Overwatch Reinhardt Strategy Guide

by Hypocritical_Midget

If you prefer to learn things in a video format compared to text, here’s a link to basically EVERYTHING BELOW in UNDER 15 MINUTES: https://youtu.be/sZcrAhWBU6I Time stamps are also embedded throughout the video so you can skip to the bits which suit you :)


This is a hugh-mungus rocket hammer that Reinhardt wields as his primary weapon. It deals 75 Damage in a 5 meter radius, taking just over 0.4 seconds to cast his first swing, and has a RoF (Rate of Fire) of 1 swing/0.96 seconds.REINHARDT HAMMER USAGE

  • You always want to be swinging default; Even if nobody is close to you
  • The main reason why is because there is no disadvantage to just holding down your swing button; You might randomly hit a fast-moving hero out of nowhere, and you might throw off a sniper from headshotting you due to Reinhardt swinging his hammer in front of him
  • Reinhardt can also ‘cleave’ multiple enemies at once IE With one swing, you can hit multiple enemies
  • Reinhardt range of his swing can also be extended slightly further by turning your camera in the direction that Reinhardt swings at the very end of his animation
  • All Melees in Overwatch are ‘lingering’ IE You can press down your melee button 180 degrees facing away from your enemy, then quickly whip your crosshair during the melee animation towards your enemy, and the enemy will still take the melee damage
  • The same above applies with Reinhardt, but it is much more easier to pull off due to the nearly one second animation Reinhardt has whilst swinging
  • (Also not related to Reinhardt but still is useful) The melee trick can be done as a backline support if you don’t know where the diver/flanker is by just moving your mouse really fast if they’re very close.
  • Lastly, Reinhardt hammer has a little bit of knockback – This is particularly useful for lining up enemies to perform a crouch firestrike to cleave multiple enemies in a straight line
  • Or just knocking someone off the map (Although this is extremely niche)
  • You can animation cancel Hammer Swings via ALL Abilities (I’ll get into this later when talking about the abilities individually themselves)


This a 1600 Healthpoint, rectangular shield that decreases your movement speed by 30%, and regenerates at 200 Shield/Second after two seconds of not using the shield. Once all 1600 HP is depleted, the shield will return on a 5 second cooldown. By also holding down your primary fire whilst you shield, you can freely turn your camera whilst having your shield face the same direction in which you held down your primary fire first


