Pokemon Sword and Shield Trading Price Guide

by TheWordtf0u

Hi, I am posting this because recently I have seen more and more people new to the subreddit and to trading in general without a clue on prices and trading standards. This will be a detailed guide aimed at helping out newer players.

First, some commonly used trading terms

Masterball (mb) – The most commonly used form of trading currency. Most people will trade their mons for masterballs and I will refer to everything in their mb price.

Apriballs – These are the balls you get from the ball guy. Every playthrough will get one of each (including beast after you beat the game). They include love,heavy,fast,dream,friend,level,lure

Square and Star Shiny – The two types of shininess. Its what used to describe how the shiny pokemon sparkles on entry. Square is much more rarer on hatched shinies and den shinies(1/16). The inverse is true on wild encounters and transferred shiny pokemon

Legitimacy -A pokemon that is legit is one that is obtained via in game methods without the use of third party tools and in game glitches.

Legality – A pokemon that is legal is one that is possible within the boundreys of the game. For example, a Scorbunny with its HA, or in a great ball or knows the move Surf is not legal

Clones – A Pokemon that is the exact duplicate of another one. 3rd party tools/glitches are usually used to clone existing legit pokemon to creat many legit clones

Hacked – A pokemon that is created using 3rd party tools. Note that hacked pokemon can be perfectly legal. Most hacked legal pokemon CAN be used online

The prices of the guide are going to be covering Legit Uncloned Pokemon. The prices of clones and hacked are far far less than their market value.

All prices are completely subjective to the buyer. Some people may value other things differently and every part of the pokemon matters (species nature, ball,stats)

They will be sorted in ascending order

I. Shiny Pokemon

  • Den Shinies -> These are your average nothing special shiny caught in a den. They may or may not have their HA and is likely caught in a luxury,dusk or repeat ball. (0-1mb)
  • GMAX Shinies -> These are your shinies that are able to Gmax. The ones that had an event spotlight on them are very easy to catch and therefore not worth as much. However the catch rate on other Gmax pokemon is very very low, so these ones will go for a higher price. Usually caught in a masterball (1-4mb)
  • Hatched Shinies -> There are some collectors and people that prefer hatched shinies over den shinies (like me). They are much harder to get and less likely to be cloned. These shinies are going to be worth more than your average den shiny. (1-3mb)
  • Den shinies in apriballs -> caught in an apriball, these are worth slightly more than the average den shiny. (1-3mb)
  • Shiny Legendaries -> Unfortunately, its very difficult to prove that the shiny legendary hasnt been cloned. Action replay and the 3ds hacking tools are very very widespread. (3+mb)
  • Hatched apriball shinies -> Similar to the hatched shinies, but in an aesthetic ball. (3mb+)
  • Hatched egg exclusive shinies -> The ones unobtainable in dens and are only available as eggs are very very valuable. These can include regional forms, starters, etc. (5mb+)
  • Hatched apriball shinies with very specific stats-> These are the ones that have been bred with a specific stat in mind (usually 0 speed for trickroom). These can get very very expensive as seen here (5mb+)
  • Shiny fossils -> These are unaffected by the shiny charm and need to be constantly soft reset and are the rarest shinies in game (10mb+) Note: Be careful trading for these! A lot of scams involve shiny fossils!!

II. Legendary Pokemon

  • Eternatus, Swords of Justice (1mb)
  • All other swsh transferable legendaries (1-3mb)
  • zacian and zamazenta with their item (3-4mb)
  • Zacian and zamazenta with their item in an apriball (4+mb)

III. Event Pokemon

Note: In general, the older/rarer the event is, the more valuable. Events in general have been very heavily cloned and manipulated with. Proceed with caution when trading these

  • DNS trick obtained DPP/BW era events -> The trick is pretty well known at this point and the legitmacy is debated. These arent worth that much because anyone that has the games and are able to transfer them up can get them even now! (0-2mb)
  • Ash Hat pikas -> fairly common events, they were available to everyone as a code. (1-3mb)
  • GF event mythicals -> these are also pretty common, however they were a few years ago so they are decently valuable (3mb+)
  • Melmetal with earthquake and toxic -> A melmetal with these moves ( can only be learnt in lets’go) usually goes for around 3-4mb from what I have seen recently. (3-5mb)
  • Marshadow zeraora, event silvally -> Grouping them together since they were all fairly recent (3mb+)
  • Shiny Solgaleo, Shiny Lunala -> (3mb+)
  • Shiny Melmetal with eq and toxic -> (7mb+)
  • Shiny Necrozma -> The rarest legit event in the game. There are ALOT of clones and injected wondercard versions of these in the game. Not only was it a japan exclusive event, but it was only distrubted to Nintendo secret club members. I dont think I have seen a proof one traded (????)

If you dont want to get ripped off or scammed when trading and dealing with events, I recommend doing some research and asking about the pokemon in question. Questions such as nature Ivs, how they got it etc.

Thanks for reading! Let me know of any feedback

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