Overwatch Tips to Go From Platinum to Master

by Don-hashomi

I know most of you heared the things I am about to talk about, but I applied these ‘things’ and witnessed a massive change in SR. 2800 to 3507. I stopped playing today because of end of season.

I was always in Platinum since S6 and I usually played 8-20 hours every season. Then I watched a video of a streamer who is actually Platinum and then climbed to master in 2 days! I said to my self if he could I could too. But in more than 2 days because he was playing with 2 friends.

The major changes I did were:

0- Guide your team. Shot call. Thats easy Daimond if you are high Platinum.

1- Focus on my own play and mistakes (there were many) and some of them actually cost me a match.

2- Kept a strong mental game. Even when the game looks lost, sometimes you can win. Keeping this mentality will get you higher when you play more hours.

3- Never let a single or two matches in a row tilt you. It happened to me during these five days, and I fell from 3260 to 2800. YES! Being mad will make you play worse. I then kept a strong positive mood and got to master in 3 days actually. (Consestancy) and now with role lock games will be more balanced.

4- In Platinum, players actually feed so hard it is funny. USE THAT. And punish mistakes.

5- Know each interaction with all heros with yours and take duals you can finish quick. If you know you can’t take a dual (won’t win) than don’t take it and let the other F-off.

6- Use the whole map. On some maps I noticed there are places I never used. So I did. It helped a bit.

7- Spwan kill a seperated enemy is a free fight (30+ seconds of the clock) (be aware of kill feed) (high risk)

8- As simple as ‘always check flanks’ ALWAYS. Call it out if there is a flanker.

9- Track ultimates and inform your team. (Notice GM matches. Players call ‘they got EMP, Tranc, Grav, etc)

10- Play more (40+ hours) with consestancy. (Vary important)

11- Ignore negative comms completely, never let it get into you. On the same day, players called me boosted Platinum and I avoided them and won against them. :)

12- Think as if you’re the enemy. What would they do? What Ults? What does your team have? Some fights are lost and there is nothing you can do. Happens.

13- Stay consistent throughout the whole match. Don’t give up mentally after the first two fights.

14- Fun fact I learned, Whole hog can counter Nano Blade. :) Used it couple of times and saved a fight.


16- Contest high ground if you are defending. It is yours in defence. (Map control)

17- If a enemy player is ‘popping off’ they are probably uncotested. So contest. Make it harder for them.

18- Keep track of your team. For example, if doomfist/Genji/reaper is going in, orb him. Keep track of your tank line. If two of the DPS are on flanks, probably your tank will lose the shield war.

19- If you are support, enable your DPS and full heal your tanks because thay will enable DPS too.

20- Main tanks trade health and shield for space and map control. Keep them up. If your main tank is standing in choke, encourage them to move up if they can to another spot with natural cover to stabilize and then push again. And if you’re support move up with them. (Used to stay ‘safe’ behind choke. Thus, punished as free kill by diamonds)

21- (this should be num 1) Use your cooldowns wisely. If you can get your enemy to use their’s first, good! Keep doing it.

22- Master movement. AD spam unpredictably if your not a aim-centric hero.

23- If you notice an enemy playing badly, feeding or throwing, AVOID THEM AND FARM THEM.

Keep in mind when climbing higher SR:

1- Players will punish you for mistakes (vary noticable) (Position, Wasted cooldown)

2- Higher difference in Passive and Active play styles. Active being actively looking for plays, flanks and picks. Passive is playing in a safe spot and shooting shields lol. But you have to use the two when nessesary. For example, when I play Zenyatta, I tend to be more aggressive in my position to deal more damage for my ultimate charge. However, after getting my ultimate I switch back to being passive and sometimes even hiding form EMP. (Charge ult before Genji and Sombra)

3- Games are faster. Players charge ults faster. Sometimes grav every fight. – by MLGenji

4- Players will kill you faster if you’re unprotected.

About control point maps, your always better off stalling the point even if the fight is lost. Stalling in your favor meaning the point is blue. So stay alive as long as possible.

This is by no means ‘The ultimate truth’ but an observation and experience. Can totally be corrected.

Check my profile on Overbuff (DonReap#2163) Thats my two cents. Happy climbing. Mind my English :)

Edit: I use a 144hz monitor and zowie EC2-B Divina. (Can not play on a 60 anymore)

Edit 2: Some commenters mentioned that hitting masters doesn’t mean that I am deep in master. True. However, just touching master is a great achievement and I will try my best to stay there and try for GM.

Edit 3: For those in doubt, I managed to get my alt account to masters too on DPS and working on Support ;)

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