  • The most basic, important one to learn is to shield hop. This is done by jumping (Forward or backward depending if you have a resource advantage/deficit) as soon as you touch the ground, then whilst you are mid air, you bring your shield hop
  • There are multiple reasons for this
  1. Your supports can heal your health pool, but not your shield resource; It is actually beneficial to your supports to gain ult charge whilst you try and remain in the armour section of your health
  2. You have to wait for a lesser period of time for your shield to recharge fully to re-engage as you save some shield resource
  3. You have a faster movement speed to get you out of danger faster
  4. You are more efficient with your shield resource, therefore, it is less likely for your shield to break, which may open a gap for the opposing Reinhardt to hammer
  5. However, if you are discorded, low HP/Without Supports, or the opponent have a oneshot hitscan (EG Widowmaker/Pocketed Ashe) Hard shielding may be better so you either do not die, or so that the enemy DPS do not oneshot one of your 200HP Squishies in the small gaps that you put your shield down
  • DO NOT waste shield resource before a team fight begins; ESPECIALLY if the opposing Reinhardt has shatter which can punish you.
  1. Imagine This: You are on Hollywood First Point Attack, and you pin out from the gates
  2. Since your other teammates may be slower, you obviously wouldn’t want to engage in a 1v6
  3. You subconsciously shield their cooldowns before your teammates even get to the choke
  4. Therefore, when your teammates can eventually join the teamfight, you are all of a sudden engaging with a shield that is at 800-1000HP instead of 1600HP.
  5. To PREVENT this, just sit around a corner and if you take any poke damage, consider this ult charge for your supports
  • Try and weave your shield in and out of the teamfight to block important enemy CC/Stun Cooldowns
  1. This is specifically important up against characters such as Ana, who will just nade or sleep a Reinhardt whenever they see one.
  2. Keep in mind that Nade is on a 10 second cooldown and Sleep is on a 12 second cooldown
  3. Using this piece of information, whenever you hear the audio queues for this ability being used, let this be a sign for you to play a little bit more aggressive
  4. Also note that Ana’s love to Nade whenever two Reinhardt’s are trading swings, so a more advanced tip would be to block this nade specifically (Or Sleep) Then call out for your DPS to focus the Ana as she will have one or both cooldowns depleted
  5. Mano from the NYXL does a great job at this, and there’s a clip of Your Overwatch commentating over this which is included at the video version above
  • Utilise the Angle of your shield to guide teammates into corridors
  1. You don’t always have to head in a small room first; You can turn your camera (Which then turns your shield) in the path that your teammates move into a room (This is much harder to describe than show, so apologies for that lol)
  2. A GREAT Example would be in Kings Row First Point Attack, when trying to flush out a Junkrat Playing in Hotel
  3. This could also be utlised in a graviton surge, where you turn your shield to cover a teammate from taking (too much) damage
  • You can block Enemy Transcendence/Lucio Sound Barrier by angling your shield
  1. Whilst this is a niche tip, this is best utilised in a grav; Although the correct angle to pull this off is very specific, hence you may want to just pin a squishy target, or farm your next shatter instead.
  2. Extremely Top Tier Winstons also manage to perfectly place the shield cutting off Line of Sight between the Transcendence and the enemy team
  • You can block any level of burst damage regardless of Shield HP
  1. Simple, but this essentially implies that you don’t want to have your shield break: As if a Dva Bomb is thrown into the air, you can still block it with a flash of your shield regardless if it’s at 1HP
  • Hard Shield Whenever your teammates go aggressive/Zone
  1. 3 Examples would be for a McCree in High Noon, a Roadhog using Whole Hog, or a Moira using Coalescence (In which due to the increase in movement, you can use the shield angling tip earlier)
  • Put your shield down before the Sombra EMP’s – This will save the shield you had prior, whereas if you shielded whilst Sombra used EMP, you would have to regain your shield from 0 HP
  • There is a slight 3rd person shield delay. Essentially, even when you go into 3rd person, your shield is not instantly there. This time period, on just about under 40Ms, is about 167ms at it’s worst. Ping would greatly increase this delay

“Shields are for creating good positioning, not for soaking up damage.” -QRM

It should also go without saying that you shouldn’t be standing out in the open just absorbing damage, and not taking map control. This is particularly why Lucio pairs well with Reinhardt, as you are much more efficient with your shield resource (Same Distance Travelled in a shorter period of time = More shield left)


This is a flaming projectile that Reinhardt tosses in a straight line dealing 100 Damage, travelling at 25m/s, and can pierce multiple enemies. It has a cast time of 0.48 seconds and recovery time of 0.64 seconds. (For reference, Lucio Projectiles travel at 50m/s, and Zen Primary Fire travel at 90 m/s).


Simple: Firestrike towards enemy team/Their general direction to gain ult charge primarily. On linear maps/Against grouped up comps, you can also firestrike to apply pressure on healers

Advanced: Abuse the 0.48 cast time by starting the firestrike animation around a corner, then peeking it once the cast time is up. This half a second difference may mean nothing to some, but it may prevent a headshot from a widowmaker or avoid taking some form of burst damage. You can also perform the hammer + firestrike animation cancel, where you firestrike immediately after the hammer swing has connected. This deals more damage in a shorter period of time compared to swinging twice.

Super Advanced: You can perform a ‘Back Firestrike’ by holding down your shield via primary fire, then firestriking in the direction you’re looking towards. You can also bait Zarya bubble by firestriking above her head or above the opposing Reinhardt’s head, which gives you the green light to play more aggressive with your opposing off tank.

MEGA Advanced: You can actually NOT use firestrike against a Reinhardt to pretend that you actually HAVE shatter. The ENTIRE PURPOSE of this is to force the Reinhardt to playNow, there are obviously a few drawbacks as I’ll list here:

  • This only really works in the top 5% as Reinhardt’s will be tracking when the opposing Reinhardt is using firestrike or not.
  • The reason why you also don’t want to be using firestrike if you have shatter is that you’ll just be feeding enemy ult charge (If you didn’t know)
  • You will also be losing out on a ton of ult charge, and considering that it may not even affect how the Reinhardt plays, it’s just not worth it

HOWEVER a more viable tip would be to do the Halt + Firestrike + Matrix combo, just like the Reign did against the Defiant 3 Months ago

  • Firstly Halt, then Matrix, then Firestrike I believe – The reason why you don’t want to matrix first is that the enemy team may kite and wait out the matrix if used too early; Although you may get away with it in the higher ranks


This makes Reinhardt charge in a straight line for just under 50 meters travelling at 16.5m/s (A 200% speed increase, which is a multiplication of 3, not 2). In this duration, Reinhardt can carry an enemy into a wall dealing 300 damage, or if you get bumped by his pin, it will deal 50 damage.


