Valorant Tips for FPS Beginners

by hself1337


I’ve been playing FPS games since I was born. My first competitive FPS was counter-strike 1.1 (twenty years ago) and i’ve played at a semi-pro level in CS 1.6.

Since then, I play FPS casually.


Mouse DPIs and sensitivity are personal. Some prefere to have low DPI + high sensibility and vice versa. Having a sensitivity that is too high is bad, but having a sensitivity that is too low is not good either.

Most of the time people refer to cm/360° or eDPI. To find what your settings are in cm/360° use a calculator like this. To find out what is your eDPI use this formula: eDPI = DPI * Sensitivity.

If you want to be competitive aim for an eDPI near 267 (Average eDPI of CS:GO Pros rifler). For example, my eDPI is 800*0.346=276.8

edit: Turn off mouse acceleration (“enhanced pointer precision”)

edit: The range is just a hint to give you rough values.

edit: For exemple, Shroud have ~350 eDPI.

A good start for new players is to experiment with eDPI to find a value that is comfortable to play with, while not too high. Low sensitivities can be uncomfortable and tough to get used to, but they’re definitely worth trying.


To have good aim, you’ll need to develop muscle memory. There is no secret: practice, practice and practice. There are various training and method, but the most efficient training for new players is flicking bot heads while standing still. Try to flick in one motion, it’s really important.

Mastering the art of strafing and counter-strafing is another important thing. You need to be able to compensate your strafes with your mouse.

To practice this, put your crosshair on something that is not moving and strafe. Try to compensate your movements with your mouse so your crosshair is always aiming the same spot. Good players can move freely while aiming exactly at the same spot all the time.

Building muscle memory will take time, don’t expect to see immediate results.


To hit headshots, you need to be aiming heads.

New players tend to be aiming at the floor, this leads them to readjust their crosshair vertically and horizontally every time they see an enemy. To be consistent you have to be aiming at head level, anytime.

If you can aim at head level unconsciously you will only have to readjust your crosshair horizontally when engaging an enemy, putting you in advantage.


Game sense is THE thing. When you reach the skill ceiling of a game, or when your skill cap has peaked, the only thing that is left is Game sense.

New players tend to focus on their aim, but the game sense is something you have to develop early. The less you are aim-dependent, the better you’ll be.

Try to analyses the game while playing and be aware of your teammates, it’s a good start.


Say “Hi” to your teammates at the start of the game.

Don’t look at your own KDA.

Don’t look at your teammates KDA.

Don’t blame your teammates.

Find solutions, not problems.

A match is never lost until one team score 13 rounds.

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