Teamfight Tactics Carousel Guide

by wangalangg

Tip 1 – being in the right spot

Follow the 5-second rule – at the five second mark, the belt will be 2 and a half champion spaces behind where it’s going to end up. Follow steps 1 and 2 immediately once you see the belt. If confused about what 2.5 spaces mean, Jarvan is 1 champ space away from caitlyn, malphite is 2 champ spaces away from caitlyn, and ziggs is 3 champ spaces away, so 2.5 spaces means between malphite and ziggs

Tip 2a – Repositioning on the fly

I see everyone doing this a lot which is a no-no

If for example you’re trying to get malphite here and you are off center, do not click the way in the picture to reposition, you’ll drag against the wall and fall behind

Tip 2b – Repositioning on the fly

Instead click in the general direction in the picture to get malphite (side step then go for the unit)

Tip 3 – Not tested, just experimenting what the timing is at 4, 3, 2, and 1 second

If trying to get cait, It looks like at 4 seconds it’s just where malphite is, so the 4-second mark looks like it’s just 2 champions away. 4-second rule might be even better than the 5 second rule

Note – Haven’t tested this out yet – I only have ever used the 5 second rule

At 3 seconds it’s like ~1.8 champions away? kinda hard to tell

At 2 seconds it’s like ~1.25 champions

1 second looks like it’s ~.9 champions, so it’s mostly timing and eyeballing at this point

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