Simple: Use pin to travel long distances in a short period of time

Advanced: Use pin to counter charge opposing movement CC abilities such as the opposing Reinhardt Pin, Briggite Bash, or Doomfist Punch

Super Advanced to MEGA Advanced: Consider two concepts, the ANGLE and DISTANCE of your pin to pull off 20% ult charge without too much risk

  • In terms of distance, you ideally want to be travelling for as short a distance as possible as this will decrease the amount of time that you are open to damage, and decreases the probability that the position you will end up in is unfavourable
  • In terms of angle, you want to end your pin in a positon to where the ANGLE that you are exposed to isn’t too open to where you tank all 500 Healthpoints and feed
  • A great example of a GOOD distance pin but BAD angle pin would be on Hanamura First Point Choke, where you pin the opposing Reinhardt into the wall. Even if you get the damage off, you are exposed to five other enemies who will be pumping damage into you whilst you are exposed
  • In lower ranks however, you may be able to get away with this pin, and perhaps set up a surprise shatter
  • Building on this idea, Bumper (From the Vancouver Titans, who had seemingly broken fundamental Reinhardt logic, and was called a feeder by many Overwatch Analysts) managed to get away with risky pins due to how much peeling his backline did for him, and how good Slime and Twilight were
  • If you watch a video by Your Overwatch a year ago talking about Bumper, you’ll see a clip where he pins off into the distance on Rialto Defense 3rd Point, where it seems he feeds, but actually turns around and lands a massive shatter… So it’s extremely high risk, high reward (At the higher ranks atleast)


  • Decreases the initial velocity from CC Knockback effects by 30%.
  • Since it’s a passive, you can’t actively receive value out of it.
  • Just makes you aware that you can play on edges a bit more freely, although you ideally want to block annoying short cooldown CC’s such as Brig Flail and Lucio Boop where possible


This makes Reinhardt slam his hammer into the ground, applying a 2.5 second CC stun to anybody who gets hit by the ripples created by his hammer. The range is 20 meters, and will deal 50 damage to anyone hit by it.


For Enemies In a Straight Line:

  1. Swing
  2. Crouch
  3. Firestrike
  4. Pin (Whatever is left, within reasonable distance and to not feed)
  • The reason you want to swing, is to abuse the slight knockback mentioned earlier, and align enemies in a straight line for the firestrike
  • The reason you want to crouch is to allow the bottom of firestrike’s hitbox to hit enemies knocked on the ground (IE Decrease the Angle of Depression)
  • The reason you want to firestrike is to perform the hammer animation cancel
  • The reason you want to pin AT THE END is to gain another 20% of ult charge for your next shatter. You won’t gain any ult charge until the 2.5 second stun has worn off
  • The reason you want to swing and firestrike is to apply as much damage as possible across as many enemies as possible as these are abilities that deal cleave damage, whereas pin does damage upon a singular target (The 50 Damage Bump is negligible)

However, there may be situations where enemies will be spread out, hence you can’t firestrike and cleave multiple enemies. In a situation like this, you may just want to cleave multiple enemies at once using your hammer by turning your camera, and then potentially go for a pin.

In a situation where you solo shatter an off-tank far away, firestrike first, then try and go for the pin. You don’t want to immediately pin after you shatter, as you won’t gain any ult charge from this. You want to time your pin so that when you connect with sed off tank, they are performing the ‘standing up’ animation from shatter.

HOWEVER, the only time you would want to pin an off tank immediately is if the enemy team’s win condition relies upon that teammates. For example, if a Zarya is knocked to the ground via shatter and she has graviton surge, and the enemy team plan to do A Grav Combo, it would be a great idea to do as much damage as possible to the Zarya to prevent grav from being used at all.

Although, keep in mind if you are in a 6v3 situation, and you are guaranteed to win the teamfight, even though the Zarya has graviton surge, it is unlikely that she will use it and/or the two remaining enemy players will have the resources to follow up on it, hence you can pin at the end.


