Overwatch Moira Strategy Guide

by Hypocritical_Midget

If you prefer things in video format over text: Here’s a link to basically everything in BELOW which I go through in about 10 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9WNFwpzKuQ

With that out the way, let’s get onto the guide!

Moira is armed with a beam dealing 50 DPS in 20 Meter Range (Also dealing 20 HPS To self) in converse affect with a spray dealing 65 HPS in a 15 Meter Range (Also dealing 65 Healing over 4 Seconds when stopping the spray – This does NOT stack with the standard 65HPS). The beam also regenerates the spray at a ROUGH rate of 1.0 Second per Beam = 1.15 Second per spray (Combined with passive regen)

  • This, for players below 3000, is the FIRST thing a Moira Player NEEDS To Master
  • As in these low ranks, positioning is close to non-existent, using your beam on enemies pushing past shield, overextending, on Highground, or on a flank to your off-support are high-value uses
  • Note that the Beam, contrary to popular belief, is decent shield break. If that’s your team’s win condition, don’t be afraid to beam!
  • Amongst DPS/Small Targets, the Spray should be tapped in order to take advantage of the 65 Healing Over 4 Seconds ‘Passive’ – This is so you DO NOT WASTE THE SPRAY
  • Building on the above, it is VITAL you save spray for the mid fight. SOUNDS OBVIOUS, but it’s similar to a Reinhardt who engages with half his shield. Communicate w/ your team on how much resource you have which should influence the playstyle of your team
  • As the spray is AoE (Area of Effect) grouped up targets will maximise your healing whilst using the same amount
  • IMPROVE AWARENESS to Seek out Squishy Targets to Focus. Do This by INCREASING SENS. To influence you to look around the map more, and since Moira isn’t a particularly mechanical hero, this shouldn’t defect your mechanics too much
  • Similar to the above, but with healing Flanky DPS (No Tunnel Vision)

I’m going to interject here and stop with abilities and focus on Moira Tech! There are 6 Pieces to Help You Min/Max Moira:

  • Damage Orb Cancellation into fade
  • Jump at the end of fade to conserve momentum
  • Damage/Healing Orb Before Coalescence
  • Tap Moira’s Beam as you gain MORE Resource back than holding it down (It’s a bug like Mercy Superjump; Trade-Off with this tip is greatly reduced DPS, so do it on a D.V.A. or chunky tanks to rapidly gain resource back)
  • Melee Animation Cancel after Coalescence (It’s practically useless but I’ve killed one person with it before)
  • Conserve Moira’s Momentum from her Fade to gain height/highground, which is done by jumping onto a slanted object at the end of Fade. CHECK OUT r/MoiraRollouts TO FIND ACTUAL SPOTS TO DO THIS

Moira’s 1st ability is Fade, Which gives her increased movement speed for 0.8 seconds, whilst cleansing all status effects and granting invulnerability and invincibility.

  • Simple: Use it to escape danger
  • Advanced: Use it to gain more aggressive positioning for a coalescence, or to do Tech Tip No.6 above ^

Moira’s 2nd ability is an orb, which is essentially the ball version of her Beam/Spray. The damage and healing numbers are mirrored respectively, and the orbs last 7 seconds (RIP Old Orb) and travels at 20m/s (For reference, Firestrike travels at 25 m/s). The radius is also 4 meters, and the orbs will disappear if they are maxed out at 300 Healing Done or 200 Damage Done.

  • Simple: Toss Down Lanes/Grouped up enemies to gain Ult Charge and to take duels
  • Advanced: Find spots on certain maps where you can bounce these bois off of walls and enclosed areas. (E.G. Volskaya Defense 2nd Point) Also watch this quick 4 minute video in which I go into ALL MAPS (Excluding KOTH) and I do 1 Set Orb Per Map for you to gain easy ult charge at the start of a game with SAFETY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2uEsA3jWDM

Moira’s coalescence. This is by far the most difficult thing to master, and WILL push you past 3500; It was the main thing holding the 3100 Guy Back to reaching masters because he didn’t analyse the teamfight very well in terms of resource exchange).

