Pokemon Sword and Shield Changing Wild Area Weather Guide

by Pulse_Of_Me

This post is for people that dont know about this trick yet, I thought i would share my knowledge. :) This trick is for where you are currently, so if you want a specific area to have a specific weather effect, stay there while doing this trick.

So you can change the DAY(not time) on your switch in settings, turn off sync date and time. Each day changes the weather, so keep changing the DAY (not time) until you get the weather you want in the area you’re in.

An example, Im in an area where it is Sunny in game, and on my Switch the current day is the 12th of October. If i change my Day to the 13th of October i will get a different weather effect in game. If you go past the month, then just go to the 1st of November(example)

You can do this trick without having to close down the game completely, just press the home button and go to settings on the Switch, change day, and return to the game.

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