  • You can perform a back shatter in a similar fashion to how you can perform a back firestrike
  • Shatter can travel underneath the payload
  • Shatter has a vertical height of 2 Meters, allowing you to shatter ontop of a payload
  • The shatter cast time can be stunned/interrupted via hack


Before detailing in how to land shatters/block them, it’s vital to know when and how to use it. This piece of advice is targeted towards players in masters and above, and you’ll see why:

‘Not Using Rein Ult is so much better than using Rein Ult because the enemy Reinhardt has to play differently compared to when you don’t have it because he knows he can’t be punished for any mistakes.’ – Octotroph, Peak 4439 Main Tank Streamer

  • Essentially, shatter forces the Rein to play more passive to avoid making any mistakes which not only HE can be punished for, but his entire team can be.
  • This was also said AFTER the nerf where his shatter stun was decreased from 3 Seconds to 2.5 Seconds, which doesn’t sound like long, but it misses out an extra swing from Reinhardt, and an extra half a second of follow up, which could and does make all the difference
  • The reason why this is only aimed at master players and above is that:
  1. The opposing Reinhardt may not even be ult tracking the opposing Reinhardt shatter
  2. The opposing Reinhardt may not even change how he plays even if he knows that the opposing Reinhardt has shatter
  3. In lower ranks, there are way more positional mistakes made/Gaps to exploit. Shatter can be used to punish these mistakes, whether it be unawareness, bad shield management, or over-extending

‘Or if you’re talking about how to actually use shatter, solo-shatter an off-tank’ – Octotroph

  • This is mainly because off tanks are more aggressive and won’t be typically expecting a solo-shatter
  • You are also way more likely to confirm the kill, turning the fight into a 6v5
  • Again, the prior bulletpoints still apply


There are a few ways to be able to land shatter, since I believe one is not more complex than the other I won’t be using the ‘Simple to MEGA Advanced Titling’ but rather building upon each idea

  1. Sneaky Shatters
  • This is simply done by hiding in a corner, then waiting for the enemy team to push in, in which you press Q, then the entire enemy team has fallen to the ground
  • A Great spot would be on Kings Row 3rd Point Defense, hiding by the first corner. Old, but gold.
  • This works best the lower the rank you go, since there will be a lower level of awareness the further you go down
  • However, it can work 3500+. If it doesn’t though, just ask for a Zarya bubble or Dva Matrix whilst pinning out. You’ll most likely be counter charged, in which these cooldowns will be most optimal for
  1. Firestrike Shatters
  • This is where you shatter when the opposing Reinhardt uses firestrike since the firestrike animation can’t be cancelled
  • This is a very consistent way to land shatter, and if the opposing Reinhardt doesn’t know why he’s being shattered, you can constantly abuse this
  • However, high level Reinhardt will either not firestrike at all, or firestrike using the corner cast time tip, or firestrike whilst they are bubbled
  • Speaking of bubbles, it still may not be fully consistent to land shatter whenever a Reinhardt firestrikes as the Zarya may bubble by accident.
  • In order to remedy this, whenever you see important cooldowns that can stop your shatter, such as Hack, Flashbang, Shield Bash, or Bubble being used, take this as the green light to go aggressive to try and find a shatter. Or you can (politely) ask for a bubble from your Zarya
  • However, in Diamond and below, players are unlikely to use their stuns on a Reinhardt midway through his shatter animation, and Reinhardt players will firestrike with no hesitation
  • Also something nice to note: Since shatter has a short travel time, you want to try and close the distance when you feel their Reinhardt is going to firestrike next. This will make the window in which the Reinhardt can block your shatter much shorter, making this trick more reliable.
  1. Applying Pressure Via Swinging, or Via Shield Break
  • This is the most consistent way of using shatter
  • By swinging at the Reinhardt, it will put him under psychological stress, in which he will want to use one of Reinhardt’s abilities to relay off stress. Whether it be a firestrike, a swing, a pin or his own shatter, (In which you would want to block this using knowledge obtained via ult tracking), then land your own shatter.
  • You could also do the classic shield break (If you’re comp is set up for it) in which you just break his shield, then land the Q on his team. Nothing more to say than that. (Especially if my man is just wide out in the open with no nearby corner LOL)
  1. Jump Shattering
  • Typically, you don’t want to jump before you shatter, as this increases the window for the opposing Reinhardt to block your shatter
  • However, jump shattering is mainly used to shatter beyond the opposing Reinhardt shield
  • This is primarily done with a lil’ bit of coordination from your Lucio, and a bit of useful downward map geometry to yeet your shatter past the enemy Rein’s shield
  • You can see Jmac doing this against Muma on Blizzard World 2nd Point 3 Months Ago (Where London Spitfire were defending, and Outlaws were attacking)
  • If you are the victim of being jump shattered, you want to shield hop back to carry your momentum back enough so your shield can block the shatter
  1. Finding Gaps in Shielding (Specifically for Double Shield)
  • This is primarily optimised against Sigma Orisa comps
  • Due to the sheer amount of (Relatively) versatile shielding you have to go against, the only way you will be able to find a shatter is by landing it in gaps to where both the Sigma and Orisa have to gain shield resource back
  • This requires some in-game practice and relies upon reaction times. Sometimes, you’ll land shatters into shields, but other times, you will land them when they least expect it
  • Building on this idea of ‘least expect it’ – You can jump shatter around a corner (So that they see your hitbox for a reduced period of time, so that they are less likely to put up their shields). In the video above, you can see that I do this in a low masters game, however…
  • Keep in mind that this is a blind shatter, and I’m relying upon the fact that my opposing tanks are competent in terms of shield management
  • What I mean by this is that the opposing Sigma/Reinhardt don’t leave their shield out in the open which shields nobody; They retract their shield to gain resource back, but it’s at this very time that you shatter
  • It’s also why Reinhardt’s or Sigma’s who hard shield/leave their shield out in the open don’t experience the harsh consequences of this against low shield break teams, which can be frustrating sometimes


