Teamfight Tactics Zephyr Challenger Tips

by TehMeeperz

Once you get past Diamond you’ll likely encounter many more Zephyrs than usual, here are some quick tips to help you position yours and to position for others:

-Enemies tend to swap their carries with units they don’t need / class slaves, for instance in ranger comps this could be with their Varus, Zerker comps with Renekton/jax, Mage comps Syndra / Vlad.

  • Zephyrs don’t always need to be used to halt a carry, but instead can be used to limit their positioning and sheep heard them to an early death / limited impact. Examples of this are units like Nami, Lux and Twitch that benefit more from corner tiles, a Zephyr consistently placed in corners minimizes damage.
  • If you’re lazy and want easy enemy carry Zephyrs, place your Zephyr on the middle of the back row, most common carry position for lazy people.
  • Enemy lockets help minimize the odds of where you should Zephyr as they tend to want to maintain the locket buff.
  • When facing an enemy Zephyr the best positioning for a carry to avoid it is one tile spaced from another unit, and depending on the vulnerability of that carry, one tile in front or behind that unit. This can force 50/50 Zephyr odds against smart opponents or avoid the Zephyr altogether. I’m too lazy to draw a diagram but good spots involve the row above back row to the far left, and for melee units the row below the front to the far right.
  • Zephyr cheesing is common, this is where before a fight and commonly after a transition, an enemy will wait before placing a Zephyr until a moment before the fight, this allows for a guarenteed zephyr granted their units mirror yours. A counter to this is as above- placing your units in areas they know they won’t have a unit.
  • In honest this guide can be a massive bait. Incentivising people to be more thoughtful with their Zephyrs can lead to overthinking. A smart opponent may not move their Zephyr at all and you fall in to it due to thinking they will move it. Use this to your advantage and do similar: don’t move your Zephyr when you think your enemy is over-positioning, watch them trip themselves.
  • Watch the opponents board for the dust particles that appear when an opponent clicks one of their units, a lot of people give their unit movements away by pre-emptively hovering their units with a click. If you think your opponent with a Zephyr is big brain you can bait them out by clicking a ‘dummy’ unit several times. I’ve honestly cheesed a few people this way.
  • Benching a zephyr unit to hide the items on it is a good tactic, but if your opponent scouts frequently they will likely see a unit missing from your comp and expect you to replace it where it was prior. If not, they will notice your lack of unit traits: ensure that you have a tier one version of the same unit you can swap it out for.
  • Frontlining Zephyrs is especially useful when you lack front line your self, levelling the playing field.
  • Consider Zephyring secondary carries as they are normally not moved which helps minimize damage.
  • QSS is OP, nothing you can do about it RIP.

Zephyr OP, good luck frens

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