  • *Simple*: Damage Orb Before Coalescence, and focus down squishy DPS Targets in the backline or squishy supports (Works 99% Of the Time <2750)
  • *Advanced*: COOLDOWN TRACK CC Abilities, Or Stuns that will stop you from going into an aggressive Coalescence. Things like Sleep Dart, Hog Hook, McCree Stun etc. Also, Heal Orb + Coalescence alongside additional healing from your other support to act as a Walmart Transcendence will mathematically work against combos such as Grav Drag. most of the time depending on your other support (Not brig lol). You already do 205 HPS With Coal + Orb, Dragonstrike does 300 DPS; Communicate with your Ana to save nade, Your Bap to stay afar and Amp. Matrix etc. (Also Halt + Coal = Success)
  • *Super Advanced*: If you’re in a team, or a 6 stack, communicate with your team on the TARGET YOU ARE FOCUSING. Likelihood is that if you have coordination, so do the enemy team (In Skrims most definitely) hence requesting bubble to eat CC, Speed Amp to collapse the enemy, firestrike cleave damage, Winston Tesla Damage etc. Will add to this effect.

N.B. If you have a Doomfist, let your Zarya know to Bubble HIM and NOT YOU. Doom can collapse under CC easily.

  • *MEGA Advanced*: If running Lucio Moira, TELL your Lucio to stick onto speed boost, and your tank(s) to PURPOSELY take more poke damage to charge up Coalescence faster with that 65HPS/4 Seconds Passive. This will gain you a 15+% Advantage over the opposing Moira and you can clearly see this by the SFS vs DF game where Crimzo lacks on Violet’s Moira by a solid 15-20% in healing and ult charge rate most of the time.

P.S. Doesn’t sound MEGA Advanced but 4K + Players DO NOT do this ^ in ranked that is, alongside the ‘Super Advanced’ tip.

Building upon these ideas:

  • Coalescence is a TEMPO Ultimate, meaning that it either speeds up or slows down the pace of a fight, hence if you’re in a 6v5, using Coalescence will win the fight much quicker. Coalescence is not an ultimate that will win you 3v6’s or 4v6’s UNLESS The enemy is very low. This was a KEY Problem in my 3100 Coachee Player
  • Other examples of TEMPO Ultimates are Mercy Valk or Brig Rally
  • Angles: The angle at which you use coalescence is key to maximise uptime and APM (Actions per Minute). You don’t want to use coalescence only for the first two or three seconds to get no value, although this is somewhat minor

Common Mistakes:

  • Waste Orbs in wrong trajectory
  • Wastes Fade for no real reason
  • Lack of awareness to seek players to heal
  • Can’t aim projectile spray on squishies

Quick Tid Bit on Positioning:

  • Primarily behind Reinhardt, abusing natural cover, but available to soft flanks that are within range of your main tank in case they are in danger. A nice example would be Rialto first point attack, with a soft flank on the left side to exploit as your main tank turns the first corner

Backline Synergies with Other supports:

  • Moira Brig: Strongest Backline against Dive, highest amount of theoretical healing as well. Great brawl potential, although no/close to no ability to kite from danger, and no defensive ultimate
  • Moira Zen: High Healing + High Damage + Defensive Ultimate. However, it is the MOST PRONE to dive. This is because Moira’s spray is a projectile AND is blocked by barriers, hence a well-placed Monkey bubble is bound for the zen to die :( Don’t run this unless the enemy team can’t run dive, or your Zenyatta is JJONAK/Alarm. Also, no CC.
  • Moira Lucio: Great brawl potential, and allows Moira to play more aggressively as she doesn’t need to Peel/Help other support. However, lack of poke/front line damage compared to a Bap Zen
  • Moira Mercy: High Healing, enables BOTH DPS and Tanks. However, 0 Utility, and weak(er) ultimates in comparison to the rest of the cast. However, Moira does not need to peel allowing her to play more aggressively with the frontline
  • Moira Bap/Moira Ana: I’ve grouped this together as one as they serve a similar purpose. Simply put, this backline over compensates for healing whilst lacking utility (On Moira’s side) hence you typically see Ana Lucio/Zen Bap ran in place for Moira. HOWEVER If you are being dove, Moira provides that extra backbone stability trading for utility.

THANK YOU SO MUCH For Reading this far through or for watching either of the videos! I can’t put a TLDR Since there are so many layers to this, so you can pick and choose which level of tips/tech fits/suits your current level!

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