Similar to the last section, I’ll be formatting it in a similar manner :)

  1. Apply Pressure, then prioritise blocking and not landing
  • This is similar to the 3rd point in the last section, but you don’t have the intention of landing shatter
  • You essentially have your finger on whatever button your shield is bound to, then as soon as you see the animation of Reinhardt slugging his hammer past his shoulder to thunder it to the ground, you bring your shield up. Also, this is the most consistent way of blocking shatter
  1. Fainting/Fake Swinging in the Opposite Direction
  • You could jebait the opposing Reinhardt by pretending to swing at something in your backline, then quickly whipping your shield up in the opposite direction (Essentially a 180 Degree Flick)
  • To help you out with this, try and focus on the audio queues Reinhardt makes whilst he walks normally. If these gradually get louder/Heading in your direction, this is when you should whip around
  • (Purely for console) Since you can’t flick on console, I highly recommend you up your sensitivity to 90+ Vertical, 90+ Horizontal, with potentially a linear ramp instead of Dual Zone (Only if you’re comfortable with this, it accentuates the sensitivity a ton) to help you flick around
  1. Against Graviton Surges/Nano Boosts
  • Typically, if the opposing Reinhardt is in a grav, he will try and shatter you in order to prevent any follow up
  • To prevent this, you can either hardshield the opposing Reinhardt, or start barreling towards him whilst swinging so he thinks that you are unaware of his shatter, then you pull up your shield
  • The latter is obviously preferable, but is also carries the risk of you not blocking in time (Especially if you’re only high ping)
  • In terms of Nanoboost: If you are nano’d, the same tip applies with graviton surge/applying pressure. The ‘applying pressure’ part is enhanced greatly as you deal more damage, hence the enemy Reinhardt is more prone to buckle under pressure
  • If the opposing Reinhardt is nano’d, kite away from the opposing Reinhardt via Shield hopping backwards, then re-engage. Since you are consistently putting your shield up when you are hopping backwards, it would be risky for the opposing Reinhardt to shatter, although if he does, you can block it.


Reinhardt is one of the most, if not, THE MOST team reliant hero in the game. You can go from being ROLLED to ROLLING based on how many resources are inputted into you. You can clearly see this with SVB’s Reinhardt Unranked to GM, where he managed to swing from a 1-3 record to 4-3 at around a 3500 level (For reference, he is a peak 4300 Rein Player)

Managing and adapting your teammates to counter the opposing team is vital. For instance, if there is highground DPS picking off your supports, perhaps your Zarya can swap to a Dva for Highground contest

The same can apply up against high shield break, but instead of team swapping, pathing would be ideal. For example, instead of barreling towards main on Temple of Anubis 2nd Point Attack, you could go left side, which provides you cover and direct access to point, whilst one of your DPS go on a flank to pick off a support/direct attention away from the teamfight

If your Ana is missing her shots and getting picked off, telling her to go Moira would be beneficial to both of you. However, if you feel Nanoboost is worth more than Coalescence (Which may depend upon your ability to go aggressive on their frontline) you could tell your Moira to go Ana if they feel comfortable with the swap.

