to what many think (myself included), Atk% as your main artifact stat is, in most cases, not ideal and not min/maxed for end game. This is because Atk% scales with only base atk (character base atk + weapon atk) and not your total atk. Items with “dmg% increase” is generally better than items with “atk% increase”.

When I say end game, I mean content like Abyss floors 9-12 and beyond. The below might not apply if you are in the early, mid, and late game phase. That said, it is something important to keep in mind when farming/leveling artifacts for the end game.

Headpiece – Crit%/Cdmg%

– You want at least 50%+ crit (and once you have that, ideally you want crit%=cdmg% and get them as high as possible for maximum dps) on most DPS and support DPS. Seems like the soft cap on crit% was removed so you can go for 100% crit%! That said, I would still recommend trying to get more cdmg% if your crit% is 80+.

– IF weapon has crit% substat, go cdmg% on headpiece and vice versa.

– IF your artifacts substats have godly crit% rolls, go cdmg% on headpice and vice versa.

– In rare cases, elemental mastery may be better for support DPS units with low atk that are only there to generate elemental reactions.

Goblet – Edmg%/Pdmg%

– If your main DPS does MOSTLY white dmg (physical atks), Pdmg% (Physical Damage bonus) is ideal. That said, if you are in the end game, you are likely not doing most of your dmg as white dmg.

– Edmg% (elemental damage bonus) for the element of your character is generally the way to go to maximize damage (e.g. Fischl should be using a goblet with electro DMG bonus main stat).

– Again, for support DPS units focused solely to generate elemental reactions, go elemental mastery.

Hourglass – Atk% (Elemental Mastery?)

– Not much to say here because Atk% is the only dmg multiplying main stat besides elemental mastery for support DPS.

– Some argue that Elemental Mastery is potentially better than Atk% even for some main dps. So it’s fair to say Hourglass is more case by case!

Feather – Atk

– Look for crit% > cdmg% > atk% > ER%/EM substats. If you have all 4, you are blessed by the gods.

Flower – HP

– Look for crit% > cdmg% > atk% > atk substats. If you have all 4, you are blessed by the gods.

Hope this was helpful and happy gaming!

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