If you’re just having an off-day to where you can’t block any shatters at all, perhaps telling your Lucio to wall ride high up, or to hide, or telling your Zen to play far back, for them to then use their ultimates to bail you out might be the one callout that saves you the game.REINHARDT POSITIONING

Honestly, whilst this part of Reinhardt is obviously important, it’s not as complex compared to a character such as Zenyatta. The main piece of advice would be to play corners as much as possible. This is mainly because you are a brawl hero in which you have no poke damage (apart from firestrike but it’s a slow moving projectile) out in the open, and you can regenerate shield resource safely by retreating to a nearby corner. Other problems would be trying to open too wide of an angle to get a cleave firestrike or to get an angle for shatter. Building on this idea…

  • Opening too wide of an angle (Especially around a corner) leaves the rest of your team exposed to the opposing Reinhardt’s Shatter
  • It also (atleast to a semi-experienced Reinhardt) makes it extremely obvious that you’re trying to land shatter if you are going way more wide than usual. This makes it way easier for a Reinhardt block via fake swinging, or even dropping his shield for one second
  • Moreover, by opening too wide of an angle, your supports may not have line of sight to you…
  • A great example of this would be Kings Row Attack, You JUST Capped Point, and you try to play further up by the second corner, next to library (IE Adjacent to the room with the mini healthpack)
  • By opening too wide of an angle around this corner to get a cleave firestrike, your supports may not have Line of Sight to you from the tunnel
  • A better position to play would therefore be a few steps behind the library, adjacent to the corridor that leads to the room with a mini healthpack, as your support have way easier Line of Sight to you

Other than that, try not to stand on the payload too much as your team are vulnerable to shatter behind you.


Reinhardt and Orisa: High amount of cover, and in combination with a Bap, you can pull off the Halt plus firestrike plus Matrix combo as mentioned before. Other than that, if you’re playing in a position where you can’t swing because you’re too far away from the teamfight, you might as well be playing Sigma for the added poke damage.

Reinhardt and Sigma: This tank duo has the most amount of mathematical shielding, although there is no direct synergy. A small tip would be to pin the opposing tank player when they are coming down from your Sigma’s flux, and to peel for your Sigma if he plays too aggressively, and to essentially swap in and swap out who plays passive vs who plays aggressive.

Reinhardt and Dva: This is maximised for brawl and the ability to contest high grounds, hence this duo is especially powerful on maps such as Watchpoint Gibraltar. Diva also has the potential to peel for your glass cannon backline. However, this duo will straight up lose against a Rein Zarya Duo.

Reinhardt and Roadhog: This is maximised for shield break alongside an aggressive play style. As roadhog is typically a selfish pick with a dedicated self heal, you’ll be receiving most of the heals on the frontline allowing you to be more aggressive, although make sure not to take too much burst damage as you may be alone on the frontline. There is also practically no peel for your backline, so keep that in mind.

Reinhardt and Wrecking Ball: This is dedicated towards distraction and a more passive play style as you acknowledge that you will be alone on the frontline. You can go aggressive for when your hamster dives in as this will direct attention and focus elsewhere, however in a straight up frontline versus frontline match up, you will lose. Also something to note: Your Ball may eat up quite a few enemy CC abilities, in which can you give you the green light to go for an aggressive shatter.

Reinhardt and Winston: This has a slightly better synergy than the previous combo due to the Winston barrier being used to block important cooldowns such as Nade, which can prevent you from being aggressive. However, target priority differs in the sense that the winston wants to focus on the backline, whereas Reinhardt focus on the frontline. In cases such as these, you can use this to your advantage by playing aggressive with a Nano/Coalescence as the opposing frontline will receive little to no healing (If your Winston places his bubble correctly)

Reinhardt and Zarya: This is the most classic combo in which Zarya can gain energy from you taking damage whilst you swing, and you can effectively cycle ultimates by swinging into Zarya’s graviton surge. The only weakness is a lack of off-angle coverage alongside close to no peel for your backline, in which you might want to consider your Zarya swapping to a Dva in cases such as these.

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